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RIM’s New Locate Service for GPS Apps is Going to be HUGE!

RIM mentioned this new Locate Service during the keynote and it really interests me. RIM plans on using it to allow any developer to quickly tap into your location based on cell towers and GPS. The idea is that instead of having 3 different applications that want your location constantly polling for it you have one API in OS 5.0 that developers can use to tap into your location. All while keeping power usage down.

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The coolest part is that RIM is using crowd sourced data to map cell towers and provide locations. For example, the presenter showed a map with RIM employees around the DevCon hotel and another of RIM employees in Hawaii. They let Loopt get up next and explain how they have implemented this feature into Loopt but that was not the most interesting part.

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The Locate Service is going to be a huge game changer. For example, apps that really could not justify polling your location all the time will now have instant access to it and be able to share that information. Google Latitude will finally be usable and less of a battery drain… A quick Google search can access your location. Even better is the fact that developers don’t have to develop or pay for their own Cell Tower triangulation solution. I am just hoping developers are dreaming BIG on this one.

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  1. You know what would be really cool? RIM put out their own turn by turn application like Google Navigation…

  2. I hope that this ‘feature’ can be turned off. I bought a smartphone – NOT a personal tracking device. This will also be how they target ads at us on the street, ala ‘Minority Report.’

  3. Privacy issues aside (i’m certain you can disallow certain apps permission to the API), this is the answer to those phones (ahem 8330) that do not have the GPS open to 3rd party apps (poynt, gmaps, etc.). The big missing piece of this puzzle is those same phones do not yet have an official OS 5.0 (the announcement I was actually wanting to hear from this conference).

  4. When can we expect to see this??

  5. @racer-x of course you will be able to turn it off. Just deny access to it in the application permissions.

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