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RIM Planning In-App Payment Service – Will it Catch on?

During DevCon RIM presented their upcoming in-app purchase system and displayed a demo of it working in the Bloomberg app. The idea is that you can get a free or commercial application and then purchase additional functionality or information at a later date. Or better yet you could download a free BlackBerry app that you can upgrade to the full version inside the application. The payments will go through the same system as App World which will probably be PayPal and integrate with BlackBerry Wallet.

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Bloomberg was demoing this by showing how a user could be reading an article and purchase some of their premium coverage. I can see games like that where you purchase extra levels. I think it might make Trials finally take off by allowing for an in-app upgrade.

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So what do you think? I am curious how developers and users will react to this system. Will consumers feel like they are getting pushed for a constant up-sell or will it be a way for developers to create more flexible applications and pricing models… This could also have a lucrative tie in with RIM’s announced advertising program.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see the API details. I think it’s going to help developers since it means less work for consumers to purchase their apps (might mean more impulse buys). It should also be easy enough for most apps to tuck the code away so it’s not intrusive and only asks when necessary (so it only appears as a convenience to let consumers purchase what they want, instead of nagging them for money like an eHobo standing outside a mall).

    I’m hoping it’s a separate API and not an ‘access’ API to the BB AppWorld app. If the API feeds info to a person’s account so they can track what they’ve bought, great, but it would be less desirable if AppWorld had to be installed in order for this API to work.

  2. I hope like you Ronen that this will bring more and better trial apps. Especially games I’m thinking. I really hate the limited trials we have mostly now. Being able to put out a full fledged and fully functional game with integrated trial and in aPp upgrade would I suspect drive more sales.

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