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Rumor: BIS 3.0 and 3.1 Coming in 2010 – Slick New Features!

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  1. I am VERY excited to hear about the synchronization of the Calendar as well as the read/unread sync. As an added bonus, I happen to have a hotmail account that I use for web forum signups that I’m unsure of and occasionally send emails from it. It will be great to have all of my email accounts in sync with Contacts.

    I’ve thought about going to the Droid because of its tight integration with Gmail/Google products and it looks like this might be able to keep me content with BlackBerry BIS!!

    • I don’t want to rain on your parade, but I’ve been a BB user for 10 years, and I can’t remember RIM ever launching anything on time…so I’m guessing that March 2010 upgrade to the Plugin won’t actually happen then. The original one was late, DTM for Mac was late…everything I can remember was late.

      I’m actually about to pull the trigger on the Droid…I can’t stand the small (for now unscalable) font size in Gmail, but that will likely be fixed soon. I use Google Apps and it integrates perfectly with Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar. I don’t see anything on the list of 2010 Plugin fixes for contact data. Right now it won’t sync birthdays or anniversaries, and I think a few other contact fields. The Droid syncs them all perfectly.

  2. @Ronen: I’ve been using the Google Gmail App instead of the Plugin because of its features, but I installed the Plugin again today and discovered something…two-way deletion works with the Plugin, but with a caveat. If you delete a message in web-based Gmail it will only delete that message on your BB if the message is marked OPENED. If it’s UNOPENED it will stay on your BB forever.

    The other problem is that it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours for the sync to occur. I know that’s insane, but at least it does work. What I’m doing is simply making sure I “Mark Prior Opened” very often to ensure all messages and nested messages get marked as opened.

  3. Sounds cool but I am more eagerly awaiting the day when BIS/BB adheres to the filters I have set up in my Gmail acct for certain things to skip the Inbox and be archived.

    As it is every single newsletters and whatnot that come into my Gmail account which I normally wouldn’t see until I go to my computer and hit my “Non-Inbox New” Quicklink (a link for the search ‘is:unread -label:inbox’) but now buzzes on my BB and comes right into my Messages folder.

  4. Does one need OS 5.0 to use these new features in this rumoured upgrade?

  5. I guess for some of us that don’t use Google mail these BIS upgrades don’t mean a thing. Or am I wrong.

  6. What I’m curious about is if 3.1 is a true push calendar/contact service like activesync or BES. This is what smartphones are all about. gmail sync is ok but limited. Hopefully this is the real thing.

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