Review: Mobi Headphonies

Review: Mobi Headphonies Designer Micro Speakers
[rating:8.0] 8.0 /10
cost: $24.95 mobi2

The title says it all! Within 10 minutes of taking the device out of the package and placing it on my desk, everyone was crowed around my desk. I didn’t even turn it on. Wow! What is that? COOOL! Where do I get one? And then I attached it to my BlackBerry Storm and played some music. Everyone was amazed of the great and balanced sound it produced. This little 3 inch toy is playing good sound! Right away friends in the office went online and bought their own. Someone actually took mine, (If it was you please give back). The Headphonies come in 7 different styles. They need to restock often, so you have to try and order them while they are in stock.

The Mobi Headphonies is very easy to use. Plug the device into your computer via USB. A red light will appear and in less than 1 hour it will be fully charged light will turn green and will last up to 4 hours. There is no “on” or “off” switch, the device turns on and off based if your music player is connected. For the headphonies to turn on make sure the sound is off on your player/phone before plugging in. Included is an USB charging cord and audio cable. If your music player/phone has an audio jack then it will work with the headphonies.

  • Price: 7 (not too high but not cheap)
  • Compact: 7 (very light but bulky in pocket)
  • Quality: 9 (for the size and money the best on the market)
  • Looks: 10 ( JUST COOL! There is one for everyone)

I recommend buying the Mobi Headphonies, and you will be glad you did. Just make sure you hold onto it because someone is going to love it and walk off with yours.


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