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Google Voice to acquire Gizmo5

Many of us here are big fans of Google Voice. TechCrunch is reporting today that Google has just acquired Gizmo5 for about $30 Million in an effort to flesh out the capabilities of its Google Voice service. Right now Google Voice allows you to have voice calls forwarded from your Google Voice number to another pre-existing number (home or mobile). Thus, so far as voice calls are concerned, Google Voice doesn’t really have all that much to offer in savings sans cheap international calling rates. Gizmo5 however, allows users to place and receive calls to any regular number from a computer for free. Adding that functionality to Google Voice can really bump up Google’s game.

For users who already use Google’s iGoogle page as we have covered in the past, imagine that when logging in, you are also logging into your phone service through your computer, allowing you to answer your phone without using any minutes–the only minutes you would be paying for would be those you use while truly out and about. We are waiting for some official announcement from Google, but until then this is all very exciting!

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  1. Anyone who originally had GrandCentral might remember that their site allowed you to link a Gizmo5 SIP number to your account, and even encouraged you to do so. I created a Gizmo5 number back then, and even was luck enough when Gizmo5 began there much hyped “back-door-calling” services. I was lucky my T-Mo @Home line was one of these, so I had friends in Hungary who could call my home line totally free rather than pay using Skype. Now the BDC servies is gone, no idea why, but with Google taking over Gizmo5 I hope it could come back, and that we get some very cool VoIP service through Google now. Seems everything they touch (except Orkut) turns into gold. Mind you Orkut is still very popular in Brazil.

    • So Google Voice currently allows you to set your Gizmo5 account as a forwarding number. In order to verify the number GV will call it and ask you to enter a 2 digit code. Problem was my FREE Gizmo5 account I had no credit left, or maybe I never did. Regardless I wanted to make this work, and it seemed you do need some credit in order to receive incoming landline calls, so I had to add the lowest amount ($10) in order to make this work. I was then able to receive the incoming call, and now it all works. Since I don’t want to loose credits for every call I have the forwarding to my Gizmo turned off, but can re-enable to anytime, like next time I an held captive in a Taliban cave with a laptop.

      • Nik: I have been coupling my Google Voice with Gizmo5 for about a month now. It works fine. But the sheer complication of having multiple services and interfaces is just too annoying to justify the complication. Hopefully this will streamline and simplify the process.

  2. magicJack Users Can Now Connect To Google’s Gizmo5

    Users of the magicJack can now place and receive calls using almost any phone provider in the world including Gizmo5 recently acquired by Google. To top it off, magicJack users now also have a means of connecting directly to office PBX systems using the industry standard SIP communications protocol.

    To take advantage of these new “open network” calling possibilities, magicJack users simply need to install the new SIP dialer software plugin “XlitejackPlugin”. “XlitejackPlugin” allows magicJack and SIP calls to be placed concurrently from the same regular or cordless phone.

    The SIP dialer software plugin supports the use of Counterpath Corporation’s X-Lite SIP softphone dialer. Almost every phone provider in the world provides setup instructions and support for using the X-Lite SIP softphone dialer with their networks.

    To place SIP calls, just dial # before the number you want to call. Regular magicJack calls are placed as normal. For incoming calls, just answer the phone when it rings.

    “XlitejackPlugin” can be downloaded at

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