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FAQ: Enabling IP Modem Tethering in Desktop Manager 5.0 for Verizon

BlackBerry-IP-Modem I have not noticed this myself but I have been hearing multiple reports from readers that the new IP Modem (Tethering) button in Desktop Manager 5.0 is not visible for Verizon BlackBerry devices. From what I hear it is not only Verizon.

Tom sent me this little set of instruction on how to re-enable IP Modem in Desktop Manager 5.0 so that it works with all carriers.

  1. Edit the IP modem XML file (for me, it’s C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\ip_modem_configuration.xml).
  2. Find the configuration section for your carrier.  For VZW, it’s:
           – <carrier uid="93" id="Verizon Wireless" enabled="false">
  3. Change the "false" to "true" as follows, and save the file.
           – <carrier uid="93" id="Verizon Wireless" enabled="true
  4. Restart the Desktop Manager, and there it is (i.e., "IP Modem" button — I was able to connect to the Internet, too (this e-mail was sent using the connection!)
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  1. Do you need the tethering plan add-on for verizon to use this? I am currently a TetherBerry user curious if this is even necessary anymore.

  2. Thanks!!! This works the same for AT&T as well. Although, you still have to create a profile for AT&T in the IP Modem options.

  3. Sprint disable the work around tethering feature. The IP Modem icon is available when the BB is connected, but setting up a custom profile does not work. “” no longer works for the access point.

    • Yeah, I have a Sprint Tour, and mine stopped working about a month ago. I only used it once or twice a month (I used Sprint SmartView), but I do miss it. The real kicker is that the $15 tethering plan cannot be added to the plan I am on (Everything Data Share 1500). Long story short, Sprint wanted me to remove my phone from my 5 line family plan, and have my own individual bank of minutes, which would cost me about $70 more a month. No thanks 😉

  4. I eventually got the IP Modem to show up. But I had to download an XML Editor first.

  5. On a Windows system, just use WordPad as an editor.

  6. This XML files does not exist on a Windows 7 machine. Anyone know where this setting (Verizon Wireless) is when Desktop Manager is loaded onto Windows 7?

    • Have you tried searching the drive where the Desktop Manager is installed for “ip_modem_configuration.xml”?

    • This actually changed in Vista. You probably already figured out that the ‘Documents and Settings’ folder is now ‘Users’. Inside the ‘Users’ folder, there is a hidden ‘All Users’ folder, which is really just a pointer to ‘C:\ProgramData’. The ‘All Users’ and ‘ProgramData’ are hidden files, so by default will not show in your search results. Anyway, ‘C:\ProgramData\Research In Motion\BlackBerry’ should have what you are looking for, if you are using Vista/Win7/Server 2008.

      • I meant those are hidden folders, not files. Anyway, you can type the entire path in Explorer (in the address bar, in IE, in the Start Menu, etc), or go to Folder Options, click the View tab, and click the bubble next to ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’. I would not recommend leaving this option enabled unless you know what you are doing…Microsoft hides certain folders from the normal user for a reason.

      • Bingo! Found it…unfortunately, the Verizon Broadband Webpage displays and requires a monthly subscription for $30 in order to connect. Stinker……

        • Tetherberry uses your data connection to accomplish the same thing. It’s a one-time $50 purchase, but there is no monthly subscription. They have a trial, too, so you can test the waters, so to speak.

        • Personally, I have the tethering option (aka Broadband Access Connect) on my account — it is $15 per month on my BES-enabled account as opposed to $30. It is not clear whether the Desktop Manager (DM) solution uses “standard BlackBerry data” or some other means since the dial-up number that it uses is different than that which the Verizon software (i.e., the Desktop Manager dials “*99#” while the VZAccess Manager uses “#777”). My guess is that if users who don’t subscribe to Broadband Access Connect can in fact initiate a tehthered data connection using the DM, then it uses standard BlackBerry data (since VZW uses the device phone number, etc. to authenticate). YMMV. Not sure what Verizon’s position is on this either…

  7. that is freakin awesome. it is about time verizon got with it and allows tethering. now i can continue shopping for my new laptop/netbook. what a scam verizon is running with their netbook plan. you have to be a complete idiot to not know you can just tether your phone to your computer….for free!

    • Free?

      The first webpage that comes up after I connect requires me to approve a $30/month subscription charge for 5GB of data usage. It won’t let me do anything unless I accept these terms and subscribe.

  8. my bad i guess. i assumed connecting through desktop manager creates a regular connection. it did not ask me to subscribe, but ran for about a minute and disconnected. not sure if that was due to lack of service in my office.

  9. EVERY major USA carrier has a clause in the terms and conditions you signed for your contract that specifically PROHIBITS doing this without paying for a tethering plan. Same applies to TetherBerry or any of the myriad other ways to hack using your device as a “bridge” to the internet for something other than the device itself. Cry unfair all you want, but you signed a contract and that’s what it says. There was a great write-up (I wish I could find it again) over at HoFo or Crackberry or PinStack or somewhere back when TetherBerry first hit the interwebs covering all the “big 4” and the specific contractual verbiage.

    That said, IF you can get it working, you just MIGHT get away with it. But then again, you MIGHT get busted and you very likely would (under other terms of the contract you signed) be liable for any back charges the carrier wished to impose for you using your device in violation of your contract.

    So…as they say, caveat emptor….

    Data usage is the cash cow for all the USA wireless providers. If they don’t catch you right away or have it already locked out, they WILL catch it some day. Do you really want to run the risk of getting hit with some crazy expensive back charge for data usage, or perhaps worse they just terminate your plan “for cause” and you’re left with a huge bill AND no service at all?

    • Thank god most carriers have better things to do than overcharge their customers for data usage. If they started doing that much research on their customers…well…carriers like AT&T and Verizon would be in worse trouble than they already are!

      • “If they started doing that much research on their customers”
        Um, dude, you do realize that all USA carrier billing is automatic? There is nothing for them to “do”, the system sends you a bill. Go over the limit on any ao-called “unlimited” plan and you’ll get billed for it without anybody at the carrier getting involved. You might get that charge waived once, but keep it up month after month and you’re flagging yourself as a contract violator!!!

        From my BlackBerry Tour…

  10. I got it to work in Win7, I don’t have tethering. I hit connect it went in like it was going to connect but I canceled it. In Win7 I found that XML file a bunch of places. In 2 of them I had to change it from false to true. The 3rd location was already set to true. It didn’t work until i went into the users\myusername\application data\research in motion\

  11. Does anyone know what the config settings are for Verizon once we are able to get the IP button to show up???

  12. Once the button shows up, it appears to be automatic — no additional config necessary.

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