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BlackBerry Bold 9000 OS Found Online

imagesecretagent 7545 sent us a link for OS for the Bold 9000. Not sure what is new in this version but from what I can tell it is the latest. They also sent over a link for the 8900 but I am still trying to sort that one out since they accidentally sent over an older version.

Download @ Megaupload
Download @ Rapidshare

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

Keep the tips coming!

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  1. Rapidshare is telling me I have to be a premium member to download this file. Any chance it can be hosted by another service?

  2. Awesome! Let the fun begin!

    @leroyswanson….you can download the file as a Free User.

  3. Not anymore.

  4. someone needs to rehost this somewhere we can get it wow.

  5. can someone thats a premium rapidshare user rehost it please?

  6. U guys can d/l the file but only after a certain time once rapidshare frees up some “free user” bandwidth. For me that usually happens after 6pm eastern time. They used to let me d/l during the day but not anymore. After about 6pm I’m able to d/l again. 🙁 how about some megaupload links. 700+ kps…I don’t complain. 🙂

  7. Downloaded, how good to have Premium Account 😀

  8. share?

  9. It does work for Free Users, you just have to keep trying until you get a slot.

  10. nvm… its downloadin for me

  11. You can download here:

  12. Have any one manage to get this working effectively on their bold without any problems.

  13. puts me in a reboot cycle. gotta go back to .314

  14. Same here just keeps rebooting over and over.

  15. I would like to say though for the first 5 seconds i do get to see the software it looks nice.

    • Hmmm,

      Just downloaded but due to the negative comments so far I´ll just wait awhile before I install. Will be on the road the next 72hrs and need a stable O.S. Running version and except for the disappearing / reappearing act by BlackBerry App World works great….

      Could those who are having problems mention what link was used to download?
      RapidShare or MegaUpload? I downloaded mine from MegaUpload as RapidShare was giving problems.

    • Que..? Is this your first time running 5.X.X?

  16. How bout the reboot fix where you delete the BBThumbs.dat files in your SD card and on board memory? That fixed the problem for .314 for me

  17. I had this give me the reboot cycle also on my Bold 9000. for AT&T. I did a clean wipe prior to the install. Pretty nasty reboot cycle after the install.

    I went back to .314


  19. I installed yesterday around 4:30pm – no problems. Took longer to reboot the first time but no rebooting like everyone is talking about. I’m with Rogers and my phone is unlocked.

  20. ATT Bold – got caught in the infinite reboot. Just use BBSAK, while it is booting back up, connect to it, hit wipe device, then uninstall the 348 from your add/remove programs, when it comes back up, in BBSAK click Load OS and assuming you still have the 314 or whatever installed, it will load that OS. Then perform a restore from the backup you created right before you hosed your device. Too bad for ATT 🙁

  21. What do I do after it downloads?It’s my first time doing an os upgrade anyone know email me [email protected]

  22. I found a torrent to the firmware file. You can get it here:

    Bold 9000 Torrent

    If folks use this and seed for a bit, it should make distribution of the firmware a little more efficient than rapidshare.

  23. Hey, downloaded (8900 version) about 3 hours ago and it’s been working great. No re-booting issues at all and all apps seem to be working fine. Browser seems a tad bit faster, but haven’t been able to use it too much yet. I DL’ed it from Rapidshare as a Free user. I’ll keep you guys posted on any issues that may arise. (hopefully none) 🙂

  24. If i am using bold 9000 with OS, can i download the new OS 5.0..0.348?
    May i know how? Can someone teach me please.. ThanKS… =D

  25. I’ve used OS and it’s pretty good, I love the new BBGlobalSans font a good change to the BB Clarity I use. A couple of issues though, for some the phone will change the audio out settings from headphones to handsfree it’s funny, and then when you make a call and press the speaker phone key it will show headset, really funny. doesn’t work citing WAP 2.0 being lacking in the browser, the way around this is to visit the mobile hotmail site with browser changed to Firefox instead of Blackberry. Though sites like mobile version is narrowed in for some reason no matter what browser you use. Camera seems a little slower than the 4.6.xx versions of the software, and also pictures taken with 4.6.x software seem funny on 5.0.xx software. In a nutshell it’s OK but it still needs minor tweaks here and there.

  26. i have an at&t blackberry bold and i tried this one..not rebooting for me… only the .314 reboots my device..for me this one is cool

  27. Send my Bold 9000 into a loop. Had to turn radio off to work. Couldn’t get signal, then would just restart. DO NOT USE THIS UNTILL ITS RELEASED FROM AT&T!!!! ITS A PAIN TO DOWNGRADE!!!!!

    • This is only an issue with .348 on AT&T as far as I can tell. I have that version running perfectly on my 9000 with my Rogers (Canada) SIM, my Vodafone (UK) SIM and my Vodacom (South Africa) SIM. If I put my AT&T SIM in, I get the reboot loop the moment the device gets a data connection from AT&T, so I am thinking there is a problem with the service books that AT&T are sending to the device.

      Also, I imagine you may or may not have this problem on AT&T as I am pretty sure there network is not homogeneous across the USA, so you may or may not have this problem, depending where in the USA you live.

      I travel mainly to Washington and Oregon and experienced this problem in both states.

  28. Any chinese & korean language @ ??
    Anyone know??
    Which os5 version had chinese & korean language??

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