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Windows like Task manager & Process viewer for BlackBerry

Ani let me know that Ajani InfoTech the maker of some of my favorite apps like SMS Viewer, & Stop Tilt,  has just release a windows like task manager for the BlackBerry. This application takes the same features you see on windows task manager & gives you a lot of information about your BlackBerry performance. This includes a tab where it shows your applications currently running, my favorite Battery performance, System information, & Processes which goes more in-depth. The process option is only available in the paid version but all the other features are available in the free version of the application. Ronen did a post about another free application called Kisses which does similar  functions.

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The free application you can only see applications that are detected normally but the paid version unlocks the process tab that lets you see all other application that run in the background. The application has a really nice interface & it also lets you see application size & information. The system information tab where you can view more information about the BlackBerry system.  Only request or wish I have from this application is that they add a close application button to close any apps running just like the windows task manager. That would be really nice and useful.

The applications can be downloaded from our store:

Free Version: Link

Paid Version: Cost $1.99 Link

Read more about this application from the description:

The ONLY application that shows you a list of Hidden Applications & Running Processes in Background.

Task Manager for BlackBerry shows a list of all running applications including Hidden Applications and Running Process in the Background. The app also allows you to drill down into each application to reveal information about its Vendor, Version No, Size, Download date-time etc. Performance chart over time and detailed system info like Free Flash Memory and Battery Temperature etc are also shown in separate tabs.

  • Application:. View the list of all running apps on your device.
  • Processes: View all Hidden Apps and Running Processes in Background which cannot be detected otherwise.
  • System Info: View important parameters about your BlackBerry like Free RAM, Free Flash Memory, Battery Temperature etc.
  • Performance: View a performance graph of Battery over time.
  • Detail View:. Drill down into each app to reveal its size, download date-time etc.
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  1. i bought the pro version, did the 5k ota thingy, turns out its a launcher to install it, so i ran it and clicked “i agree to the eula”… comes up with “oops! 404”. good thing it was only two bucks…

  2. If you are having trouble you could probably contact the developer or contact mobihand they should be able to help you or get a refund. What device did it give that error on?

    • i’m not sweating, it’s only $2. i just wanted to post here real quick so other users know of potential problems before they click “next”. i’m on a supported device, 9550.

  3. oh ok, well the feedback is good too am sure they will be able to fix it soon,

  4. Quick question… are you able to terminate any of the running tasks from the application??? If so this one’s a no brainer… def worth my $2

  5. Not at the moment but I think is something the developer is looking into.

  6. Also getting the 404 error attempting to ack the EULA.
    This blocks the app from running, so hopefully they are
    working on it!

  7. Hey guys for those of you having trouble try downloading from
    Let me know if it helps.

  8. Yep. Getting the same error. The two dollars is not the issue for me. I want the app.

  9. Also don’t forget guys empower requires that you install an app call central for all other apps to run correctly.

  10. OTA Link I have is:
    However it says I need to install something called “Empower Central.” Why do I need this? Do I want this?

  11. Hey. Nick the empower central is kinda like a folder where all your empower applications are stored into, it also keeps you updated of new updates and such so if you have more than one app from them it doesn’t clutter your download folder, but you do need it for the app to work you will see what I mean once you download them.

  12. Yeah and it takes up minimal amount of memory.

  13. I Have it! Cheers Luis!

    I had the wrong version of empower, it would seem.


    just paid for it. 🙂

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