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Giveaway : 10 free codes for Text to Speech application

Last week we told you about the services the app offers for BlackBerry.  If you have not heard of it please visit the review at this link to read more about it.

The application is really easy to use, it pretty much reads your emails & SMs messages by converting text to speech each time you receive a new message.  There is a free version so you can either download the application from BB app world or by going to their website.

The folks over at Drivesafely would like to share their product with you & we got 10 free codes for the pro version. To participate simply leave a comment below  you got until Wednesday night at 12pm Eastern time. Rules for the contest include: No double posting, just leave a comment stating what you like about the application or any suggestions you may have, and make sure you sign in with a correct email address that way we can contact you.  Good luck!

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  1. I love the free version, the pro version would be most appreciated.

  2. I found this useful but not quite enough to pay for it. Can’t beat it for free though!

  3. been using this app for a few weeks, like it, been looking for a BB version of the WinMo app Voice Commander which is built into WinMo, now only if they can have it pushed to you bluetooth like Voice Commander does, that would be nice. Only think i dislike is that you have to tell it to read your e-mail or SMS, maybe the Pro doesnt have this limitation. im on the same boat as theermine, like it but not enough to buy it, free would be awesome though! +1 for BR!!

  4. This would be great on my new S2! Im in for this.

  5. This would be a great app to win! Thanks to Berryreview & the developer for hosting this contest & good luck to all.

  6. very nice for a safe drive
    hope to win a copy for me
    thank you Berryreview

  7. Drivesafely would be great for me to have I’m on the road a lot. BerryReview thank you for what you all do. Would love a free copy.
    Thank you.

  8. Would like very much!

  9. Excellent program. I use the free edition and would love to try pro

  10. I love this app, specially because it is funny listening to it speaking portuguese!! I hope I win this one!!


  11. I’ve been using the free app and love it!

  12. This would he a great to my S1. I’m in…

  13. Very nice application. I have been using it for a few months and find it very very useful.

  14. The free app is good but the full app would be so sweet. I listen to emails/texts to decide if I need to pull over and answer. I hope I win!! Good luck to the other 9 winners, I hope to be number 10.

  15. Would love to win this app… Would be very useful when I’m on the road and getting important emails from my regional mgr

  16. This is a great application,I love it!

  17. Pick me.

  18. I drive a lot for work and this would be great!

  19. would totally Love the pro version

  20. What an useful app this is. Would definitely use it all the time. A copy for me please.

  21. This would be en exelent app to use I would love to have it.

  22. thank you guys!

  23. You don’t know how much I would like to win this. I don’t have enough friends to get it through the fan facebook and I have found this app very useful. Please pick me!!!

  24. WoW this is an awesome app. Love to win the drivesafe pro code.

  25. I would much appreciate a free copy. This app comes in handy :)

  26. I would like a free copy please.

  27. give one away to me pleasE!
    thank you guys!

  28. this is an awesome app. I would love for my text and emails to be read to me as I drive so I can focus on the road and not on any impending emails or text that could be important.

  29. I just downloaded the free version last night. So far I like it. Might even try vlingo. I used it on the drive in the morning. It read my emails as they came in. I had to adjust to only read Work emails and turn off my 2 gmail accounts. It has a feature to detect the speed and it will turn itself off and on based on your speed. If you don’t want to hear the email you can easily hit the red button on your device and it will stop the message.

    I had to minor hiccups, my device froze twice after install, it was in the middle of reading a message. 2 battery pulls later it hasn’t had that issue. I’m probably going to install on my bosses device as well as he has been asking me for something like this for a while.

    I heard a couple of users having issues where they were embarassed in a meeting when they forgot to turn it off. I chalk that up to user error. Another reason why i only have it monitoring my work email.

  30. This app would be very benifical for me as I commute to and from work.

    thanks berryreview and drivesafely!!!!!

  31. Count me in!!!

  32. Tried it and need the pro version!

  33. This would be cool to win.

  34. Count me in.

  35. I need this to keep my eyes on the road! :)

  36. Thanks for the offer. I would like to have a free copy…

  37. Would like to have this for free!

  38. Now this would be a great thing to have for anyone. Maybe I will win one.

  39. Trying my luck at a free copy!

  40. Fantastic app – would love to upgrade from the free version!

  41. I like pancakes!

  42. I briefly downloaded this app a few weeks ago and I really like it’s features. I was only disappointed to find out that the free copy is limited to 25 words. Here’s hoping I can win a copy of the pro version of this app. It would really come in handy while I’m driving cross town between jobs. Fingers crossed.


  43. Gimme!

  44. This would be AWESOME for my wife who doesn’t like bluetooth and has to use hands free on any military installation that she gets stationed at due to regulations!

  45. I would love to get this app… Been using the free version and it is by far the best app ever!

  46. pick me! pick me!

  47. I wold love to get this app due to extensive driving in my job and my addiction to texting! Fingers are crossed!

  48. I love the free version

  49. I downloaded the free version just to test it out, and so far am quite pleased. Now that Ontario has passed “no cellphone while driving” law, and will commence handing out $500 CDN fines come Feb. 2010 I could see this program being quite handy in terms of being able to retrieve messages without having to be distracted staring at your BlackBerry screen and breaking the law.

    Would definitely love to win the full version!

  50. I love this app I have been using the free verison, I would love even more to win free copy of pro verison.

  51. This would prevent me from crashing.

  52. I tried the free version and loved it… This is very useful application and it should be standard on all BB’s in the future… Kudos to the team for making this app happen!!! Thank you for the opportunity for me to have the Pro version…

  53. I’m in!!! :-)

  54. I’m in thanks for these awesome giveaways

  55. This is the perfect app for parents w/ BB while driving w/ the little ones in the car.

  56. Great product! Promotes Safety!

  57. Really nice app. Would like the pro Version =)

  58. Please include me in this drawing,as I drive a whole bunch for work.

  59. I tried the free version, and while I think the voice synthesis is top notch, I was extremely annoyed that it automatically sent advertising replies to people who emailed me. Not cool guys!

  60. been using the free version would love to have the pro version this app is great when driving so you pay attention to driving not texting

  61. Been using the free version of program for a week and pretty happy with it. I do admit a somewhat major flaw. If you forget to turn this off and walk into a meeting, there doesn’t seem to be a quick way to mute it. And following that, it would be nice to be able to turn off the announcement when you enable or disable the software.

  62. This app is amazing! definitely want to test the full version

  63. Gotta set an example for my kids. Please let me have one!

  64. I need this software!!!

  65. I wanTTTt xD

  66. I’d love a copy of this!

  67. This is the first application I have used for this that actually WORKS

  68. Pick me please.

  69. I could use this app

  70. I have been using the free version & it is great. Especially with the UK police giving penalties to any drivers using the phone whilst driving.

  71. This is a must for all drivers i want it.

  72. Pro version would be great! Thanks!

  73. Killer app that should be a standard feature. Love the free version….would love the pro even more. I drive a lot so this keeps my attn where it needs to be. Works great with PIN, SMS, and email. Would kill all other apps if had sppech to text as well as text to speech….see ya vlingo :)

  74. Let’s go Pro!

  75. I’d like to drive safe. Awesome app!

  76. haven’t tried it, but would be good keeping my hands on the wheel.

  77. My current Text to Speech application is my Daughter, an application that would work even when my Daughter is not with me and that would fit in my Bold 9000 would be awsome.

  78. Representing Toronto, Canada where we have recently passed the law to not drive & read emails, etc, I would love to try this application out.
    I am always keen on technologies that further our goals and being safe while being productive on the road makes sense to me. I am in the process of testing a few applications out that might revolutionize commuting safely and productively.

  79. There are few times when I nearly meet accident operating a mobile device while driving.
    This app clearly can minimize such incident happen.

    I would suggest it had a adjustable voice speech speed.

  80. As I often have to commute to NYC (by car), this app would save me hundreds on potential cell-phone use while driving tickets.

  81. heres to no wrecks with this app

  82. This is the first top of the list app on my BlackBerry!!! It simply rocks! I would like couple of enhancements though, but overall its mind blowing app! I am currently using the free version. Would love to have a full version! I am in folks!

  83. I want to win!

  84. Cool. It would be nice to have the pro version.

  85. I like that this app will keep pedestrians somewhat safer.

  86. Loved the App even after I failed to turn off the auto-respond and spammed my friends, I still love the App.

    Please. Pretty please?

  87. The free version of the software is great but the opportunity for the Pro version would be awesome.

    One suggestion I have is to correct the spelling of “version” on the Settings screen. It is currently spelled “Verison” in the Free version 1.08 that I currently have installed on my Bold 9000.

  88. I do a great deal of driving for work and find the app extremely helpful for keeping track of work email and messages. Brilliant idea for such a mobile society that we are these days!

  89. Sweet! I tried this app out and really liked it. Definitely a good product and a lot safer driving for all who use it.

  90. I’d be interested in trying this out.

  91. it’s a cool apps! Like the idea very much! Winning a free code would make my day!

  92. Text to Speech is necessary and I wold love a copy of this program.

  93. tried the free version and it’s great! i need that pro code!

  94. I want it, I want it, I want it!!!

  95. Liked the free version of this app

  96. it keeps daddy safe while driving

  97. I would love a cop

  98. I love that you can actually hear the voice clearly and understand what it says. I was expecting an old school drive-thru intercom. This is an awesome app that I would love.

  99. Wow..great!! :)

  100. This app looks like a great idea! People are still going to text while driving even if it is illegal. This app let’s us text while driving but in a much more safely way. I would live a copy of this app as I am guilty of texting while driving :p.

  101. This app would make my life much easier since I work 2 full time jobs and constatly on the road.

  102. This should be standard on all phones! Love this app and hope I get chosen for a Pro copy.

  103. This is one of the best aps yet.

  104. I’d really like to try this out!

  105. Wow!!:) kool

  106. Wow!! tis is great!! :)

  107. I have been using DriveSafe.Ly for about six (6) weeks and I think it is a great tool. It gives me enough information to determine, while I am driving especially, if I need to stop and pay attention to an incoming text or e-mail.

  108. Good application. I’ve been using it for over a week. It definitely has reduced the number of emails that I try to read while driving. And it has resulted in a few funny situations at home and in the office when I’ve forgotten to switch it off.

    i already have the free version. this App is great! would love to have the pro version.
    just to suck up a bit more, im a fan of on facebook, so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pick lil ol me =)

    forgot to mention. just a suggestion, i would love to have more than one customized message. maybe like 5. instead of sending the same generic message to everyone, i would love to be able to customize messages different for different category of groups (family, work peers, friends, in-laws =P etc….). so after you receive a txt/email, if i could just say “Reply with Message 1″, my customized message 1 would be sent to the sender of the current txt/email. something like this shouldn’t be too harsh on resources since the program can only recognize one speech pattern “Reply with Message X”. just my 2 cents =)

  110. ROCKS! thank you guys. Would love to get a copy.

  111. I would love this almost as much as I love Berry Review ! 😉

  112. Great App, I Love How The Voice Sounds Really Crisp And Clear!!!

  113. Based on devts in technology, this shd be
    implemented on every phone. Rd safety is a
    huge concern. I could certainly use this.

  114. This looks sweet!

  115. Hey I would like a code for this App. It’s great for text msg.

  116. COOL. Sound like a must have.

  117. Me too!

  118. I could really use this to drive safer. The people around me when I drive would certainly appreciate this as well!

  119. It could help stop me from getting in so many accidents and near misses.

  120. I love this app and would really like the full version to remove the word limit.

  121. I have put so many people on the idrive free app … I would love to Get a code

  122. I installed yesterday on the advice of our phone person. She loves it, but I am having some difficulty with it. I get the error message that it cannot find an email account.


  123. This is a great applications…it is like having ringtones for email. I don’t have to look at my phone now to see what the message is all about.

  124. I like that they seem to be very responsive to the bloggers concerns…specifically that the auto-reply is turned off by default in the new versions

  125. Good luck everyone! Here’s my entry.

  126. Help me keep my eyes on the road!

  127. This app solves so many problems. It just works time and time. I think its needs a Scottish voice for some laughs :-)


  128. i have been keeping up with this app from the beginning..this looks like it will be the future for driving and communicating..thank you for the chance to own this awesome app.


  129. Great app. It’s a must have.

  130. ok

    talk to me !

  131. would love a copy – thanks much

  132. Nice app, I tried it out, works well.

  133. I like this app. Thank you

  134. Showed this app to my friends and they were amazed. It is accurate and clear. I was painting my bathroom the other day and it was a pleasure listening to my emails. Rather than having to get my blackberry covered in paint. Very useful app!!!

  135. Esta aplicación permitiría ahorrar tiempo y comodidad a la hora de consultar correos electrónicos y mensajes de texto a través de la voz… Es decir, viene dotada de una naturalidad apropiada para la personas fanáticas del audio por sobre el texto.
    Altamente recomendada, espero poder tener mi copia.

  136. Very good application! But if it supports to read another language, like french or espagnol, it would be selling more than just for english peoples!

    Looking forward to the update version!

  137. This is a great app, i know alot of people that should be using this. Please consider me. Thanks …

  138. This app is great and the paid version would be even better since the email feature is excellent for cruising down the road.

  139. Great app. I recently downloaded from App World.
    Due to the fact that I am in my car most of the day and I have
    to stay in touch with clients and my bosses, it benn great to use.
    If you have to stay in touch with anyone and your in your car a lot
    then this is the app you need.

  140. will help safe driving ..

  141. This is a great app, especially if you live in NY (state) where txting, talking handsfree, etc is illegal, and well it should be. So anything that can give you txt to speach while driving is very helpful.

  142. Looks like it could be useful during the commute. I’d like to give it a shot.

  143. Definitely help for those who drive and read emails/sms from their blackberry.

  144. I am one who sadly does occasionally text while driving and will buy if I do not win. Thanks for developing this app.

  145. Truly a great application that not only potentially is saving lives, but also acts as an aid to those with visual impairments. Plus great for the lazy!

  146. I have only used it for a few days so far (on my BlackBerry 8900), but like what it does. However, I think a few of improvements could be made. First, have it use the GPS feature of a smart phone (if available) for an automatic on/off setting, rather than having to turn it on and off as needed – meaning if GPS senses you are driving, turn on Second, have the audio output automatically select the output device, based on the phone setting – meaning, if I have my blue tooth headset on for my phone, use it rather than the speaker phone. Third, for phones that have a bedside feature, use it to turn off – When I got an email the first night at 2 AM, it startled me awake (especially with the default setting of 90% volume).

  147. This is a very good app and the potential to become a GREAT application for an Enterprise solution for my BB9630. I would like to put this to the test on my phone…

  148. I found it on the blackberry app world last week and love it. A couple of suguestions is when you get html email don’t reed between the and if you tell the phone to be on silent or vibrate turn off the audio.

  149. it’s about time something like this came out! i am surprised it has taken this long!

  150. I love the free version of this app, and I would definitely love to upgrade to the pro version! It is super helpful for driving, or just when you can’t reach your phone… or even when you can’t be bothered to pick up the phone to read the text message yourself. Call it laziness if you like, but it also promotes safety while driving! :) It takes away the temptation of reading the text message you just got while you were driving, by simply reading it out for you!

    A major plus is the lady’s voice! It’s hilarious when you want it to be, and her pronunciation is bang on!

    It would be great if the app read out BBM messages, seeing as how BBM is so popular. It would also be nice if the app read out the stored names of contacts rather than their phone numbers. It’s too hard to remember that many phone numbers.

  151. has come up with ewhat is by far my favorite Blackberry application. Being stuck in the car in LA traffic as much as I am, this cool program has let me know whether or not an incoming message is important or not. although I can’t hear the entire message due to the 25 word limit on the free version, I know if this message is something I have to pull over and check. I could not recommend this program highly enough!!!

    P.S. The native recognition of abbreviations (lol, omg, brb, g2g, etc) is awesome!!

  152. Tried the free version and love it! Drive indeed. Probably one of the most useful apps out there.
    Would love to get a full version copy. Thanks

  153. I love this app, but it,s a little bit expensive, tnxs 4 your support !!!
    Best regards

  154. Count me in – I commute 43 miles each way to work, and being able to have my emails read would significantly reduce the stress level of having to sit there driving all that time!

  155. I ♥ this app.. ☺☺
    Give me 1 copy plss~
    Thanks ^____^

  156. Ever since I read the review of this program, I have been using it on a daily basis during my drive to and from work (40+ minutes). A full version would be awesome!

  157. Nice program; can’t believe how good the voice is and how natural the conversation sounds.

    Would like to find a way to be able to better control the app; it just reads the message whenever it gets to it; would be better if it “asked” for permission before it just read the email through the speaker.

  158. The app is awsome.

  159. I like how it promotes safer driving.

  160. Love the app! Except when I forget to turn it off!!

  161. I have been using this product for about a two weeks now and I can’t get enough of it!

  162. I have been using this product for about two weeks and I love it!

  163. Use the free version. Pro looks like a winner!

  164. I have just started using the free version and I am very impressed with it. It does remove the urge to just peak at your inbox while driving as you are sure, there are not new messages.

  165. I love this APP! I am writing an English paper about texting and driving and actually sourced this app as an positive alternative!!

    Winning the full version would be great! Thanks for the chance to win

  166. Cant figure out how to edit my post but I forgot to mention a suggestion for the app.

    Add an mute option to stop if from reading. Like with all incoming messages we receive we can hit the mute button and it stops the sound. If the app is reading an incoming message we can hit the mute button to stop the reading.

    Plus I would love Facebook to be allowed to be read!

  167. I’m currently using the free trial. It’s awesome. The accuracy is unbelievable.
    My only issue is that the thing keeps startling everyone around whenever my phone comes out of bedside mode and starts reading a bunch of queued messages. An automatic on/off feature would be nice addition. Nonetheless it’s an excellent application and would love to have the full version.

  168. I’ve tried the free version, it’s been helpful and pretty easy to use. I would love a copy of the pro version


  169. seems like a cool app…i can’t get it to work, though…it won’t recognize my emails on my BB no matter how many times i install, uninstall, reinstall, change permissions….any one have any ideas?

  170. Help me become a safer driver on the road. Thank you :) .

  171. I’d love to try the pro version. Very cool app.

  172. Wow! A must have for road warriors like I am. Imagine the freedom on the tarmac….
    Love the free version, can’t wait to get the full package!
    Yeah, do me some……Pass me a slice of this cool tool!!


  173. Have tried the free version, but would sure be nice to have a copy of the pro version. Thanks.

  174. I found the free version of a couple weeks ago & I’m LOVING it! The idea of having my texts & e-mails read has always appealed to me, but I didn’t want to shell out $25 for an app when the average app costs less than $5! I can’t thank enough for providing a free copy of their app so EVERYONE can be that much safer on the road! Besides, the app is SO much easier to use than any similar app trial I ever downloaded & it works BEAUTIFULLY!!! I think the number of people posting here for a chance to win this app speaks VOLUMES – it’s one of the best apps I have, & I only have the free version!! Good luck to everyone! LindyNC73(at)earthlink(dot)net

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