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YouMail Now Free On Sprint – Free Call Forwarding

9799 Quite a few readers let us know that Sprint has finally made the change in their Call Forwarding rules. They used to charge you 20c/minute for call forwarding unconditional which is what you needed for YouMail and Google Voicemail to work. According to YouMail this has not been changed. You also no longer are required to call up customer service to get it enabled.

Now, Sprint customers can use YouMail as their mobile voicemail and get these great benefits.

  • See a list of your messages and scroll and listen to voicemail on your phone, online or email
  • Save your voicemails forever and share with anyone
  • Greet callers by name or assign different greetings to different callers
  • Block unknown and unwanted callers

It’s easy to switch your voicemail to YouMail:

  1. Go to to create a YouMail account
  2. Simply dial *289095106169 and press ‘talk/send’.
  3. Upon successful activation you will hear two alert tones. If you’re unsuccessful activating call forwarding, contact Sprint Technical Support at 888-211-4727 for assistance.

Let us know if it works for you!

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  1. I got an email from youmail yesterday morning saying that change has been made. Then I logged in to youmail and set it up. Later on last night, youmail sent another mass email saying “We need to clarify”. This stated that they were WRONG, Sprint has not chanhged their pricing for call forwarding and sorry for the inconvenience. So I called Sprint last night who informed me that the forwarding feature is not free until Nov. 12

  2. Another reason why I left Sprint 2 years ago and never looked back

  3. has anyone actually CALLED and spoken with a Sprint customer service rep.? I spoke to TWO today, and BOTH said this is 3rd-party information and that it is untrue! WHAT A BUMMER!!!!


      Look under the “Application Development Addresses Voice Services and Data” section…

      I did just confirm with “Andrew H” via chat that this is now free.

    • I called earlier today and was told that it was NOT free, but then I chatted with an online rep and she said it WAS free.

      Hello Steve I hope you are well today. Do you have a question regarding conditional call forwarding?
      10:11:37 AM Steve
      Yes, I have been told that effective Nov 12th that sprint no longer charges for conditional call forwarding
      10:12:12 AM Steve
      That they still charge for “Immediate Call forwarding
      10:13:12 AM Tiana V
      Sure one moment while I get that information for you.
      10:18:52 AM Tiana V
      I appreciate your continued patience. I am still researching this issue for you.
      10:20:49 AM Steve
      OK, thank you. I would like to use an alternative voicemail service called Youmail that has some real nifty features but require conditional call forwadring that they say is now free for Sprint users
      10:21:32 AM Tiana V
      That is correct as of 11/8 we no longer charge for conditional call forwarding. You will not be charged for using that service. Thanks so much for your patience.
      10:22:13 AM Steve
      WOW, that sure is different tan I got from a CS rep over the phone a while ago. Thank you very much
      10:22:32 AM Tiana V
      Sure, have a good weekend.

  4. I just called sprint customer service to check on this FREE feature and was told that there is still a charge of $.20 for call forwarding services. So, what’s really the deal? Did I talk with a rep that just doesn’t know what they are talking about?

    • I’ve been using YouMail on Sprint since early November, and have yet to be billed even $0.01 for conditional call forwarding. You can call as many times as you wish, but you’re connected to the entry level grunts that either don’t know enough or don’t care enough. Call again and ask for a supervisor/manager, they should be able to straighten the issue out. Regardless, I’ve received two bills since I set it up, and neither have extra charges on them (and that’s with 80+ YouMail messages).

  5. I get an error every time I try to add contitional call forwarding via the *28 method, so I called Sprint tech support…good luck with that, after over two hours and 10 different people working on my case, they could not figure out how to enable conditional call forwarding for busy/no answer on my pre…and they said they were the highest tech support that Sprint has…any other ideas?

    • What is the error? The number you need to dial is *289095106169 (then press Talk). There is a how-to on YouMail’s site with the following info that should help you:

      *If you dialed the activation code and hear a message ‘The feature code you entered is not valid..’ call Sprint Technical Support at 888-211-4727. Request Sprint Technical Support to activate conditional call forwarding (busy/no answer) to 9095106169.

  6. Would anyone happen to know if using the YouMail App. dip into your monthly anytime minutes?

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