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Super QWERTY App from MMMOOO – 30 Free Copies!


You may remember the post Ronen did last week on Super QWERTY app  by MMMOOO. Just to recap, the application basically lets you set the Q key as a shortcut launcher to open up to 80 different shortcuts that costs $3.99. Some features are listed below.


  • The fastest way to access your applications at present.
  • Quick start with the key “q” in main screen.
  • You can start Super QWERTY in the system menu, launch from anywhere.
  • Up to 80 shortcuts, you can set as much as your favorite applications.
  • Friendly design, attention to the used shortcuts, never mess up.
  • You can enter the applications in Super QWERTY simply by clicking your trackball/trackpad/enter.
  • Easily to compose a SMS/PIN/Email text to your contacts.
  • Your settings will be saved even your reinstall Super QWERTY.

As a thank you to our readers, Owen and the good folks at MMMOOO are giving away 30 free copies of their cool new app! Just go to the Berryreview Store and select the version you want and enter coupon code BRSQ100 at checkout. Hurry now if you wanna be one lucky ones cause these freebies go real fast.

For those of you who do get lucky, please send a thank you to MMMOOO in the comments section of this post. A BIG THANKS to MMMOOO for this special giveaway!

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  1. cool app.. even cooler if i win a free copy. 🙂

  2. Many thanks MMMOOO, I got one!

  3. Awesome app, thanks MMMOOO!!!!

  4. Great app!!!

  5. MMMOOO SOO COOOL of you to offer a freebie! Was gonna buy it!! Awesome App!!!

  6. Super app! Thanx MMMOOO and BerryReview 😉

  7. thanks! i got the notification thru the new BR push thing! awesome…

  8. This is a great idea and nice app. Hope I win a copy.

  9. OMG!I’ve been waiting for this app to go on sale or something…but this is so much better..and this is my 1st time to win something…thank you so much to MMMOOO and BERRYREVIEW!

  10. Thanks berryview !

  11. Yep one copy will do me(Thankyou).

  12. I want it

  13. i want i want

  14. Thanks for much for the free copy! I will be using this application a lot 🙂 It’s very useful.

  15. This promotion code has been already used. I may have missed this great little utility. Any chance of you guys letting just one more copy go? Thanks!

  16. What a cool software! I really want a copy of it!!!

  17. I wish they gave you the ability to change the q key. I currently use q for qsms so I have to uninstall that to get this working. But it is a good app anyway.

  18. This is great when you’re doing a million things and need to multi-task and switch in a hurry! Looks awesome!

  19. missed this one 🙂 happy for those who got their copy.

  20. I´m in

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