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roadrunnergps It has been awhile since we featured an fitness app on BerryReview. Newcomer Kanavon Software let me know about their new application RoadRunner GPS which lets you track your runs using your BlackBerry with GPS. The app lets you analyze your workout and give you feedback with information like

  • Distance travelled
  • Elapsed time
  • Average speed and pace
  • Calories expended

The app will also let you map your run and view it in BlackBerry Maps. It also has audio alerts and the ability to upload your data to their servers so you can review your data and track you progress over time.

All in all it is a pretty nice app for $4.99 and it has a free trial for you to try before you buy. Let me know if you give it a shot and how it compares to other solutions or even apps like GPSLogger.

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  1. License expired after 1 day of trial. I was planning on trying it out this weekend when I go on my hike but…..

  2. Update,
    I got an email from support on this issue and it has been resolved. I would have to say this was probably the best support I have ever seen on any product. I will report back after this weekend on the results of my use of this product. Big thanks to support.

  3. I’ve been using the Roadrunner GPS trial to map my runs. Another application that I have been using is Sanoodi. Here are some comparisons.

    1. Doesn’t require me to fire up BB Maps to kick start the GPS functionality.
    2. Loads my run data into the website and allows me to see my speed and elevation at each point along the map.
    3. Gives me feedback on distance or time traveled as I am running.
    4. Quick start without having to do a lot of typing before I can start running.

    1. Minimal cost.
    2. Cannot share my routes with others or find routes prepared by others (not that I really care about this feature, but Sanoodi has it).
    3. Won’t allow me to pause my route if I need to stop along the way.

    1. Free.
    2. Social app – allows me to share my data.
    3. Allows me to search for routes created by others.
    4. Integrates with Flickr photos of the area.
    5. Allows me to pause my route easily.

    1. Often requires me to start up BB Maps before GPS will function. Prior to finding out about this trick, I recently went running in the desert (no buildings to interrupt satellite reception) and Sanoodi was completely unable to find a satellite.
    2. I have to type a name for a route before I can begin.
    3. Doesn’t give me as much feedback on my runs as RR.

    Overall, Sanoodi provides more functionality for more sports and social networking. Both apps allow data uploads to their website. I’m likely to continue using both for a while, but the simplicity of Roadrunner gives it a slight edge for me. For a dedicated application to track my running, I lean towards Roadrunner and will likely pony up the $4.99 to buy it.

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