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Gmail App Updated to v2.0.7 – No Change Log

Google-mail-2-0-7 Here is another update from Google but this time it is a bit confusing. When you head to it says the version available is 2.0.6 but if you hit the download button it gives you v2.0.7.

Jason let me know about this update on his BlackBerry 9700 and I confirmed this on my AT&T Bold 9000 and T-Mobile Bold 9700.

Let us know if you can pick up the update at and if you notice anything different!

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  1. It maybe your device cause it says version 2.0.6 when I download it.

  2. I have a 8900 on OS and it shows 2.0.7 on download screen.

  3. On Google site is 2.0.6 but when downloading it’s 2.0.7.

    Can’t launch app, it shows me error “net.rim.device.api.system.ControlledAccessException”. I’m using Bold with OS

  4. I’ve had 2.0.7 on my Storm for a few months now, so this isn’t really an update. Perhaps google is serving up this version if you have a 5.0 OS? Considering the Storm is the only device so far to have an official release of 5.0..

  5. Still 2.0.6 on my 8830 (OS 4.5). Wonder if the download is OS-specific based on browser agent? Interesting.

  6. Have you all checked the actual download screen? I also see 2.0.6 when I got to the Google GMail page, but when I click to download 2.0.6 it is actually 2.0.7. App is no installed on my 8900 ( and running fine. No issues or changes as far as I can tell.

    • Yes, on my 8830 OS 4.5 it still says 2.0.6 on the download screen and in the app itself. Everybody who says they have 2.0.7 is running OS 5.0, folks who don’t are on 4.x, so…

  7. My dumb question. Why have a Gmail App in the first place? Is it to avoid use of your BB email system?


    • A valid question. I just like the app with all it’s functions. Also depends on what you use things for. My Yahoo e-mail which is tied to my BIS I use for stuff I want to know about right away, whereas I use my GMail for less critical correspondence to I like to have it separate.

    • Also:

      1) It allows you to see your complete mbox, not just what’s on your BB. Key for folks who recently added Gmail to their BB and want to see older items.

      2) Gmail still doesn’t reverse-sync from web to BB for deleted items or sent items, so can be a real pain to manage even with the Enhanced plugin. (And those of us with BES accts can’t use the Exchange account sync workaround.)

    • If you use gmail on a comp its nice to have on you phone too.

  8. I dont use Gmail App ( have BIS) but just wanna check whats new in this update 🙂 However GmailApp does’nt work on my bold with OS so i dont know whats new 😀

  9. The first screen said 2.0.6, but when I went to actually download, it gave me 2.0.7. It’s working fine on my Curve 8900 running, but I haven’t noticed anything new.

  10. This update is only for 5.0 device.

  11. I already had 2.07….for a while.

  12. I tried the download from a few sources and it still is 2.06 on my curve 8330.
    I did re download the Google mobile app and it updated maps, but no luck on Gmail.

  13. Didnt work on curve 8330

  14. BES – company e-mail
    Gmail – Personal e-mail

    1 blackberry…

  15. i went over ther and the download offered was 2.0.6 not 2.0.7

  16. No update available for Pearl Flip 8220

  17. Need it the most, since I’m subscribed to 5 mailing lists, which can be quite hectic to manage since hundreds of people can send hundreds of emails within an hour, imagine if u use the bb email system, it sure use up ur bb memory.with Gmail apps on bb, u can have separate email acct for each mailing list. I need this apps, but too bad gmail apps doesn’t work on my Bold OS 5.0 🙁 anyone can help?

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