Rove Mobile Admin 5.0 Basics – Half the Price Half the Features

Mobile-Admin Rove just announced their new Rove Mobile Admin 5.0 Basics license which gives you access to the essential Rove Mobile Admin features for $295. That is half the price of their $595 professional license. The Basics does include their awesome SSH client but sadly $295 is still a crazy price to pay for an SSH client so you better be wanting all the rest of the features before you ask your boss to sign that PO.

Maybe Rove is learning as time goes on and will finally release their SSH client separately? Its nice to get a Remote Desktop and VNC client with the Basics license but $295 is still WAY too expensive for regular users without your company sponsoring it.

You can find the new Basics license at this link and they have a pretty good comparison chart there showing you what features the Basic license is missing. It still blows my mind that they do not have a regular one page product page and only have a PDF datasheet. Still it looks like a pretty powerful offering if you are in the market for such a solution.

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  1. Even a company needs to have very deep pockets or very poorly managed IT (or both) to ROI something as ludicrously overpriced as this. Hopefully with the growth of BB app dev there will be enough competitors for the individual components to shake Rove off their high horse. Rove Mobile is a perfect example of forcing an all-or-nothing upsell that customers don’t want.

    Funniest part of the “Basic” edition? A remote server admin suite for Blackberry that can’t remote admin a Blackberry server. Classic.

  2. @dk

    A comment by someone that obviously has never used MobileAdmin. If you had, you would know how good of a tool this is for admins. Ever pulled your laptop out at the movies to reboot a server? Use MA once while you are out having dinner or on a date and you will immediately take your comment back.

    Till you use it, don’t comment on it.

    • Of course I’ve used it. For $1-200, MA Pro would be a nice emergency toolbox, but if you can truly ROI MA as is, I can only assume you have bad IT practices. SSH & TS are very useful (and avail in far cheaper apps), but much of the rest of the tools are either are pretty hard to ROI for properly-managed systems and practices. If you need to reboot Windows servers on the go for something that doesn’t require more-advanced troubleshooting, sounds like maybe you have bigger problems.

      Hey, to each his or her own, I’m sure Rove is glad to have you as a customer with deep pockets. Best of luck to you.

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