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Giveaway: PaderSyncSSH SSH Client – 30 Free Copies

PaderSyncSSHPaderSyncSSH is a new SSH client for BlackBerry. I used to use MidpSSH which is decent  but it is limited in its functionality as a MIDlet and not a RIMlet. PaderSyncSSH recently came out of beta for $24 on sale until Nov 15th which is a bit high for some so we convinced them to do a giveaway.

Giveaway details: PaderSync has kindly offered 30 free copies of PaderSyncSSH to readers who comment on this article. Just leave your name and a valid email address in the email field and if you are randomly selected you will win a free copy! Comments must be left before Sunday Nov 8th at 11:59PM EST to win and winners should hopefully be notified shortly thereafter. Only one comment per user will be accepted!

If you have not already tried PaderSyncSSH and need an SSH client you should. Check it out and let me know what you think!

From the description:

PaderSyncSSH is a powerful SSH client for mobile devices. Use it to access your SSH/SFTP servers at home or at work with your mobile device. Connect multiple terminal windows to work directly on the SSH server, execute commands and manage the remote system. Solve problems while you are traveling and save a lot of time!

The integrated SFTP support allows you to browse the server’s file system and up- or download files and even complete directories. Use one-way folder synchronization to always get the latest files. Open remote files. They will automatically be downloaded and cached on your memory card before they are passed on to other applications.


  • VT100 terminal emulation.
  • Macro system for improved productivity.
  • SFTP file system access.
  • Automated one-way folder synchronization.
  • Browse, copy, move, rename, delete, open files and directories.
  • Bookmark system for convenient and fast connecting.
  • Password-protect access to the application.
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  1. wooot pick meeeeee. i want one plz =)

  2. Throwing my hat in the ring.

  3. Excelent

  4. please! 1 for me !!! WINNER #3
    thank you guys!

  5. same here, ftw. :)

  6. Nice one!
    thank you !!!
    berryreview rulez!

  7. I tested it a while ago, when it was beta. It’s great and a licenced version would be very nice :)

  8. Pick me Pick me!!! totally in love with that app

  9. thank you ! 1 for me please

  10. Yes! I’ve wanted something like this for a long time.

  11. I would love to have this app… this app seems to be of great use ! Please count me in.

  12. let us see if i got some luck


  13. Oh I can think of a few things for which this would come in handy.

  14. I think that i can use this for multiple things.

  15. Please pick me! I def can use this!

  16. Give Me~ Thanks.. ^__^

  17. The idea behind this is great. I’d love to try it out!

  18. Would love to have a good SSH client to admin my server from my BB!

  19. Would love to have this one…

  20. I’d love to try this out! Good idea.

  21. Oh man this would be sweet for a sysadmin which I am !

  22. There aren’t many options for SSH on the Blackberry. I have tried this and it compares favorably. Rove Mobile used to have a standalone SSH client but no longer offers it seperately. This program is almost as good as the Rove client and much less expensive.

  23. Starting to find the other ssh clients are not very reliable – hope I win the freebie!

  24. I’ve been waiting for a decent ssh app for my bold for ages.

  25. I have tried midpSSH and that is just okay but not a daily driver for a regular SSH client from my Blackberry. The recently announced Rove solution, the Basics version, is still too expensive for $295.00. Thanks for the review on this new SSH client. I will give it a try.

  26. I totally NEED this! password protected SSH client = dual protection, which means SSH KEYS are totally possible. Too scared to do that with the other clients because they don’t provide that.

  27. i SO want to get this one.

    i had an iphone before, and the free terminal was SO good for ssh stuff

    i really miss something similar for my blackberry

  28. I have been using midpssh for a while and this seems like it will blow it AWAY! I would love to get a copy… and free is even better!

  29. a new ssh client that works! excellent!

  30. I can think of some really exciting stuff to try if I had a SSH client to connect my mobile to my home server! Biting my nails!!

  31. I want it! I need it! I love it!

  32. I’d love a copy.

  33. Me, me, me!

  34. Great program. I Use ssh client on my 8820 with my BES and there was a good program

  35. This would be great to connect to my linux servers @home… :)

  36. software would be very helpful

  37. very nice giveaway :)

  38. Excelent!

    I want it!

  39. I’ve used PaderSyncSSH, it’s the best of it’s type that I can find.

  40. This is my entry.

  41. SFTP is worth the price of admission. Count me in!!!

  42. Wow this is one sweet program. Just downloaded the trail and would love a copy

  43. Very interest, please thanks

  44. Very interested, please thanks

  45. A linux admin…i would love this!

  46. Great program, hope to win! Thanks!

  47. I would love a copy too.. :)

  48. I’m in :)

  49. SSH/SFTP client for mobile… sounds cool..
    hope can win this…

  50. This is a great app that I could get a lot of use from. good luck to all

  51. Another great app to help with my work. Good luck guys

  52. This would help me get work done when I’m commuting…would love a copy!

  53. I’d like a copy… I run multiple websites and manage my own dedicated services. On my desktop computer Putty has an SSH connection open to my server 24/7… i’d like to be able to monitor things while on the go as well.

  54. it’s a great app

  55. thanks guys for this awesome opportunity

  56. Great app ….Would be grateful for a copy :)

  57. i love ssh….especially for blackberry..hope PaderSyncSSH works well

  58. Something I have been waiting for so long, SSH! Hit me with it please.

  59. Here’s to hoping that I win PaderSyncSSH…Now I can finally SSH into my servers at work on my device!

  60. Always interested in a new tool. I picked up a Nokia Internet Tablet last year, but being able to log into my servers with my BlackBerry would be _very_ useful.


  61. Pick me! Pick me!

  62. cool app !!! if it’s can be display BBS.

  63. Wow. I will love you if I win this app :) could be so useful for me. Thanks for the opportunity

  64. I like this app

  65. Work remotely. Cool.

  66. I’d be able to fix w/o having to drive back in. A green app to be sure!

  67. Great app. Pick me please!
    from Japan

  68. Finally a good SSH client. Rove dropped the ball a long time ago. This is great.

  69. Would love a copy of this.

  70. This app would be so handy for work away from work! ;-p
    Hopefully I get to be a lucky guy in a few days!

  71. I’m tired of midSSH. I need this!

  72. Wow would this ever be nice! Please

  73. i want have this app, too.

  74. I´d likeone- thanks!

  75. PaderSyncSSH is great application.
    Now I can remote the server from anywhere with my Storm.
    Caching on memory card is excellent thought.


  76. Hmm, I tried this on my Storm previously and it didn’t work (unable to connect to anything). Might’ve been my TCP/APN settings though. I should probably retry it on my 8820.

  77. I´m in right now!

  78. Looking forward to a good SSH client.

  79. Looks like a very nice ssh client.

  80. Great app and i hope to win :)

  81. I want to win.

  82. Would love to have this

  83. Would love to have a copy of this!

  84. I hope I win!

  85. I’d like a copy :)

  86. I like this much better then Rove’s ssh client

  87. I’m in!!! :-)

  88. I’ll try it….could help at the office

  89. This could be very useful :)

  90. Pick me!

  91. This is so awesome. I could so use this app. Would make my live so much better and easier…

  92. I could put this to good use!

  93. Nifty 😀

  94. I could use this..

  95. Love to have my own copy, it would help to maintain servers from remote.

  96. It’s like they say, there is a tiny hacker inside every one of us, so yes, give me a ssh command line for my 9000 😀

  97. This is a very useful software, I want to have a copy of it!! Please choose me!

  98. I’m happy if i get one.

  99. Cool, I can remote my server and personal computer using this application!

  100. I can access to my proxy servers from BB now.
    Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  101. Love and use ssh everyday

  102. I work as an admin, so having this app would remove the need to be near a computer to fix things!

  103. I’d love a copy! As a sysadmin it would be really convenient.

  104. I have been using PaderSync for a while now and love the interface, and a breeze to do emergency tasks on servers from the command line. So much easier to use than MidpSSH which I could either never get working properly or never get the hang of.

    Would love a full version copy!

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