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AT&T Sues Verizon – Not Happy With Commercials

Verizon-there-is-a-map-for-that Just when I was starting to laugh at Verizon commercials again AT&T pulls this stunt. If you cannot refute them you sue them. As Stacy @ GigaOm said “We have a lawsuit for that.”

AT&T is mad at Verizon’s recent commercials that pit AT&T 3G against Verizon 3G on a coverage map. AT&T thinks that the map Verizon is using in that commercial might make customers think that there is no service at all in the white parts of the AT&T map while there truly is EDGE service.

AT&T wants Verizon to take the ad off the air and pay for losses AT&T might have experienced… If you can’t beat them sue them! You can catch some more of the gory details at Engadget.

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  1. I really hope Verizon wins. AT&T really is, arguably, a poorly rated company and if AT&T won I would despise them even more. It clearly shows that it is the 3G map not just plain coverage.

  2. AT&T should just take the money they plan on spending in the legal department and put it into their technical department. But I’m sure they’ve got a budget for that.

  3. Funny. ATT advertises it has the most coverage, which it doesn’t. When you read the fine print you see they count international GSM roaming when adding up “their” coverage. And they claim “fastest 3G” when practically all independent testing shows Sprint to have the overall fastest 3G user experience. So now Verizon takes a shot at their piss poor 3G coverage map and they SUE? Oh please ATT. Has noone in your legal department heard of the Streisand Effect?

    Don’t forget folks, its ATT that also just tried to redefine summer as September!

    Disclaimer: I own ATT stock but think their service bites.

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