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New York Bans Texting While Driving

penaltyKid New York has joined the ranks of states that ban texting while driving. The interesting part is that you won’t be pulled over for it but you will be fined up to $150 if you are caught texting when they pull you over for another violation. That’s pretty interesting since New York City just had a 24 hour crackdown last week for cellphone use while driving issuing out 7,529 tickets in one day and 197,198 tickets last year.

Personally I am all for using my BlackBerry but there needs to be a time and place. Interestingly 97% of Americas in a recent poll thought that texting while driving should be illegal. Pretty impressive stats.

There is even a free new application from the 76 chain of gas stations hoping to help you talk your way out of tickets… Its free if you think that is the solution. I can see it right now. You get pulled over and pull out your BlackBerry to follow instructions on how to get our of trouble…

I also applaud applications like Vlingo that try to keep you functional while driving but even then might distract you. Personally I have really been hating this app that keeps on sending me stupid notifications like:

SUBJECT: I heard your email read out loud
Message: is free! Download it at … I’ll get back to you soon.

I get about 3-5 of these messages a day and they are annoying me! If there is a way to stop these please do!

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  1. Um…my solution is uninstall that annoying app and just out the phone down and leave it there unless you’re stopped at a light or pull off the road!

  2. Ronen if you know who is sending this too you, ask them to goto advanced in drivesafe and unclick the 2 boxes for Auto-Respond to email/TXT’§. You shouldn’t get the notices anymore.

  3. I feel your pain. Ugh! Hunt them down?..kidding…lmao

  4. I just installed the app and sort of like it. I only installed it a couple of days ago (since they just made it illegal to use any electronic device while driving in Ontario, Canada) but haven’t heard anyone complain of me sending out such messages to them…maybe because I don’t leave the app turned on long enough (or haven’t?)
    I was wondering what it meant when it said the Pro version doesn’t have ads.

  5. Drive Safely is the bomb! They gave it to me free for fanning them on facebook. The voice is sexy and she reads anything 🙂

    If people are too ignorent to turn off the auto reply you can only blame them. The app is called “Drive Safely” so you should only get an auto reply when someone is driving.

  6. I concentrate fully on the work I do, I use mobile application to refrain from texting and from reading my incoming text messages.

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