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It’s Not Just You – T-Mobile is/was Down Across The Country

maninthedarkI have been using a T-Mobile device for the last 24 hours and wow was it a bad day to be using one. All of a sudden at 4:30 PM EST or so my phone just showed SOS instead of signal. I thought it was the phone and rebooted twice pulled the batter to no avail.

Turns out the uppity T-Mobile network is/was down across the country. We have been getting tips nonstop for the last few hours about the outage and it seems to be resolved in most areas. I got word back from one of our contacts that things are starting to come back up on T-Mobile.

Ironically I ended up resorting to using a friends Verizon Mi-Fi mobile router to get the phone to work during the outage. It was quite funny to make UMA calls over Wi-Fi using a Verizon data connection…

So how are you fairing?

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  1. I am a TMO customer and did not experience any SOS on my phone at all. My phone is connected via UMA @ home, EDGE on the way to and from work, and when I am @ work I am on UMA. NEVER SAW IT!!!!! WORKS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m still not getting a UMA connection.

  3. Still got signal!!! Got the email alert on my BB. What is wrong with your phones people!!!!!

  4. Only thing I lost was sending & receiving sms and MMS

  5. I never noticed any problems. But I was working throughout the day.

  6. This is the worst TMobile outage I’ve ever experienced since becoming a customer in 2004. I don’t even get SOS!!!!!!!!! I just have an empty space where the signal strength is supposed to be!! I got one call at about 5:30 (must have been just before the final crash, tho’ my phone had not gotten any other calls all day!) and zero SMS Or MMS Messages since about 3pm. This is BAD. Granted everyone has a rough day but when TMobile can’t release WHY there is an issue, or come up wtih an ETA on the repairs to restore service, they are definitely going to alienate a lot of people. Thank goodness I was at home when my JOB INTERVIEWER called me on Google Voice, or I would have been REALLY upset.
    so 3/4 of a day with spotty service followed by a complete outage has not made me a happy camper. Let’s just say that.

    • that would have sucked but tmobile is the first I seen in a long time, here where I live att always has bad outages so I don’t see why people are being mad at all the it happens to the best of them. It seems that service has been restored to most of the area here, the G1 account was the last one, and I have 5 lines. Am sure they will say why or what happened later since it was a huge outage.

  7. Move to Optus and you’ll get used to this sort of crap on a weekly basis…

  8. Scrabble anyone ??

  9. i caught the sos for 1.5 hours, grr.

  10. That’s actually cool Ronen! TMO makes it sound like you have to buy THEIR WiFi AP but that is obviously not true.

  11. We’re having other issues over here in the Washington DC area too. Like the Metro Data Center went down @ 2:30 in the morning and is finally coming mostly back up now this evening, and Montgomery County Maryland’s traffic computer coughed around the same time early this morning, setting all traffic signals in the county functioning on regular, non-rush hour timing resulting in major traffic congestion both morning and evening rush hour (now). Nasdaq is over here, among many other big folks.

    Computers are cutting the cheese nationwide.

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