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Giveaway: Remote Print – Print Over Wi-Fi & BES – 30 Free Copies

remoteprintChocolate Chunk Apps has created a unique application with Remote Print. This app lets you print wirelessly from your BlackBerry to your home PC printer over Wi-Fi or to a work printer over BES. The program is actually two parts. You install a server app on the PC where the printer is connected and the client app is installed on your BlackBerry. You can then print emails, address book entries, memos, excel files, PDF files, and even images! You can even use it just to send files to your PC from your BlackBerry.

Remote Print is currently selling for $9.99 on sale until Nov 6th after which it goes up to $12.99. You can check out the details on how it works and more screenshots at this link.

Giveaway Details: Chocolate Chunk Apps has kindly offered 30 free copies of Remote Print to readers who comment on this article. Just leave your name and a valid email address in the email field and if you are randomly selected you will win a free copy! Comments must be left before Friday Nov 6th at 11:59PM EST to win and winners should hopefully be notified shortly thereafter. Only one comment per user will be accepted!

Features from the description:

  • Native integration into BlackBerry email, address book and memo applications for quick printing direct from the menu bar.
  • Print Office (Excel, Word etc) and PDF files! (requires Office/Adobe reader to be installed on PC).
  • Print photos and image files (png, gif, bmp, jped, jpg etc) direct from your BlackBerry.
  • Use the send option to send any file directly to your PC without printing: great for quick BlackBerry->PC file transfers.
  • Inbuilt file explorer to select files or whole folders for printing/sending.
  • For BES users, print to your office printer from anywhere – even without WiFi.
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  1. Nice deal. I would love to win this app.

  2. would be nice to have this app since my network has print servers and i could print to anyone of them on my BB with this baby. Would come in handy so you wouldnt have to connect to a PC or if the e-mail acct is not PC accessible you wouldnt have to send it to another e-mail to print etc.. etc… the possibilities!

  3. I would LOVE to have this app. I use my phone primarily for work, so I have a huge need for printing from my blackberry, rather than going to the computer to do it!

    please select me for this one!!

  4. Good luck everyone. Another great contest from Berryreview!

  5. This is such an awesome APP, I love it, please pick me

  6. Nice app :)

  7. Wow this would be perfect for me

  8. Looks good to me! Why didn’t we do this?

  9. this will be awesome to have.. thanks =)

  10. Sounds pretty cool.

  11. I’m in!!! :-)

  12. I’d love a copy of this.

  13. Pick me! This would be awsome!

  14. Yes, yes and tes! Please add my name in this contest! Great idea! Thanks!

  15. oooooo gimme one plzzzz =)

  16. Nice I’m in

  17. I’m In. Give me one too

  18. I would love to have a copy of this since I am over a BES. Good luck to all!

  19. This app would take care of alot of my headaches of moving documents here and there to print them.

  20. What a great app – would love to win.

  21. Would love to print using my Bold, would certainly be an enhancement.

  22. It printed where?!?!

  23. Cool app ill take one :)

  24. sounds fantastic, would love to win it!

  25. now my blackberry can join my PC and be a tree killer!

  26. Ok, now this is my turn to win!!!!!!

  27. Our employees ask if they can print from their Blackberries all the time. I have always said “no”. This would be interesting to try out.

  28. I love this App!

  29. Thank you! Please can I have this app for free…I never get selected….. :(

  30. i´m in

  31. Finally can print documents via wifi when traveling

  32. Let me win xD

  33. ooo ooo ooo, pick me, pick me! :)

  34. awesome app pick me please

  35. This would be a very useful app!

  36. I would like this apps please

  37. this is a bloody brilliant idea

    i am on BES and if i can do this…. it will be the ultimate


  38. I´d like to have one! Thanks!

  39. Can a brotha get a hook up?

  40. I could definitely you this! Thank you in advance!

  41. Another awesome product from Chocolate Chunk Apps

  42. This would be a handy app to have. Do you happen to have an extra one for me please?

  43. cool app would like to have it.

  44. This would be a nice app to get for free.

  45. Opefully ill win one of this :)

  46. I hope I win!!!

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  49. Wow this program would come in very handy!!!

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  51. I want this app, very useful 😀

  52. This would be a great addition to my great collection of apps. Free or at 10.00 this is such a time saver.

  53. I would very greatful if choosen.

  54. Gimmy some of that! Thanks

  55. Sweet! :)

  56. This is great! Thanks for the contest.

  57. I could really use a program like this. Thanks.

  58. I would love this!

  59. Very good idea !
    Printing is always a good opportunity and it’s a real lack with our BB that we’re not able to do it as easy as posible !
    Hopefully, this software is a dream, I really would like to be selected 😉
    Many thanks in advance !

  60. This is an awesome sounding app. I’d be happy to have a free copy.

  61. This app would complete the awesomeness I have come to know and love as my BlackBerry. I would love to have a free copy!

  62. Nice!
    I would like to win one.

  63. This would be great to win.

  64. I would love ot have one of these so please pick me. This product is long overdue on the market and a great idea.

  65. Man, I could use this app!

  66. I’d love this for my work BB

  67. pick me!

  68. I find myself printing pictures taken from my BB via my laptop. With this app, I can do it directly from the BB. That would be sooooooooooooo cool!

  69. with my new storm 2 it would be awesome to use the wifi for something else other than just web browsing.

  70. Hello guys
    thanks hell yeah 1 for me please…

  71. Hope it supports Storm2.

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  72. I would love a copy

  73. this will be a good tool to have in the office

  74. Nice App I’d Like To Win

  75. Could be a useful app. Looking forward to actually trying it.

  76. I’d love to have this app… Thanks.

  77. I would love to get a copy of this app…please!

  78. That would be an awsome app i would love this thnx guys

  79. I like chocolate chunk apps! Please pick me, I’ll be your best spokesman.

  80. This is such a great idea. I always wanted to be able to print from my BlackBerry.
    Thank you Chocolate Chunk Apps and BerryReview!

  81. I want to win a copy

  82. This would be great. I hope I win.

  83. 1 for me guys! thank you

  84. This would be a great program to have! I’m crossing my fingers.

  85. Oooh another giveaway. This app looks useful!

  86. I would literally use this program every single day if I could get a free copy. Please guys, this would go to great use with my business.

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  92. This sounds like an excellent application – I do hope I win a copy!

  93. Count me in!

    Hope I win!

    Thanks in advance….

  94. Pick me!! Looks like a sweet app!

  95. Finally printing from BlackBerry!!! What tool so long!!!

  96. pick me plz >_<

  97. This sounds awesome! I see this as an essential for business!

  98. sweet. i would love a copy of that.

  99. daddy would like to print from his blackberry

  100. Sounds like a pretty cool app…

  101. I like this app

  102. I love this app, let me winnnnnn please. Thanks BerryReview for this contest.

  103. could use this

  104. really cool app. genius.!

  105. Finally, an app I will be able to use frequently. Please pick me!!! Thanks BerryReview for the contest.

  106. Cool application, we need one that allows us to shut off peoples iphones… Hahaaha

  107. Great one to win

  108. pick me

  109. send to me, thanks.

  110. I have been looking for a way to effectively print from my BlackBerry for soooo long. I would love to give this a whirl.

  111. Hey I’d love this – I badly need it!

  112. It looks like a cool app that I can use almost everyday

  113. This looks cool. I’d love to win.

  114. I could really use this.

  115. yessur……no more waiting to print

  116. this could change my life forever… I mean it.. 😀

  117. I need it !!!

  118. Looks like an application which BB should have got it in the core. I have a wireless printer at home and would love to use this app along with it from my 8520.

  119. woild be really nice if i coud print to a guest printer without any software, like to a fax.

  120. cool appz….
    need this for fast print
    hope can win

  121. wow! great offer, something i’d been wanting and needing to do on my BB— print!

  122. This would be so cool for my mobile office!

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    Give me~ thanks ^0^

  124. please pick me !!!!

  125. one nifty app

  126. me like this >> paopaodomingo @

  127. I just got a Storm2 and this would be so useful for me!

  128. Looks like a wonderful product. It would be nice if RIM included this with their OS.

  129. This app looks excellent!!

  130. Looks very handy!

  131. Having a Berry and being able to print. This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. thank you guys!

  133. thanks!

  134. print me good stuff!

  135. I would love to have a copy of this app. i currently own the wifi transfer app, so i know this one will work just as good.

  136. I love it…I love it…I love it!!!

  137. Will need something like this in a few weeks. Sounds great!

  138. i could really use this

  139. Really love it!

  140. Please… me? 😉

  141. In for the win!

  142. This is a wonderful product. It would help me become more productive.

  143. This will be grate for me! Is an interesting application and I’m just waiting to use it and to give a good feedback after!

  144. wooo… this app can make my Blackberry work us pc to print doc. great job. i like it. pick me 😀

  145. I’ve been looking for a nice, simple print solution for my BB. This seems like it could be it. Thanks

  146. Hey I’d love to have this! Just got my S2!!!!

  147. I will like to have one

  148. I find myself needing to print several times a day and need this to help me do my job. Love to have it.

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