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Should I buy the BlackBerry Storm2????


Can you tell them apart? After using the Storm2 for 24 hours I must say " the first touch BlackBerry has arrived".  We all know RIM should have waited before releasing the first Storm. Basically they let the world be beta testers for the first year. The funny thing is the Storm1 is  finally a great device. For the last week I have been using 5.0 on my Storm1 so initially I didn’t notice much change on the Storm2. I like that RIM removed the buttons making the four keys part of the screen. I was always nervous that the old buttons were falling off. I really like the new battery cover. I use a holster and I always found the cover on the floor. With the new style that won’t happen.

Moving the speaker to the bottom was another great idea.  A speaker in the middle of a device just made no sense. I must say it’s nice to have WIFI. There are so many options you can do over WIFI and its great to have. Another major change is the  multi-touch. You can now hold two buttons at same time(ctrl, and alt). An Internal 2GB and 16GB is awesome! (no explanation needed)  It is annoying, yet again I will need to change some accessories because of the new shape I can’t use my Storm1 desktop charger. Don’t know why the Storm2 doesn’t have a screen protector. The Storm1 came with a really good one already on the device.  Storm2 is a little heavier but nothing to go nuts about.  If you are thinking of getting a new device 100% go for the Storm2  it is super fast,  and I am amazed on the response time. I do not recommend paying for a Storm2  if you have the Storm1. Like I said before the Storm1 is now a great device, just make sure you are running 5.0 on it.

So what do you think of your Storm2?

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  1. I have the Storm and I must say that after installing (and working the kinks out of) OS 5.0, I ALMOST have a new phone…so much so that I will hold off on getting the Storm 2…that is unless someone is looking to upgrade and wants to go halfsies using the VZW BOGO promotion!? *cough…email me…cough*

  2. you can see the side bezels are different and the four keys at the bottom, the one on the right is Storm 1, left is Storm 2, you can tell by the 4 buttons.

  3. FYI the colors are different and one says WIFI

  4. The screen on my Curve is cracked and I’ve been carrying it that way for months – using that as my excuse to get the wifi-enabled Storm2 when it became available. Now, since the introduction of the Droid, I’m not sure what to do.

    Can someone give an honest appraisal and comparison of these two to help viewers decide?

  5. I’ve always been a stickler for detail:
    Anyone else notice that the one on the left says Thursday, May 21 (Of course, long before the Storm 2 even existed.) But the one on the right appears to say Thursday, May 22 !!! That’s strange.

  6. Looks like you had to stretch to find a reason to justify Storm2. Afraid buttons were going to fall off and battery cover, that’s the best you could come up with as to why Storm2? If that’s it, I’m sticking with the original, I’m not afraid of my buttons falling off and never had a problem with battery cover (I use a holster as well, so not sure why you experienced any problems).

  7. Got the storm2 after living with a Curve. I love the display but am not crazy about typing on it. Also the 2 has some quirks. For exmple wi+fi is slow.

  8. The BlackBerry Storm2 does support multi-touch, but not zooming using a pinch motion (apparently an Apple patent). You can zoom by tapping with 2 fingers though. You actually did it by accident while trying to demonstrate that it did not have multi-touch on the YouTube web site. Watch the screen zoom on the YouTube logo when you tap. You can also see multi-touch in action when using the keyboard. You don’t have to release a key before striking the next.

  9. 5.0 works great but two issues with SMS. You cannot reply to a message without actually opening it. I don’t see the Forward option anymore. Am I overlooking some setting?

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