RIM Developer Explains How To Find A Memory Leak

leaking-house We have all been through this. Install a great application only to find out that it eats your device memory until it cannibalizes your emails and call logs when it runs out of memory. RIM was even guilty of this themselves when OS 4.2+ introduced a ton of memory leaks that slowly or rapidly ate away at your available memory. This even introduced a new class of applications designed to reset your device before memory leaks became ugly. In the latest revisions OS 4.5+ RIM has been steadily improving all the memory leaks that cropped into the BlackBerry OS even including my current Bold OS which is pretty stable. OS 5.0 promises much better days ahead but it is still in very limited circulation.

The problem is that a poorly coded application can easily break the peace and solitude you have found by forcing you to reset every day. Kamen over at the official RIM Developer Blog has published the first of three articles in a series that I think is a must read for all developers. It highlights what a memory leak is and how they come about. The next two articles in the series which are hopefully coming next week will detail how to find these leaks and fix them.

Check out the first in the series of “How to find that memory leak!”

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