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Giveaway Winners: IM+ All-In-One Messenger

im Thanks to Shape Services we ran a great contest with over 300 submissions for their updated IM+ application. You can find the winners announced after the jump. IM+ lets you connect to multiple popular instant messaging networks at the same time from one application aggregating your contacts from Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, Skype and more. The app usually carries a hefty $39.95 price tag but until Nov 22nd it is on sale for $27.95 which is a pretty good deal.

In case you did not win you can pick up a copy of IM+ in the store for $27.95 at this link or check out all of Shape Services apps at this link.

Congrats to all the winners below! You should be contacted by Shape Services shortly! Don’t forget to thank them in the comments!

Alex D.
Tomas Jones
Derek Brown
Erick Diaz Jorge
will glover
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  1. congrats to all the winners!

  2. OMG This is exactly what I need… thanks for the offer!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity!

    I’m curious, why this same app costs only $9.95 for other platforms like Symbian and iPhone?

    • I agree with you on this one.
      I had IM+ back in the day before BeeJive when I beta tested for them and got a copy for free. Back then it was the only option for multi-client instant messaging.
      However, since BeeJive came out, I think it’s ridiculous that IM+ costs $40.00. The application is very sub-par compared to BeeJive as well.
      Shape just needs to be GIVING this application away at this point.

  4. thanks so much.
    How to i can get this key from ?

  5. Patience skywalker. You must be one with the force…
    Shape let me know they are sending them out shortly. Expect it in the next few hours or after the weekend. 🙂

  6. Thank you very much. This going to be awesome.

  7. Thanks for the great giveaway :D:D:D

  8. Thanks thanks thanks, i received code for this app.

  9. wow, i won! thanks BerryReview and Shape Services. Can not wait till i try it out…

  10. Thanks Ronen and the BB Review team…

    This app will let me remove 5 other apps from the device..

  11. Thank you BerryReview & SHAPE! My husband is envious! 😉

  12. Thank you Shape and Berryreview. I await the mail to download the app. Thank you very much.

  13. Thank you to BerryReview and SHAPE Services!

  14. so so lucky ! wow ! this is the happiest things i ever had sicnce using BB ,I love IM+!

  15. Thanks a lot ! This is great ! WOW !

  16. Thank you so much I WON!!!!!!!! i feel special! now lets use this positive energy for a mega millions win! lol 🙂

  17. T___T

  18. thx to shape services….i’m one of the winners…now i can chat via facebook…its great apps…recommended for who need facebook chat….
    WTA : how about if i change device???can i still use IM+ with same reg code??
    anyone who know the answer please email me at [email protected]….thx

  19. Yay!!! I can’t wait…don’t win things too often so I’m very excited. Thank so much to shape services!!

  20. Awesome! I won 🙂 The e-mail I got said to go to from my phone, but I wasn’t sure if I should choose Buy or Try. I chose Buy, and it said my promo code was invalid, and also said the version I was trying to buy was for the Storm. I prefer OTA installs, so I figured I would just install the trial, and see if my promo code would work to register it afterwards. On first run, it said the app wanted to change permissions, so I clicked View. It attempts to set everything to Allow…everything. Is this abslutely necessary? I went through and set a lot of stuff to Deny, as I see no reason this app would need to Application Management, Themes, Input Simulation, etc, but I could just be paranoid.

    After all that, I did manage to get the trial working. Since I wasn’t all that impressed yet, I didn’t bother trying my promo code. I’m really only interested in FaceBook Chat, which I just found out BeeJive does as well (beta), so I’m going to try both trials and see which works better.

    • Apparently the permissions thing is a no-no. It fails to start, telling me “Error occurred upon activation start. Please set up the permissions for proper work of the application (go to Options -> Advanced -> Applications -> IM+ -> Edit Permissions”. The only thing I can see on their site regarding what permissions are necessary is here (, which just says set everything to Allow (and to disable the device firewall…). I sent them a support request to see if they can explain why everything needs to be set to Allow…

      • The email confirmation I received for this request was spoofed to look like I sent it! I like winning free software, but I’m starting to think maybe someone else might be happier with the code I received.

      • I use the official Windows Live and Gtalk clients, and I really like how I can sign into GTalk on my laptop and phone at the same time. I only wish the Windows Live client was the same way. It turns out neither BeeJive nor IM+ fix this problem. Also, BeeJive doesn’t officially support FaceBook chat (a beta version does, but it has some bugs). In the end, I decided I didn’t really like either. So….who wants my free copy of IM+? I haven’t done anything with the e-mail, so I assume I can just pass it on to someone else…

  21. Derek, when did you get the winning email? I still haven’t gotten mine yet…can’t wait 🙂

  22. Awesome! Thank you…. When can I get the awesome IM+?

  23. very unfortunate for me cause i just rad about this giveaway contest =(
    i’m wondering about this messenger application? does it run on BES or BIS?

  24. Thanks for running this contest, and to Shape for providing the codes! I have been running the app since the provided me with a code from the contest. Very useful!

  25. weeeeeeewww thank youuu

  26. hola mmm me podrian ayudar nesesito el codigo para activar el im+ nnn por favor me lo mandan a mi correo plis graxias

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