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Giveaway: Elertify Uses Your PC to Announce Your Emails – 30 Free Copies!

elertify Long time BlackBerry developer VirtualViews has come up with another unique app for BlackBerrys. This alerts you to new emails by reading them out loud to you when your phone is connected to your PC over USB. Essentially when your BlackBerry is connected to your PC the app can display a popup preview of messages for email, SMS, and calls and lets you hear who is calling or emailing/texting you using the built in voice synthesizer. Pretty cool if you ask me… The app is called Elertify and is available now for $4.99 on sale until Nov 15th after which it goes up to $5.99.

Giveaway Details: VirtualViews has kindly offered 30 free copies of Elertify to readers who comment on this article. Just leave your name and a valid email address in the email field and if you are randomly selected you will win a free copy! Comments must be left before Wednesday Nov 4th at 11:59PM EST to win and winners should hopefully be notified shortly thereafter. Only one comment per user will be accepted!

From the description:

Are you tired of picking up your BlackBerry® every 15 seconds to check messages only to discover it’s ad from Ed’s Furniture Company or another silly joke from Aunt Kathy?
Now you can preview messages while you work on your PC with Elertify!
Elertify can display a popup message on your PC when you receive incoming Email, SMS and Phone calls on your BlackBerry. You can even hear who’s calling, texting, or emailing you by using the built voice synthesizer!
Elertify lets you choose which types of messages you want to receive: Email, SMS or phone calls.
You can set the popup display time and whether you want the voice synthesizer or a ringtone to play when you receive a message. You might even turn off the popups altogether and just listen to the voice synthesizer.
Now you won’t have to look at your BlackBerry unless you really want to.
Elertify works via the USB cable and is for the PC only.
You must install both the BlackBerry and Windows software to use Elertify.
If you use your PC a lot, you need Elertify!


  • Popup Message with Sender & Subject
  • Voice Synthesizer or Ringtones
  • USB Auto Connect Option
  • Auto Run at Startup
  • Suspend Option
  • Save Time – Stop checking your Berry
  • USB cable Charges your BlackBerry

Minimum Requirements:

  • BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or Greater
  • Windows 7, Vista, or XP w/ .NET Framework 3.0 or Greater
  • BlackBerry desktop software or USB drivers installed
  • USB Cable that came with your BlackBerry
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  1. I like the sound of this. Would definitely use a copy. Tanx.

  2. Would love to get a copy so that I can enjoy the announced arrival of E-mails.

  3. Now this is cool. Especially since I keep setting alarms for everything now.

  4. This looks like quite a cool app. I always wanted something to use on the PC instead of always having to reach for the BlackBerry if I’m charging it through USB.

  5. This looks like the application i have been looking for….. cant wait to try it

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  8. Using Blurts Beta, but this sounds very good! Please count me in!

  9. I’m in!!! :-)

  10. This sounds like a great app, count me in.

  11. This app looks cool.. Please count my comment !

  12. This would be excellent and good luck!!

  13. Comment. Sounds like a very useful app.

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  16. This sounds like a great app! I would love to use it.

  17. I’d like to try this out..

  18. Daddy would like to be Elertified

  19. looks awesome, I’d love a copy!

  20. count me in!

  21. Sweet!! I’m in, head over heels!

  22. cool app I would like it

  23. I hope you elert me that I got a copy! Good luck everyone!

  24. nice! thanks you guys

  25. Very good aplication

  26. This IS cool!
    I would like a free copy.

  27. Count me in please.

  28. would love to try!

  29. This is cool. I would love it.

  30. Just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  31. This is a great idea. I would love a copy

  32. Would Love a copy.

  33. I’d love a copy!

  34. Sounds similar to Nokia’s Suite, awesome

  35. this sounds like an awesome app! I so would love to win it….Pick me please :)

    Thanks and those nice people at VirtualViews for this give away!!!!

  36. I definitely need this!

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  37. cool!!!!!

  38. Cool! Count me in for this…seems very handy.

  39. Sweet!

  40. Win win win

  41. sounds like a very useful app !

  42. Hook it up yo!

  43. Here’s hoping…..

  44. this is pretty neat.i would love a copy please

  45. This sounds like a great app! I love the idea!

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  52. This is a pretty niche apps. Definitely need one.

  53. Alert me if I win

  54. Really want to own a copy of this!!!

  55. This is a nice app, Thanks

  56. Great app we always see some new apps just awesome. Thanks I hope win this time

  57. This something that would be ideal for all
    All Blackberry Users. I am really looking
    Forward to this app. Thank you and keep up
    The good work.

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  64. Elertify me and my BlackBerry.

    This is NICE!!!

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    Give meeeee~

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  76. I would love to receive notifications as I am always charging my bb with my laptop. Super Application ideal.

  77. I would like to have one if I’m selected. Thank you.

  78. Free Copy please

  79. Great app for work. Would love to get one copy.

  80. Great app for me. I want it!

  81. Will the application work if the phone is connected via Bluetooth, instead of USB, with BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

  82. I would to win this app

  83. Get one for meee!

  84. I would love to win this program. Pick me!!!!

  85. I’d like to use this cool app.

  86. This is a great idea, and getting it for free is also a great idea

  87. Toss my name into the e-hat please 😉 tehchad @

  88. this looks friggin’ awesome!!! pick me!!

  89. great software

  90. this is just what I need, I would love one of these

  91. nice ill take 1

  92. Wow, most ingenious app I have seen in a long long while. Very nice.

  93. WOWWWW this seems like a hella useful app for work. I have to stay in front of a comp all day, having this prog i can mute my cell and just look at my comp to see my bb prompts =O hope i win

  94. This looks great! Thanks for the contest.

  95. This is a pretty pointless application when you have to have it connected over USB. If it was BlueTooth…maybe, but still you can just install drivesafely and have the phone read it to you without having to touch it. No need for the extra computer app etc. and you can’t even reply.

  96. Wow !! this would be awesome for work, I’d really love to win a copy. Thanks !!!

  97. Would love a copy of this. Thanks for the contest!

  98. I’ve been waiting for an app like this for my blackberry. Did you guys read my mind?

    Pick me! Pick me! Please! :)

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