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Sprint Dropping Call Forwarding Fees! Google Voice & YouMail…

Throwingpapersintheair One of the things I always hated about Sprint was the fact that they charged $0.20 for conditional call forwarding per minute. You also had to call Sprint to get it turned on! Conditional call forwarding is necessary for voicemail services like YouMail, Google Voicemail, & PhoneTag to work.

As far as I know most of the other major carriers offer this feature in different formats. For example, on my AT&T account it just gets counted against my minutes. I remember on T-Mobile they gave you a bucket of 500 conditional call forwarding minutes after which they charged you. I am not sure about Verizon but I think they also just deduct it from your monthly minutes.

The crazy part is that this brings Sprint from the worst policy to the best policy. According to their statement I found on MobileCrunch:

Conditional call forwarding for busy calls or calls not answered using the customer’s wireless phone will be free, beginning mid-November. (Standard charges will continue to apply for immediate call forwarding.)3 This change will give Sprint customers the opportunity to access third-party voice services, including the new voicemail feature in Google Voice.

They will not be charging at all for call forwarding minutes! That is better than any carrier I have ever heard of. Sadly these changes only take effect in mid-November so hang in there!

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  1. I’m a Verizon customer and I’ve been using YouMail for some time. I have never been charged anything extra for the call forwarding, so that means Verizon counts it against your minutes.

  2. I’ve been with Sprint for years, and every time you guys post something about YouMail or Google Voice, I cry a little inside. This certainly perks me up (especially after that Tour2 announcement)!

  3. It always ticked me off when I had Nextel and would get hit with call forwarding fees.

    Verizon stopped charging a couple years back. Don’t remember exactly when it was. Will have to check though cuz once the call is handed off it defies logic that your minutes would still be charged.

  4. has anyone actually CALLED and spoken with a Sprint customer service rep.? I spoke to TWO today, and BOTH said this is 3rd-party information and that it is untrue! WHAT A BUMMER!!!!

  5. Yes, I called today and they ARE still charging .20 a minute for call forwarding.

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