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Two BlackBerry Spying Applications – One Free & One Commercial

Flexispy DavidB let me know about these two little applications that really kind of scare me. The BlackBerry is pretty impenetrable to attacks but software can be installed on a BlackBerry to let you do some pretty scary stuff.

For example, there is a FREE application called PhoneSnoop that lets you dial into the infected BlackBerry and use it as a remote bug. The application will automatically answer the phone and turn on the speakerphone letting you listen into what the victim is doing. It shows no indication that it is doing so on the BlackBerry which is kind of scary… Check it out at this link or more info at this link.

The second is called FlexiSPY pro and was featured on The Register. This app takes things one step further with its $249 price tag and lets you not only perform remote listening along with reading the infected BlackBerrys emails, SMS, call logs, and GPS location.

Crazy stuff!!! I wish RIM would let you password protect certain features on the phone like being able to install applications…

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  1. The free one doesn’t work on my Bold running

  2. There is an option to prompt for password on application install under options > password.

    I have it enabled and to install any application on my BlackBerry, you have to enter the correct password.

    You also be able to restrict an applications permissions as well, which would limit its access to certain phone features such as GPS or the phone.

  3. Doesn’t the bb give you the option to prompt for a password on application install?

    Options, Password?

  4. I got it to work on my 8900 ( but only if I called from a number that was not already in my address book i.e. my desk number. I used a different phone in my office that is not in my address book and got the following result. Phone did vibrate like normal just once, and saw number flash up onto the screen. Just as advertised speaker phone came on and homescreen back up again. I was now listening to the surrounding environment, but there was a small icon I’ve never seen before displayed on the homescreen that looked like I was on a call, so the disguise is not 100%. Second the call is 2-way so any noice I as the listener made was sent through. On one hand scary, on the other a bit lame. Interesting for a free app 😛

  5. Is that correct? $249, wow talk about over priced….I’ve seen apps with similar functionality…reading and recording emails/sms etc. on the stores for under $5. Hard to justify an extra $244 for the same technology. I hope this is a misprint and it’s $2.49.

  6. phonescoop is like one of the feature SmrtGuard offers remote listening.

  7. $249 is correct…for Flexispy’s price. there is another app from a company called Mobile Spy that was released yesterday which sells for $49 bucks that has gps tracking, reading sms messages, and a few more other things.. you can read info on both at .

    • $49 is still overpriced. Think of all the apps that pop up email and sms. There’s a blackbook app that hides all the communication on your phone for like $4. other than actually sending this information somewhere it does the exact same thing. Should it really cost $45 to have the feature to transmit this intercepted information somewhere? This is just crazy.

  8. Looks like PhoneSnoop is getting some press.

  9. I installed it on my Tour, and the listener seemed to work fine. It still rings for a second or two (or vibrates, depending on your profile settings), then answers the call, puts it on speakerphone, and shows the Home Screen. It’s pretty obvious that you are in a call, so I don’t see how this could be used to spy on someone…unless their phone calls are set to silent.

  10. I dont get why it turns the phone on speaker…it should just leave it on the ear piece so the person you are listening to cant hear you. It is pretty obvious when your phone goes to speaker because you hear static and crap. Its kinda cool i guess but here is the major FLAW. How many people do you know with BB’s, cuz I know a lot….now how many people do you know with BB’s that either always have them in their hand, or notice when anything makes a peep on their phone? I know A LOT. This app would never work on me because i would notice the hint of ring or the call status icon. Just my thoughts though.

  11. This would make an pretty nifty way to track down that lost or stolen phone.

  12. The free one is the one that makes me nervous. This is why I don’t let suspicious strangers in trench coats “play” with my BB 😀

  13. Everyone is looking at this as something to be used against instead of for you. I can imagine several scenarios where I might “accidentally” leave my BB in a room then call it from another phone to hear what is going on in that room.

  14. The free spy phone software didnt work for me either. I did find a cool video about spy phones here.

    Take a look.

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