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Advaiya Whitepaper Says Microsoft Mobile Solution “Richer” Than BlackBerry

peopleinboxes I usually do not post about whitepapers but this one really made me laugh. Advaiya Inc, which seems to be a Microsoft partner, has released a whitepaper comparing the Microsoft Mobile Solution to the RIM BlackBerry solution. Guess who wins?

Turns out that according to Advaiya Microsoft offers a “richer” experience and in their opinion “Research In Motion BlackBerry technology is good, but the future is with the Microsoft mobile solution.” Or even better:

Although the Research In Motion solution has been the choice of the past, the Microsoft solution is the choice of the future. Only the Microsoft solution has the flexibility, extensibility, and scalability to meet the ever-changing mobile computing needs of businesses in the future.

They do have quite a few points in their feature comparison but the whole whitepaper is stacked against RIM. I won’t even go into the details refuting most of their “strong” arguments but if you want a quick laugh (or maybe a cry if you prefer Windows Mobile) I recommend checking out the whitepaper at this link on ZDNet. Some of it is just laughable like saying that the BlackBerry solution only partially supports encrypting your device memory. You need to be registered to view the document but that is why you have

Maybe RIM needs to issue a refuting whitepaper?

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  2. By their criteria, iPhone would beat WinMo…

  3. Haha you might be right IPhone has been more aggressive. Still not good as BlackBerry

  4. No way as good as BB. Sure the iPhone has a sleeker UI than the BB OS, but the few times I’ve used one I just got frustrated. Too many typing errors, could not connect to secure wifi at all vs. so easy on my BB, and no way to pull the battery to just “clean house” once in a while. I don’t care who you are as mobile programmer, every OS needs a good ol’ battery pull once in a while.

  5. Geez guys, you’d think I’m not recognized as a BB fanatic! Lol!

    My point hopefully more clearly explained is that its obvious the people conducting this study did so to get WinMo to come out ahead of BB, yet if you applied their criteria to WinMo vs. iPhone I suspect the iPhone would trounce WinMo.

    Hey, I’m right near the front of the line to criticize RIM over the crap web browser they foist on us and its “kill the device” javascript performance. That said though, taken as a whole, for ME, the mobile browsing experience is just NOT that important enough a criteria to go basing one’s device selection upon. Sure, Safari and Chrome kick BB to the curb where web browsing is concerned, but the pundits who poo poo BB for its browser are IMHO missing out and everything ELSE BB brings to the table.

  6. Oh come on, im a BB user just like you guys but ive had other phones, moved from a WinMo and believe I reaaallly miss it, with BB you just feel so limited app-wise, ok connectivity is 100000 times better on BB than say Exchange but the rest WinMo takes the lead by far, I mean, just compare office in both, then apps, interface, multitasking, even gamin wich sucks on WinMo compared to, say, iPhone, is waaay better than BB, and that has nothing to do with this business phone thing we are discussing.

    Im loving the BB exclusive features, cuz those are the only that stop me from saying all of them are just crappy phone, I mean, even Symbian has progressed more!

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