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RIM Details The Main Features of OS 5.0

Nothing really crazy new here since OS 5.0 has been leaking for quite awhile but for those of you not sporting the latest OS there is some great detail in the description. You should check out all the features at this link but I will highlight some of my favorite below.

flagemail Flag for Follow up – Using BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0, any email messages that are flagged for follow up on the email application on the computer will have that information reconciled with the email message item on the BlackBerry smartphone and shown next to the subject in the Messages application as shown in the image below. This includes any customizations to the flag such as reminder information, or the type of follow up required (for example, For Your Information or Call) as shown in the image below.


Auto Correct / Word Completion – A feature previously only available on BlackBerry smartphones that use SureType® technology; Auto Correct/Word Completion is now available in BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0 for QWERTY based smartphones

Synchronization of Multiple Contact Folders or Address Books – Multiple Contact Folders or Address Books can be configured for synchronization to the BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0. See KB18080 for more information on using this feature.

Volume Overlay – Volume overlay will display volume indicator over top of any application if the volume level is adjusted. Depending on what output is currently selected for the media being played the icon will change to indicate what level is being adjusted. An example of the volume overlay on the home screen is shown below for reference.

resize-images Photo Resize when Sending or Sharing – When sending a photo or picture you are presented with a list of options that resize the image before it is sent to its destination.

Support for Bluetooth 2.1 and Secure Simple Pairing – Bluetooth 2.1 support has been added to BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0 along with Secure Simple Pairing (SSP). SSP simplifies the pairing process in the following ways when used with compatible peripherals:

  • Peripherals without a screen or keyboard do not require a pairing key to be entered on BlackBerry smartphone
  • Peripherals with a keyboard generate a key on the BlackBerry smartphone to be entered on the peripheral
  • All other peripherals display a key on both the BlackBerry smartphone in the peripheral and prompt for confirmation that the keys match

Support for Metadata via Bluetooth AVRCP – For Bluetooth peripherals that support AVRCP and can display song data this information will be sent from the BlackBerry smartphone to the associated peripheral.

notification-indicator Notification Indicators on Folders – Using BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0, any folders that contain applications that put a notification on the home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone show an indicator on the folder of the application. For example, in the image below BlackBerry® Messenger has a new notification present that is shown on both the top of the home screen and on the Instant Messaging folder where the BlackBerry Messenger application resides.

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  1. Hi Ronen,

    It looks like Flags only sync with BES. 🙁
    The Enhanced Google plugin lets you Star/Flag on BIS. 🙂

    — Robert.

  2. Surprised they didn’t mention Threaded SMS. My favourite feature, albeit not main, is the “hold down berry button” to switch applications.

  3. Finally! I have a separate Desktop messages folder. So, there are now icons for “Messages” – all messages, “Desktop” – my Lotus Notes messages, “*” – BIS email, “*” – carrier BB email. I wasn’t sure if this day would ever come. Nice work RIM.

  4. Question is have they fixed our pet peeve with the browser? Does word wrap in diaog boxes FINALLY work on something other than just the Tour? I’m installing .328 on my Storm right now so will find out soon enough I guess.

  5. AJAX and Gears support in the browser!
    I think that’s pretty big.

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