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Documents To Go v2.0 Released – Pay $29.99 to Upgrade?

documentstogo2Tom let us know that DataViz has upgraded their popular Documents To Go application to version 2.0. This version brings a number of new updates but it also brings a $29.99 upgrade fee for anybody who purchased version 1.0 for $70. I guess daring to editing documents on your BlackBerry is bound to hit your wallet.

What’s New in Version 2.0?

  • Desktop Application for File Synchronization
    Windows users can now easily sync files between their computer and device via USB cable. Once the files are set to sync, any edits made will automatically be transferred upon synchronization.
  • Enhanced PDF To Go
    Updated version introduces many new features including: find and copy text, save as, send via email, bookmarks and more!
  • Documents To Go Files
    Smartphone file browser where users can access and manage (delete, rename, copy and paste) all of their Microsoft Word, Excel PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and graphics in one centralized location.
  • Open Password Protected Office 2007 Files
    Open Microsoft Word and Excel (97-2007) files that are protected by a password.

Other Key Premium Features Include:

  • Create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Spell checking for word processing files
  • Advanced character, font and paragraph formatting
  • Sorting in spreadsheets
  • View and update charts in spreadsheets
  • Insert, duplicate and delete slides in presentations

Check out all the details at this link. So anybody running to purchase this update???

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  1. Is there no free version like for the previous versions? If there is we need an OTA link. I’ve tried but since I’m running OS 5.0 when I ask it to look for an update it isn’t sure what version I’m running. I am running version 1.008 that can with OS (8900)

    • A hog at 2.9 MB

    • Ok installed and working with free version, but homescreen icons are blank, just a standard rectangular icon. Fail! Likely an OS 5.0 issue, but Dataviz has to figure this out.

      • I don’t believe OS 5 is officially available yet is it? We typically don’t spend much time developing for beta/pre-released/leaked versions of an OS.

        DataViz, Inc.

        • OS v5.0 is no longer only “beta/pre-released/leaked”. VZW has “officially” released OS v5.0.0.328 for the Storm as of this morning. The Storm 2, to be released on 28 October by VZW, will also have OS v5.0.

          • I see! Crazy timing on that. We deliver versions of our Standard edition to RIM to bundle on devices or into ROM updates but we don’t get much info about when they’re hitting the market.

    • Downloading this version to a Storm running OS official the apps all three show up in the Downloads folder with generic icons and none of them will run. Each one gives an error about a java class starting.

      • I’ll look into this. Before the Storm, did you have a different BB (Curve, Bold, etc)? We have a version of DocsToGo for 4.5 and 4.6 devices, and we have a separate version for 4.7 and up like the Tour and Storm.

        The reason I ask is this error sounds like the type of error you would get if you installed the 4.5 or 4.6 version on a Storm.

        • I’m not sure what you’re asking me. I have a Storm 9530. It had DocsToGo 1.006 on it. I upgraded the device with the official OS from Verizon/RIM and it then had 1.008 on it. I clicked on the link to 2.00 that Nikolaus posted and it went through the install process without reporting any issues but as I said the three icons now show up as generic icons in the Downloads folder and none of them work.

          Yes I have also had a 8830 with OS 4.2 and then 4.2.2 and then 4.5 on it, but I don’t see what that has to do with this. I upgraded that line to a Tour 9630. That phone still has 1.006 and I haven’t tried upgrading it to 2.0 yet.

  2. That’s unbelievable. The app already costs $500, and you have to pay extra to upgrade. Even Beejive’s overpriced app allows free upgrades.

    • $500? I think someone took you for a ride 🙂

      Keep in mind you’re comparing an instant messaging app to a Microsoft Office file editing suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF support. It’s a very complex app and the price reflects that.

      Plus there’s a 30 day free trial. So you can try it before you spend the money. You’re not forced to upgrade; if its not for you, you can stick with what you already have!

      DataViz, Inc.

      • Yea, I was obviously exaggerating. I have the pro version of the 1.x, I just won’t be upgrading to the 2.0.

      • Does the new version support MS Office files created by applications other than “authentic MS Office” (e.g., Open Office or iWork)? In the past, DataViz has not supported files produced by these other compatible apps even though the files could be opened by MS Office as well as the built-in BlackBerry attachment service — IMO, this is an area that DataViz needs to improve Docs To Go.

        • Officially we only support files created with the Microsoft Office suite. However, I’ve heard customers report good and bad experiences with using other office suites and saving the files as MS files. If you use a different suite (OpenOffice, iWork, etc) the trial might be worth a shot, no promises though.

  3. Yeah seriously…they overcharge and now expect people to pay an upgrade fee? f them, people should avoid buying the premium edition to teach dataviz a lesson.

  4. Isn’t it interesting how out of sync things are sometimes with BlackBerry? Why does DocsToGo gives us a 1.008 upgrade in the official OS 5.0 released last night, and then today they offer 2.00x…??? After going through upgrading the OS, we have to go through ANOTHER upgrade to get the most recent DocsToGo. *FAIL*

    • @Jason (from DataViz): When will a Documents To Go v1.008 download be available for current v1.007 users? I have a compatibility issue between OS v4.7.1.57 (“official” Sprint/RIM release for 9630/Tour) and the “latest available” Slideshow To Go Premium (v1.007.042) — I can neither open an existing document nor create a new document with the 1.007. I am hoping that 1.008 will resolve my issue!

      • Actually, 1.007 users should be able to update all the way to 2.0 Standard Edition. We deliver builds to RIM on a regular basis and they choose what to include with what update so it doesn’t always jive with our direct releases. So if you have a device running 1.007 Standard Edition, you should be able to update to 2.0 Standard at no charge.

  5. Certainly not enough new features there to make me want to upgrade – particularly at that price. I’ll stick with the previous version.

  6. No contests for this one??? C’mon BerryReview!!!

  7. I tried upgrading the free version from 1.7 and it failed and lost the ICONS.

  8. Upgrade for an overpriced app? Fail!

    Really, who has a NEED to edit their word documents on their BB and synchronize back to the PC.

    The word “Premium” is already used as marketing hype everywhere else and is used to justify paying for already overpriced software.

    • I am on the road most of the day and I love that feature, I use MS word on my bb all the time. Very useful but definitely not for a user that does not depend on it, thats just my opinion. I don’t recommend some one that think they might use it to purchase it they do have a free trial after all.

  9. I am a v1.007 PREMIUM Edition user, but I am not convinced that the “enhancements” in v2.0 are worth the $30 upgrade charge. What I really need is a functional Slideshow To Go app — I am being told that there is a v1.x build pending (possibly v1.008?) That addresses my issue, but there is currently no way for me to download it!

  10. Jason – I bought the previous version for the PDF features but was very disappointed to find out that JBIG and J2000 compression is not supported. Almost all documents that come from Paperport use this – and if you hit the “reduce document size” or “optimize” in Acrobat, it gets used by default. So many PDF documents just showed up as a red X. Even though they worked perfectly fine in the native Blackberry document handler if received as an attachment.

    Are these formats now supported in v2? Is there a demo upgrade available to try out the v2 before buying the upgrade?

    • I’ve found the demo link but it won;t let me download at the moment.

      Also, for those that haven’t seen – if you are a registered owner already and log in, there is a limited time offer to buy the upgrade for $14.99.

      • Can you provide a link for that offer? I am only seeing $29.99 for the upgrade.

        • I see it when I open Docs to Go on my Blackberry and check for updates. It opens the browser and I followed through the link to purchase.

        • I have a feeling Jeff is seeing that offer based on when he purchased Premium Edition v. 1.

          Anyone who purchased Premium v. 1 within the last 30 days gets the upgrade to v. 2 Premium free.

          Anyone who purchased Premium v. 1 within the last 31-90 days gets the upgrade for half price, $14.99.

          If you fall into one of these groups, you should be getting an email within the next few days. Or you can just go to the website and the price should be reduced for you automatically.

          • Unfortunately, I purchased Documents To Go Premium more than 90 days ago. I never dreamed that DataViz would treat “upgrades” as a pseudo-subscription, especially given the price of the v1.x product. What a great (as well as effective) way for DataViz to alienate its customers!

          • I installed the update and it works with Adobe Acrobat ‘optimized’ PDF files but still gives the red X for files from PaperPort/Omnipage – again, they open fine using the Blackberry attachment handler just not with PDFToGo. Bummer.

          • @Jeff: It says something load and clear when the “build-in” RIM attachment service can open and display a more complete set of documents than the “Premium” 3rd-party app! DataViz has limitations on PDF files as well as MS Office files created by other apps, all of which can be opened by the default RIM viewer. 🙁

  11. @Tom: Many thanks for that 9530 2.0 link! Worked like a charm!

  12. This has to be one of the poorest excuses for an “upgrade” that I have seen for any application on any platform! To expand on this, I reported more than two weeks ago that Slideshow To Go 1.007 does not work with OS v4.7.1.53 and beyond on my 9630 (aka Tour). I go back and forth for more than a week with DataViz “customer service” (obviously a loosely used term) before that someone admits that there might be an issue. Now, I find out by accident that DataViz has had multiple “solutions” for some time: 1) Documents To Go 1.008 was bundled with OS v5.0 for the Storm — I “extracted” the installer files from the OS installation, and it indeed fixes the issue (but, of course, the DataViz Corporate line is that 1.008 is bundled only when, in fact, they just need to convert the .alx to a .jad in order to create an OTA installer); and Documents To Go 2.0 also fixes the issue for a $30 upgrade fee IN ADDITION TO THE $70 THAT I HAVE ALREADY PAID! (I have the option, of course to completely uninstall 1.007 (or 1.008), reboot [about 8 minutes], install 2.0 [3 MB download], reboot [another 8 minutes], and activate only Premium v1 features only to discover all of the unusable v2 features cluttering my menus!!!) Your organization really needs to get a clue! WTFO?!?

    A currently very dissatisfied customer

    • I love it when people rip you up and down and then cap it off with ‘respectfully’ 🙂

      Seriously though, I am truly sorry you’re having problems but I really think we’ve accounted for this and you’ll be able to work this out. Let me try to explain.

      First of all, when we find a bug, we prioritize it, fix it, and put it in the next release, which explains why 1.008 and 2.000 would fix your issue.

      We designed version 2.0 to accept your version 1 keys to activate your premium v. 1 features. So I THINK all you are going to need to do is install version 2 Standard Edition, and enter your version 1 activation key. Then you’ll still have all the features you purchased with premium edition v. 1 AND you’ll have all of the bug fixes that went into v. 2.

      As far as v. 1.008 is concerned, we had no idea when RIM was going to launch OS 5. Further, we just released v. 2 which EVERYONE is entitled to install (standard edition) so there should be no need for anyone to get 1.008.

      If you install v. 2.0, activate it with your premium 1 key and you still have this PPT issue, then we can talk further and get things worked out for you.

      Our company has been around for 25+ years but this is probably the single biggest upgrade we’ve ever had in terms of volume and requested features by customers that we’ve added. As much as we prepared there are of course going to be some situations where lines get crossed for the first week or two. We apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced and we’re making changes on our end every day to make the process of updating/upgrading/activating/supporting this application as smooth as possible. Thanks!

  13. And yet, still no support for OpenDocument Formats… Waste of time, if you ask me.

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