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BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 Service Pack 1 Released

desktopmanager5.0.1 Talk about a crazy day for RIM. Jason let me know that RIM has released BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 5.0.1 or 5.0 Service Pack 1 however you want to call it.

No idea what’s new in this software but maybe it adds better support for the OS 5.0 that was just officially released for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530…

Check it out at this link

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  1. Does it contain the IP Modem option that allows tethering??

  2. Strange. Going to from a 9530 just upgraded to OS 5.0 official it still offers

  3. I hope this update brings back BB Messenger. I update last night after receiving the message from Verizon. Since the udpate, no Messenger on my Storm….

    • You may have had BBM unchecked when you installed your OS. Make sure when upgrading to go to OPTIONS and make sure the box for BBM is checked. I’ve almost had BBM not installed a few times because for some reason this box was unchecked.

      • I checked and double checked and triple checked Nikolaus. There is for sure something wrong in the upgrade process from .148 with BBM 5.0 to OS 5.0. Nothing a visit to didn’t fix up quickly (and the contact restore function worked flawlessly), but a hassle nevertheless.

        I talked to a budy who was running .167 with BBM 5.0 and his BBM was gone too after upgrade to OS 5.0.

  4. Can’t download from anymore. Software download pages are down. I wanted to download again because I earlier downloaded the version for English with MediaManger, but XP says it is not a valid Win32 application. Something fishy here. Anyone else get that msg?

    • Wow it is back up, but now only gives you the option of Multi-language with media manger, whereas before you had 4 version choices.

    • I get this now Nikolaus:
      “The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
      The proxy server could not handle the request GET /Downloads/

      Reason: Error reading from remote server”

      That said, I checked my downloads folder and found I already have “BB DM 501_b025_english_nomediamanager.exe” which I downloaded from somewhere on 9/1/09. I hadn’t installed it because lame as it is I actually DO use the Roxio Media Manager some and this bundle didn’t have it. When I go to install it offers to install Blackberry Media Sync (which I DO NOT use) and remove Roxio Media Manager, so I aborted the install.

      When I go through the web site it offers me DM 5.0.0_b028_multilanguage with media manager (a 307MB download).

  5. It is back, link up and running again for Desktop Manager 5.0.1 B30 English – With Media Manager

    • Installing w/ no problems

    • Following the link above, found the 4 downloads (english only or multilanguage, with or without media manager).

      What is stupid (again) on RIM’s part is if you go their their web site by clicking on Support, then Software, then Desktop Software, then Desktop Manager for PC, you are offered “500_b028_multilanguage.exe” from July, NOT the SP1 most recent version. Come one RIM, you can get your web site straight, right?

  6. So i have downloaded the new os 5.0on my blackberry bold,,,,,and now i cant seem to get back the new bbm,,,,someone please help=[


  7. I do have a bbm, but I am trying to get the version back. I have the I have downloaded the new version, but i cant see it on my home screen.

    • So is the bbm version in 5.0 for the Bold? That’s weird.

      Anyway, go to that link I just provided. Download. During the download process you should be prompted a couple times to replace the app and replace some modules. In my experience if you don’t get those prompts something went wrong with the download and you need to try again. But I don’t have a Bold, I have a Tour and a Storm, so YMMV. And make sure after the download completes that you do a battery pull.

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