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Official OS From Verizon for BlackBerry 9530

Just as I finish posting the article about the leak version our Friend Todd sent us an email letting us know that Verizon has the OS for the storm 9530. You can pick up the file at this link Desktop download or fire up DM and install it from there.

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 25 21.22

ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 25 21.23

Let us know in the comments what fixes or problems you find. This is an official release but always make sure you do a backup of your settings and contacts before upgrading. By the looks of this other carriers are soon to follow and hopefully they start rolling out updates for other devices such as the 8900, and the Bold 9000 to name a few.

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  1. it seems a lot faster and i like the way they are doing texting but i cant find a music folder, and my contacts arent syncing right…

  2. i was hoping that 5.0 would be released for the tour too 🙁

  3. im a tmo user. i still get the no channel no circuit message…im sad my storm cant make calls so far. hate having tto switch back

    • Hey Cliff,

      I’m a tmo user too and I’m haveing the same problem. Did you get it resolved? I got RIM to escalate the problem. They said they would have some one get back in 24 to 48 hours. “ig Help”

      • Hi Yogi

        No i havent not been able to find anyone with a fix for this. Oddly enough my phone worked in another city, but where i live it wont. Again, just the calling doesnt work. So if RIM tells you anything helpful, please share!!!!

  4. First impressions:
    I installed to my 9530 running official MR2 ( I downloaded the 5.0 install package from the smithmicro Verizon site and installed it to my Win7 laptop. I also installed Desktop Manager 5.0.1. I did a full “apps” backup with BBSAK and a device backup with DM. I let DM go ahead and upgrade my device. The upgrade proceeded without errors and all my user data (contacts, settings, emails, etc.) appears to have been restored. The device is definitely more user friendly. Typing is vastly improved even with the auto-complete turned on.

    I will note that the install process failed to reinstall both App World and BBM 5.0. Luckily those were easy upgrades from and, and just as luckily the BBM 5.0 contact backup/restore function worked flawlessly and my BBM was all restored.

    Only a couple hours in but so far it’s working great. My main apps (Viigo News and WeatherBug) seem to not have any issues with this OS.

    • The upgrade process lost my google enhanced plugin.

      Good news is the word wrap in a web dialog box DOES work as well as it did in 4.7.1! That’s awesome for anyone without a Tour that has a 5.0 upgradable device.

  5. I love the new OS but im having an issue with my Themes now, anytime you go into landscape mode the background doesnt’ seem to be wide enough to fit the screen with two white bars on each side and the icons seem to blur when scrolled. the Default theme works just fine, its 3rd party themes that seem to be affected.

    • @Travis:
      Apparently ALL 3rd party themes are broken by OS 5.0 on Storm 9530.
      Workaround is on Crackberry but only holds until next reboot. Needs a RIM or Plazmic CDK fix and all themes are probably going to have to be remade.

  6. Everything is pretty good with the update but I’m having trouble with the bbm 5.0 I believe it is. I can only use the 4.7 bbm and want the 5.0 I been using anytime I try to install using desktop manager or app world it saids its installed but I can’t see. It no where on my folders or anything any ideas? Thx people.

  7. Everything is good except bbm 5.0 how do I find. It on my phone it saids its. Installed but I don’t see it any where on my fone any ideas? Thx peeps.

    • @mikey:
      From home screen, click BB button and select options. Click Theme Default, select Layout and Icon Arrangement and click Apply. BBM should then be found in your Instant Messaging folder.

      If it is not there I suspect the install did not go right. Install it from here: and make sure you select YES on all three “replace” prompts that come up on screen.

      Hope that helps.

      From my BlackBerry Tour…

  8. Thx that link u gave me worked like a charm u the best thx for da help again. Bbm 5.0 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. I am finding that emails received with supposedly clickable links the links are not clickable. I have a Yahoo address that I have set to deliver to both my Storm running 5.0 and my Tour running 4.7. Links in the emails that are easily clicked in the Tour are not clickable on the Storm. They have to be cut and pasted into browser. Its not just Yahoo either, other adresses coming to Storm are exhibiting the same problem.

  10. url link via e-mail is not clickable anymore after update. Verizon support gives you the run around about the isssue. They suggest that I wiped out my Blackberry and see if that will fix the issue. It’s like telling me after I built a computer with a new operating system, and if it didn’t work the first time, try it again and see if it works the second time around. That’s a bunch of BS. I would rather hear them say I don’t know how to fix it rather than offering me to waste my time.

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