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Hot ! Leaked OS v5.0.0.314 for Bold 9000 and Curve 8900

image-thumb1Agent 009 just sent us a link to OS v for the Bold and Curve 8900. I have not had time to install or test this one so let us know what you find in the comments section below.

You can pick it up from the links below:

8900 mirror link

9000 mirror link

8900 Curve:

9000 Bold:

Thanks Agent 009 for the tip and remember to keep ’em coming in guys and girls…

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Someone lemme know if this is more stable please.

  2. The link for the 8900 has a limit of 10 downloads which has already been reached… can anyone repost? Thanks!

  3. Link for Curve 8900 download =


    This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector’s Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

    This limit is reached.

    To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector’s Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector’s Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information.

  4. My buddy told me that is the best OS for Bold ever. fast with some new interface changes, waiting for screenshots now 🙂

  5. yea not working. only 10 times could be downloaded.

  6. if I could ever get the stupid rapidshare free download to work I’d test it for you

  7. Can we get a megaupload version for the 8900? Thanks!

  8. sorry guys, working on it.

  9. I have for my bold which is pretty stable except the phone will restart here and there…is this one more stable or should i not even waste my time?

  10. OS v on Bold 9000 on BIS

    + Removed all non standard apps, backed up
    + Installs ok
    + Data backed up and restored ok as part of installation
    + Facebook 1.7 installed and ok
    + OANDA currency converter installed and ok
    + Windows Live Messenger installed and ok
    + Viigo installed and ok

    No issues so far …

  11. Super fast OS so far, nice shaded highlights and buttons. Like it 😀

  12. My big question is will the GMAIL application work on it, it wouldnt work on ANY of the previous versions?


  13. + Google Apps dont seem to work …

  14. Does the T-Mobile 8900 need the browser fix? I though only AT&T 8900s need the browser fix. Can anyone post a link to the instructions for this?

  15. To install this OS, all I have to do is delete the vendor.xml file? Sorry guys, its been a while since I did a custom install.

  16. One think I like is the notification for SMS is orange on mine also new options under message inbox / options check out the pic

  17. is there anyway to load some of the bloat that at&t has after a leaked version? really like the CV feature.

  18. anyone have a mac link???????

  19. anyone about to get visual voice on this 5.0

  20. What carrier are you on? Tmobiles is not ready but I do have the icon on mine only att has it. Am on 8900 tmo

  21. No There’s that’s a 3rd party app

  22. I seem to be having problem installing the version for the 8900. I installed Desktop Manager 5.0.0 b028, installed the update file downloaded from here, deleted the vendor.xml, rebooted and then connected my blackberry. It detects that there is an update but when I look at the details for all the modules, they’re all exactly the same as the version already installed on my blackberry ( It only wish to install some language file I deleted before. Also, when I look at the user guide that comes when the update files, the front page says 4.6.1. Am I missing something?

  23. Its because DTM 5.0 is terrible.
    If you’re going to use any type of DTM for doing beta updates/reviving dead devices/support, use DTM 4.2 SP 2.
    However, first you will need to:
    1: uninstall current dtm
    2: go to for pc
    3: download usb and modem drivers v5.0
    4: download dtm 4.2SP2
    5: install usb and modem drivers FIRST
    6: install dtm 4.2SP2
    7: re-install the os on the computer and then delete vendor.xml
    8: reboot computer
    9: open dtm and update OS.

    • Thanks, I’ll give this a try!

    • It worked! Thanks a lot!

      • NP.
        The newer desktop managers are a PITA because of the “internet connectivity”. As mentioned above, you could disconnect the computer from the internet while updating, however, doing tech support for BlackBerry over the years, I always recommend people who are going to be doing any type of support, BETA OS’s, repair, etc. use the 4.2SP2. It has the ability to revive more JVM error and dead devices than the newer DTM’s. Unless you use something like BBMCP or BSAK.

  24. No links to download for Mac users?????

  25. So far everything has worked. Youmail, gmail app, google maps, kayak, poynt, ubertwitter, facebook. amazon, bbweather, bbmessenger5, weatherbug, tfln, crackberry app store, berry annoying, youversion bible, filescout, cointoss, genicious.

    I use busyman 1.0 Theme. It worked fine on .238 but now it’s all funky because of the changes to buttons and menus.

    We use a BES server, and for the first time ever, it automatically tried to activate my account after the upgrade, instead of me going to the BES server and generating an activation code and activating it manually. That was cool except it froze at 81%, and i had to cancel and do it the manual way and then it worked.

    Choosing a theme looks different.
    Buttons are sort of shaded gradient now.
    The Icons in your message list look like they might have changed to be more descriptive visually. Can’t remember how it was before.
    Set Alarm in clock looks better
    Music player looks like it might have some fading things that weren’t there before.
    That’s all I’ve noticed so far. Hopefully battery life is improved, the .283 was awful.

  26. Ummm…already three reboots 🙁

  27. how do i recover visual voicemail??

  28. My advice is, don’t bother. There are several issues and the extra utility is of marginal itnerest. Stick to a stable version of 4.6 (266 for Bold).

  29. has anyone had a problem sending text messages? please help really help
    sms stays in stand by… tried everything but nothing works? i even re-installed the whole thing please. help

  30. It seems to me that this is really quick, looks great (better than 5.0.0238) but the only thing I mentioned wat is in my opinion a kind of loss in efficiency:

    If I starting up my 9000 Bold with this new OS, it takes the phone a couple of seconds longer to connect with your provider (to be connected with the cellular network to make a call/send text)

    But besides that, it is a great OS without any problems so far!

  31. This OS keeps crashing on a bold using wifi, 3g and 3rp party apps like Viigo.
    Not a keeper. Hopefully 323 will get out before the end of the weekend 🙂

    • it’s weird how somethings it reacts different depending on devices sometimes it is cause by 3rd party apps and the os combine not playing nice. I haven’t had any issues with this one but I did with .238 on this one it actually fixed quite a few problems for me.

  32. No issues out of this OS for me yet. Very stable. Not locking up or flashing in messages/message menu. Media player works and not mysteriously stopping between songs.

  33. Im going to make WIPE via JLCommander and try to install OS again. The reason is that today my device restarting ~17 times!!! I dont know, maybe some junk from apps doing some konflickt’s?

    Oh, and this OS has’nt option to set up inbox combine/separate, copy contact to SIM card and some others.

  34. I am going back down to .238 as it started crashing and rebooting several times about two hours after installation.

    • It always makes me wonder if the way the device reacts to different OS has anything to do with the carriers too, since carriers have a bad habit of pushing out apps to the device without a way to permanently remove them, and sometimes those apps don’t play nicely. Only reason I say this is because am on tmobile and as far as i know they have yet to push an app to my device but my work at&t BB is on a BES account as well and they still push those crappy apps to my device and at times trying to close some of those apps it has caused a reboot.

  35. This is a nice version, again looks slightly different (more of a blue effect in Precision Silver than, but definitly faster.

    Why did they make the little “D” and “R” smaller in this version of BlackBerry Messenger that comes with 314…?

    Anyway, I found a torrent for this file, you can download on my blog here. Should make for faster downloads I would imagine.

  36. Nice and quick OS. This is my first 5.0

    However, few issues

    * battery drains VERY quickly
    * Alarm clock: when I try to set time for alarm clock, BB would hang and I have to do a battery pull

    Anyone else seeing similar issues? Other than that, its a great OS with great upgrades.

    • Yes battery drains very quickly, however could be because I have been using my 8900 non-stop since upgrading 🙂

      The only reboots I’ve had is when the USB cable is plugged in. If I unplug the cable boots normally. Only other issue is that Google Search App doesn’t show the icons for the Google Apps anymore, only GMaps. No more GMail, News, RSS, nothing! I hope Google/RIM fix that.

  37. Mini operas, 4.2 and 5 don’t work as they are supposed to on my Bold…5 beta doesn’t work at all by the way…. Bolt is my main browser now.

  38. I haven’t encountered any significant issues but did notice on the SMS app when the fonts are larger then 9pts the sent or recieved indiocator along with the time of the message are cut in half.

    Facebook 1.7 works fine
    BB Browser works fine. Listed several items with pictures on craigslist.
    BBM 5 works fine
    You Mail visual voice mail works fine
    Quick Pull Lite does NOT work
    some fonts in the BOLT browser appear garbled and cannot be read
    Beyond 411 wont work on any setting but BASIC
    GMAIL SMS threaded email plug in works fine

    Nice update. It seems like the guys at RIM are very busy prepping this OS.

  39. Have not had any rebooting at all all apps work for me, only thing I did notices was when the phone goes on stanby (when the screen light turns off) it takes longer to turn back on.

  40. I went from 4.6.x.x to this OS and need the browser fix…can anyone help me…thanks

  41. I believe that some one posted the link above on the comments

  42. For those of you having problems with reboots It seems this might help

    1. Backup your SD Micro memory card to a folder on your computer
    2. On the copy on your computer, delete all “BBThumbs.dat” files in all folders
    3. In your BlackBerry, REFORMAT your SD Micro Memory card.
    4. Copy your memory card contents from your computer back to the SD Micro memory card.

    If you’ve got internal memory, do the same for your 1 gigabyte of internal device memory. Although that really can’t be reformatted, you should be able to least delete the BBThumbs.dat files in this ‘memory’ too by accessing this in Mass Storage mode. Alternatively, you can temporarily set aside the memory card and use a different SD Micro card and reformat it.

    I suspect RIM must have improved their filesystem scanner speed, and there’s some stability bug in the filesystem scanner (and the .dat files appear to be some kind of fast thumbnail-index files on the memory card). It has happened before in varions versions of OS 4.6 likely because some optimized-performance thumbnails reader crashes when reading corrupted BBThumbs.dat files.

    Besides, starting afresh actually improves the thumbnails performance after the initial lengthy scan. Also, your BlackBerry may be slow for a few minutes while the scanner is regenerating the BBThumbs.dat files in the background. But then you’ll have a fast and stable BlackBerry afterwards.

    Anyway, it seems to stabilize at least one cause of random reboots.

  43. I updating my curve 8900 and now i cannot send sms text messages. i can recieve them and i can send and recieve mms but i cannot send sms. can someone help me please?

    • From BlackBerryOS:

      death1246 death1246 is offline

      Join Date: Oct 2009
      Device: Blackberry Curve 8900
      Posts: 8
      Rep Power: 1
      death1246 Regular
      Default [FIX] SMS Not Sending On OS
      [FIX] SMS Not Sending On OS

      Figured out how to fix the SMS Not Sending Problem

      Note: Not everyone may have this problem and probably only t-mobile customers are having it I dont know.

      Ok so here are the steps that I performed in order to fix the SMS Not sending problem. (I ran multiple tests and this was the only way i fixed it)


      Goto: Settings/Options/Advanced Options/ Host Routing Table and select to register

      Turn off Network Connections after it registered

      Now Hold alt and type l g l g ( Hold Alt + Tap L,G,L,G )

      Now select menu and clear the logs

      Final Step Do a Quick Pull (Let it Last atleast 30 Seconds to clear some flash memory)

      After Re-boot:

      Let the Device connect to the network leave it for about 30 seconds aswell then go ahead and start texting again.

      Please Leave Feedback If It Helped You

  44. I’m seeing my battery draining completely in about 6-8hrs having installed this update. Also seeing the black screen briefly when coming out of standby.

  45. Ok, after reading the list of upgrades I’ve been tempted to try the new 5.0 beta but have never done an upgrade via a .zip file before. I downloaded the .zip and see a gazillion files. How do I do this???! Hellllllllp.

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