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Giveaway: IM+ v8.3 All-In-One Messenger Released – 30 Free Copies

im SHAPE Services just updated their very popular IM+ All-In-One instant messenger recently to version 8.3. IM+ lets you connect to multiple popular instant messaging networks at the same time from one application aggregating your contacts from Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, Skype and more. The app usually carries a hefty $39.95 price tag but until Nov 22nd it is on sale for $27.95 which is a pretty good deal.

The new version brings:

  • Group chat in Skype
  • Speech Recognition subscription
  • User avatars
  • User interface improvements and bug fixes

Giveaway Details: SHAPE has kindly offered 30 free copies of IM+ All-In-One Messenger to readers who comment on this article. Just leave your name and a valid email address and if you are randomly selected you will win a free copy of IM+! Comments must be left before Oct 28th at 11:59PM EST to win and winners should hopefully be notified shortly thereafter. Only one comment per user will be accepted!

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  1. Woow! please! I want it!

  2. I’d love one of these.

  3. I’m in

  4. Wow. Two awesome contest in 1 day.

  5. I definitely want my name in this hat.

  6. I’d love this! :)

  7. Want one! 😛

  8. Yes Please! I would love a copy!

  9. Win one copy.

  10. im in

  11. Freakin sweet. Been looking for something that is all in one without having to pay a nice premium for it.

  12. Man I Love This Application!

  13. i would really love this, no i can use this. i use all the messengers pick me BR you run this

  14. Good luck everyone

  15. Pick me this would be such a big help!

  16. Man I hope I get a free copy.

  17. always wanted to try this!

  18. I want this app!!!!

  19. Oh man, I’d love to pick this up….

  20. Cool I need this

  21. I’d love to grab a copy if I can!!

  22. Hook me up!

  23. Yes please! I live by various IM clients for work and friends on other networks!

  24. Would love to have a copy

  25. ok, I’ll take it.

  26. I would love to win this. It would save me $40

  27. Very interested

  28. I’m in.

  29. Yesssss. Unified Messaging! Please put my name in the contest!

  30. I’m in too

  31. I need one, thanks

  32. Give me more ! 😀

  33. I always wanted to get this application but the price is just too expensive for me so hopefully I will get this giveaway.. as an early Xmas gift. Thanks! 😀

  34. I’m hurting for and all in one IM Client!

  35. yay!

  36. HELL YA! I would love to win a copy. Pretty Please! :)

  37. I’m in!!! :-)

  38. Thank you Shape and BR! Would love to win a copy.

  39. You have to choose me. I’m just joking.Good luck to everyone.

  40. Really really awesome application,this IM+ will really helps me a lot!!

  41. Sounds good!

  42. Sweet!!! Count me on this giveaway!!

  43. I have been SOOOO wanting a copy of this. can you please please pick me. If i have to pay for it my wife MIGHT divorce me since it is 30 bucks..

    Hummm…………wheres my wallet??

  44. This would be an excellent addition. Thank you for the opportunity.

  45. Matt

    Fantastic app this is!!! +1 for me please

  46. IM+ is a MUST HAVE app for any Blackberry user.

  47. Sweet, I’d love to get a copy! Thanks BerryReview!

  48. Thanks for a great giveaway! IM+ looks like an awesome program!

  49. I would love a free copy of this :)

  50. Wow! I never knew this was so expensive. Count me in!! It looks awesome, though.

  51. Yes, I am an addict. Why not take on one more reason to have the phone become a permanent appendage? Love it!!

  52. Would love to have this app.

  53. looks very good

  54. sweet program i would love this copy.

  55. love to get a copy

    Used their enterprise version of IM+, miss it ever since….

  56. Man I would love a copy of this app. I have only heard good things about it.

  57. I would never pay for this, especially with Instango being free. But I’d take it for free :-)

  58. I would love to win!

  59. that would work good on my 9630

  60. I would Love this app!!!

  61. In the utter lack of anything from Skype, this is your best best.
    Free, however, is even a better bet :)

  62. Oh I will go mad….IM+ awesome deal!!! I want one! Wow! my email is [webchetan at yahoo dot com]

    Thank you!

  63. This would just be sweet!

  64. Used their 30 day trial this summer and loved it, just never ponied up for the full version.

  65. Thanks for the contest.

  66. Thanks for the op.


  67. Would be wonderful. Thanks.

  68. Nice, always liked the IM+ app

  69. great thing to have for free can do with a copy

  70. good giveaway. i want one :)

  71. Here’s my entry. Good luck everybody!

  72. Count me in!

  73. Ok, I think out of all the apps that I’m currently coveting, I really want this one.

    This would be such a great thing to win!!!

  74. I will like to have this great application

  75. Be able to chat on Skype!! This is something that we are looking for… Excelent application to my BB!

  76. Count me in

  77. I’d love a copy, but I don’t feel comfortable posting my e-mail address.

  78. I would LOVE to win a copy of this! I am using it on a trial basis right now, but I don’t have $40 to pay to get the full thing!

  79. Beejive has gone to pot! I’m ready to try something new!

  80. I would love and app like this. I NEED it

  81. thanks man from venezuela

  82. This is one app I’ve been wanting badly for the longest time. I’ve been using instant messaging quite a bit lately (Windows Live, Yahoo!, Google Talk) and I hate switching windows back and forth. IM+ seems to be the best out of a bunch of IM apps out there, but I couldn’t justify spending forty bucks.
    Today my horoscope read “Look at the way you are. Things are going so well today you’re just waiting for them to fall apart. Relax, it’s not in the stars, and besides, when things are moving in a positive motion it is easier to keep it going than have to start from scratch.”
    To me that translates into “Today you will enter a contest for a free copy of IM+ on and win it!”


  83. Wow, looks excellent yes i would free copy please

  84. I MUST have it! Hope I win!

  85. This would be awesome to have!! Thanks for all the great contests!!!


  86. Ooooh I’m in! I IM waaaay too much not to be able to appreciate such a fine app.

  87. I loveeeee this app!!! New version is great, I’d love a copy!

  88. Tried this on a friends phone and liked it just can’t afford to pay $40!!! Nonetheless great app!!

  89. C’mon! Please pick me! 😉

  90. i would love to be the winner of this contest!

  91. great app, would love a copy to connect to my jabber server at work and stay on google talk for personal usage, otherwise on of the best all-in-one IM apps out there, a bit pricy, but still one of the best and most stable.

  92. i would love to win this contest!

  93. In for the win! 😀

  94. sweet, need one! used instango but it just stopped working one day. no customer service support whatsoever!

  95. Would like very much!

  96. oh man oh man

    i would love to win one

    thank you BR

  97. I would love to use an all-in-one messaging client..

  98. oh man oh man

    i would love to win one

    thank you BR…

  99. One free copy for me, please :-)

  100. I tried the trial version of IM+ on my Blackberry… I WANT IT!!!!

  101. I suuuure would love to get my hands on a copy, i use all of those IM services.

    Thank you BR, in advance 😉

  102. Sounds like a nice program. Thanks!!

  103. Sweet. Count me in.

  104. would love this! thanks Berry Review!

  105. I love IM+ and have trialed it from version 2 but unfortunately have not been in a position to purchase the software. It by far the best IM program available for the BB and i would love a copy for my Bold.

  106. Hooooooooray for awesome app

  107. I’d love this

  108. Thanks, hope i win!

  109. I would so use this app if I won a copy! I want to be a winner?

  110. would dig a free copy!!!

  111. I hope…

  112. I’ve heard this is a great application. I would love to consolidate my chat applications with this badboy…

  113. Sweet program.

  114. I would love to win this contest. I have limited memory on my BB and to have one program that will connect me to all my IM’s would be great. Please pick me, pick me!

  115. I’d love to win. Thanks for hosting the contest!

  116. I feel like a winner!

  117. I’d love to win this.

  118. I hope I win this! If I win it, my son can call me on Skype!

  119. This is a pretty decent application. I have thought about buying it many times over but never could afford it. Its so much nicer to have all the messengers together in one application rather than multiple applications. It also never lagged my now aged bb 8330 curve. I would reccomend this to anyone that had the dead presidents.

  120. I want this!

  121. I’ve been wondering about this and how it will work for me… Count me in!

  122. Me please!

  123. A great program!! i really hope to win 😛

  124. I tried this out once before back in my 7100i days. It would come in handy now.

  125. i want a copy!

  126. Would love to get FB chat on my BB!!

  127. This is the best IM+ for BlackBerry and would love a copy!!

  128. I would love to win this!

  129. Currently using Beejive, but would love to take the competition for a spin.

  130. This would be great

  131. Please….Please….I’d love to have a copy.

  132. Very nice. I dont have any 3rd party IM client. I would love to win this. I heard alot of good reviews on it.

  133. This would be nice. One app to cover 6. Thats 6 less icons to worry about.

  134. Give meeee plss~
    Need need muchhhh…

  135. sweet – is it facebook chat integrated directly in, or just contacts?

  136. OMG. This is my Dream Program if I could afford it!

  137. Muchas Gracias, Thank you very Much, Berry Review,
    Por esta oportunidad de permitir la prueba de este Messenger IM+. He probado muchísimas alternativas, desde gratis (Palringo, Nimbuzz, Mig33, the best) y de pago (Jivetalk) pero siempre terminan tenoendo inestabilidad y drenan la batería muy rápido.
    Este messenger que ustedes ofrecen tiene muy buenos comentarios. Espero ganar una copia para probarlo y usarlo siempre.
    Saludos desde Venezuela.

  138. I would love to win!

  139. I’d like this app.

  140. Sign me up for giveaway

  141. i hope i win

  142. Great giveaway. Hopefully I win a license :)

  143. Pick me! Pick me!

  144. I will love to win this great app, i hope to have good luck this time. Thanks BerryReview for this great contest. Also good luck to all

  145. Been drooling over IM+. Woot!

  146. Please give me free copy for this one…

  147. Sorry if ths is a double post cos I don’t remember myself commenting for ths contest. I want ths BAD! :)

  148. This is simply the best IM app for the blackberry. I hope I am lucky enough to win a copy.

  149. I thought BeeJive was the best IM application, I was wrong. IM+ All in One Messenger is the BEST. IM+ lets you connect to multiple popular instant messaging networks at the same time from one application aggregating your contacts from Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, Skype and more. BeeJive can’t do that…

  150. best IM app!

  151. PICK ME!

  152. I would love to win.

  153. I love this app n hopefully can win a free copy :-)

  154. I would like a copy!!!

  155. Whee..! this thing’s really handy! one app for subtituting all other messenger apps!

  156. I could use this.

  157. Hey, would love to have this app on my device!

  158. me wants one plzzzzz =)

  159. WOW,so cool!pik me pik me !

  160. Would love a free copy.

  161. Wow, this seems to be an awesome application! I would love to be able to run it on my Tour!

  162. This could be my lucky day.

  163. Now this is a great app to have.
    I would love to win, don’t really want to depend on iSkoot for skyping…

  164. Would you please leave me a IM+ copy??
    Very appreciate :]

  165. I have downloaded the trial and used for 7 days It is awesome but too expensive. Love to win one.

  166. Never tried this app. Would like to win this one!

  167. The Best all in 1 messenger for blackberry

  168. Me.

    I’d sooooo love this app

  169. wohoo come on SHAPE, give me one.
    need it for facebook and skype

  170. I love IM+,hope I win

  171. simply awesome!!!!!!

  172. Yes I need this!

  173. I need this! Badly.

  174. Very useful application. For sure it will make life easier. Please 1 copy for me !!

  175. can’t wait!! 😀

  176. this is a great app would love to have a full version.

  177. Oh Please! Please let me win this! I have been searching for so long for a good IM client as I’m always on Y!, AIM, and GTalk and Fuze Messenger just doesn’t work! Instango is useless and P something is another useless one! Please let me win this! This will be great – $40 is too much for a college kid with no job :(
    Thanks so much for offering!

  178. Wow! Thanks so much for offering this! I’d love to win this badly! Not only do I need it but I want it!

  179. Omg I’ve bee eyeballing this for weeks plzz pick me 😀

  180. I would love this app…!!

  181. I need this one, too

  182. Awesome giveaway!

  183. please i want to win

  184. hi please can i win this cool app

  185. well..all giveaway from are coolz
    hope this cool applz can be mine hehehehe…
    thanks for the opportunities

  186. I hate this program! To win a free copy would suck! Please don’t pick me! (Reverse psychology works….right?)

  187. It would be like awesome or something if I won this jiggamathing for my übercool blackamathing. That is all

  188. Maybe this time is the good time

  189. It’s Christmastime in BerryReview!!!

    Of course, I LOVE IT :)

  190. On BerryReview we find always present very suprised

  191. nice giveaway!

    common send it to Barcelona!!!

  192. i want it, thanks

  193. Wow this is so cool. This app is the best of all IM it includes Facebook chat and thats hot is the only way you can use your facebook chat. I really want this app…

  194. Please, give-me one copy!!

  195. I’m in!

  196. I love this soft but I am not lucky man in this game. :(

  197. Choose me! I really want this =D

  198. Plenty of stability problems! Skype is constantly disconnected.

  199. I like that!
    Thank you!

  200. will love to have this

  201. Wow, tha sounds great.

  202. I like that app!

  203. Count me in. I would love to win this.

  204. this is a good one!

  205. Cool application. I got one for my Storm. It would be excellent to get another one for my wife’s Jave.


  206. I so want this! thanks for the opportunity …. *fingers crossed*

  207. I would love to win this great app

  208. This is the IM app to beat :)

  209. how about changing those “windows vista”ish looks.. or at least revamping the im+ logo.. its kinda out of date.

    @berryreview : “tab” stroke after name field in comment doesnt go directly to email field, but to search field (in the top of the page)

  210. Oh man!!
    Count me on please!!
    Really love this app.. 😀

  211. Giveaway: kewl, pick me *yawn*

  212. Fingers crossed right now

  213. Pick me! Pick me!

  214. Free is good!

  215. Great! Pick me. :)

  216. Thanks for the Giveaway-Opportunity. I hope I can get one!

  217. I love your PRODUCT used it in trail and I LOVE IT. I would love it even more if I could win a free copy

  218. FaceBook chat? I didn’t realize there was a crackberry client for that. Can I has? KTHXBAI

  219. I hope is winner

  220. this very good software

  221. I’d love to win this! Pretty please?

  222. Yes, please

  223. I would love to win!!!!!

  224. I hope I win! That would be awesome. IM+ is too expensive for my tastes otherwise.

  225. Instant messengers are spiffy!

  226. I’d Like This App

  227. I have a few of Shape Services programs (except this one) and enjoy
    them all. Would really like to add this one also….

  228. very interested !

  229. What a cool program. Makes my BlackBerry even better…..

  230. Sweet!

  231. I really hope to get picked this time!!!

  232. would love a copy of a full function chat… palringo and instango are kind of goofy sometimes with their limits

  233. My Life, My Gadget, Live it…….

  234. this looks cool

  235. Forget your native YM, MSN, ICQ, GTalk and get FB chat for IM+

  236. love to have this

  237. this looks cool

  238. This is da best of the best IM client. Advance ahead by mile!

  239. Oh man I hope I win this!

  240. I still havent found a decent messenger app for my BB so I’m really interested.

  241. I hope i can win this usefull app

  242. would love to try this!!!

  243. I would love to have this app please!!!

  244. I’m interested also

  245. When did they integrate skype into IM+? that’s all I am missing on my BB. Skype chat.

  246. I’ve been looking forward to this update.

  247. The program would help so much with chatting!

  248. I have tried many other IM’s and this is the best!!

  249. Pretty expensive.

  250. Thanks for the giveaway

  251. Oh wow this is a great giveaway! My son has always been bothering me for an IM app and finally I can provide him with one without holes in my wallet! I hope I win!

  252. Would love to get a license.. Thanks!

  253. Great app! first time to comment, so hopefully first time’s a charm! :-)

  254. This app is def something I need!!!

  255. Sounds like a really worth while upgrade!!

  256. This looks like a very nice piece of app. It would be great if I could have it and make recommendations to my friends. Thank you.

  257. makes my blackBerry even better…..

  258. I would love to use this product !!!

  259. looking great :)

  260. This looks way better than any all in one i’ve seen before.

  261. been using IM+ since i can remember. realli love it.

  262. Pick ME! would love to try this out :)

  263. I’d love to have IM installed on my BB :)

  264. IM iz a real cool app, jst a lil’ expensive tho. hope I get this free app.

  265. Nice!

  266. can be used to facebook chat…this is what i need….give me free copy now…please…oh luck..please come to me….LOL

  267. Please I want it now!! :)

  268. Awesome! I’ve always wanted to try this out, plus it has facebook chat!

  269. Oh this is one great giveaway! I need this for my wife back in Spain… would love to have.

  270. Pretty impressive give away here.


  271. Best giveaway around!!! Very nice contest

  272. It would be great if I get this.

  273. This would be really cool giveaway to win.

  274. really love this one… multi-super messenger!

  275. Wow, they all come out of the woodwork and post when there’s a giveaway!

  276. Very Cool :)

  277. Another fantastic giveaway by BerryReview! Thanks to SHAPE Services and BR for making this happen! :thumbs up:

  278. thanks for this giveaway, great! i need it to communicate with other. thanks!

  279. I would love to get a free copy of this. It’s a great app!!!

  280. Oh yeah 😉 I need this so awesome app to communicate with all the chicks I met at my new town. w00t. Hook me up!

  281. Nice giveaway. I need it to keep online on my facebook account. Count me in!! :p

  282. Nice! Looking forward to a chance at this baby.!

  283. I love this soft, it’s excellent soft

  284. thanks guys, i really appreciate all SHAPE’S Amazing products.

  285. Great giveaway!!! Love to get a free copy…

  286. Best product, and best giveaway..

  287. good luck everyone! IM+ looks pretty sweet!

  288. Have been trialing for a while now, (after having ditched Beejive)… I Love it…!! Would love to get a copy…

  289. Sounds great. I would love to get one.

  290. I’d love a copy! :)

  291. I’m in!

  292. I use instant messaging a lot in my small business. This client would meet my needs but in this economy, I need to conserve as much ($$) as possible even though I use the BB extensively as a communications tool.

    Would greatly appreciate a free copy of this most useful program. Thanks in advance.

  293. I have heard that IM+ is the best all in one messenger app,and I want to have a try

  294. Looks like a great app.

  295. i been meaning to get this app! maybe now i can get it for free 😀

  296. Please may I have a copy? :)

  297. ftw!

  298. Great App, I would love a free copy :-D!!


  300. This is what we waiting for, nice application. I love it.

  301. Sweet! One nice contest after another. Could use this mostly to talk to family over skype down in Europe. Cheaper than texting! Even more, it has facebook!!

  302. IM+ is THE messaging application. Ok excluding BB Messenger… and maybe E-Mail… and maybe SMS… and maybe MMS…
    But I still want one 😀

  303. Great Applications!!!!! I want a copy because a used a several IM

  304. Oh wow I’m here justbefore this expires! Yay! Give me one please? I’d love to have this! 😀
    Thank you so so so much for offering – man if I win this would be a great great gift for me (my birthday is this sunday!)

  305. IM+ Ffw!!!

  306. Great app!

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