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Giveaway: AddOnis & Profiler Pro Integrated – 20 Copies of Both!

addonis Its not a crazy tight integration but I think it is definitely worth mention. Twinkler Software worked together with ToySoft to integrate both of their applications so they speak to each other. That really gets the geek inside me all warm and fuzzy.

This is a logical integration is because any app that puts your BlackBerry into standby mode would not allow any automated profile switching app to work. Twinkler added a small API that lets Profiler Pro speak to AddOnis and take the device out of standby so that Profiler can switch the profile and then return the device to standby.

This works for OS 4.5+ versions of AddOnis over version 1.2.8 but the latest version of Profiler Pro which requires OS 4.6+. The integration/upgrade is free for current users which is nice. Twinkler and ToySoft will be also creating bundles of both apps together. In honor of this latest collaborative effort both AddOnis and Profiler Pro have been put on sale for 20% off until this Sunday. Check out AddOnis at this link and Profiler Pro at this link.

As I said this is nothing groundbreaking other than a perfect example of two BlackBerry developers working together to make their apps even better! I think this kind of collaboration is essential especially for future applications that will hopefully feature even more integration.

Giveaway Details: ToySoft & Twinkler Software have kindly offered 20 free copies of BOTH Profiler Pro AND AddOnis to readers who comment on this article. Just leave your name and a valid email address in the email field and if you are randomly selected you will win a free copy of BOTH Profiler Pro AND AddOnis! Comments must be left before Oct 28th at 11:59PM EST to win and winners should hopefully be notified shortly thereafter. Only one comment per user will be accepted!

Don’t forget to check out the 20% sale on both AddOnis and Profiler until this Sunday – AddOnis at this link and Profiler Pro at this link.

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  1. AddOnis looks like a great app… Been very interested in trying it out for some time.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Cool I’m in on this

  3. Hey addonis is an interestin program….. wanna give it a shot…..

  4. One big step for both apps, and my berry :)

    One for me please.

    Mabuhay Twinkler software and ToySoft!

  5. Great contest!

  6. Pick me please.

  7. Profiler Pro is the ultimate app I REALLY could use this – it would really help me when attending school board meetings and other events as well as not having to remember to change profile when arriving and leaving work!! PLEASE PLEASE pick me!

  8. Sound great. Thanks

  9. Its a realy nice app!!Cant do without it!!

  10. Superb to see this happening within the community and well done to the two of them getting together… Nice one guys…

  11. This looks to be an amazing combo

  12. it`s a great Contest, and i hope you pick me :)

  13. Oh my lord…I love the AddOnIs app!! and Profiler Pro…wow…what a good news from Twinkler and Toysoft…early in the morning….I am in for the lucky draw…rest is up to God if I get selected….

    AddOnIs + ProfilerPro = AddProfilerOnIs 😉 = MAGIC!!! :)

  14. Great, thank

  15. Hook. It. Up!

  16. pick me pick me

  17. Me….me!!!

  18. Need a package

  19. Addonis is the best app to have, period! Why I know this? Because I’ve been using it since the first beta! Now I just need Profilerpro to pack more punch on my BlackBerry! Heck I even need one more Addonis for my spare BlackBerry! Cheers for Twinkler and Toy Soft who’ve made such great apps and taken extra effort to make it integrate seamlessly!

  20. I would love to have the software

  21. I would love free copies of Addonis and Profiler Pro. I have tried Addonis I just have not come up with the $$$ yet. This is great, maybe I can win the programs instead of buying them, Yipeee.
    If you have not tried Addonis you should, they have a very nice free trial.

  22. Looks sweet, I’d love to win both of these!

  23. I am still using the old version of Berry AddOn and I Love it. An update would be nice!

  24. Would be really useful to have!

  25. woww cool

  26. I’d like to try out this software because it sounds like it would be of great use to me.

  27. Would love to have these.

  28. This looks like an awsome app. with a busy life: Office, school, Libary studies, and lot more….it hard to remember to change the profile.

    this app looks like it will make life just a little bit easier.

  29. I’d love to win this

  30. I test addonis, is great

  31. That profiler app sounds awsome .. I would love a copy

  32. Please select me :)

  33. woohoooo

    hope i win XD

  34. WOW and WOW! Me want! Me want! Pick me.

  35. I am new to Blackberry so this looks really good.

  36. This looks awesome

  37. those 2 cool applz are very useful ..
    hope can win it

  38. I had won Addonis but never received my code, etc. so here’s hoping to better luck this time. Looks like a great app and I’d love to try it!

  39. Both of these apps look very nice.

  40. sounds cool!

  41. It’s a TWO-FER! WOO HOO!

  42. Please put my name in the hat.

  43. i can’t resist this giveaway so I try my luck. Two cool applications!

  44. I want this!

  45. Wow, two great apps working in conjunction with each other….great!

  46. great giveaaway!

  47. Two Applications! Me please!

  48. Thanks for another giveaway. 2 more great apps that are available.

  49. Would love to have both of these.

  50. Its a realy nice app!!Cant do without it!!

  51. Christmas has come early this year. Thank you You guys are the best, no matter what other websites said.

  52. would love this

  53. Would love to win a copy, thank you!

  54. I’d Like This!

  55. I like that app!

  56. I’m in!!! :-)

  57. I would love to win this! I was using the Addonis when it was still in beta, and I miss it!

  58. Here’s my entry.

  59. This would be fantastic

  60. would love to win this

  61. These are both great programs and I’d love to win them!

  62. Integration rocks…would love to try integrating profile with addonis. Thanks!!!

  63. Sign me up!

  64. Can someone explain the difference between profiler pro and profiler? Same developer, same price, same feature list (near as I can tell). Only the pro version mentions integration with addonis

  65. These tools are very handy. Niche


  66. Oh my god..oh my god!!!
    Pick me please!!
    I really love both of them..
    They are so awesome!! 😀

  67. ProfilerPro would be so much better than forgetting to change my profile while at work and getting phone calls and texts all at the same time. 😉

  68. I would love to try this program. Just what I was looking for so pick me please. :-)

  69. I really hope I win this. I was the beta tester and they refused to send me my free license :(
    Argh! But thanks for offering. Truly hoping to win this!

  70. sweet!

  71. I’d like to win!

  72. i would LOVE to win!!! both apps sound great :)

  73. I bought AddOnis and love it. However, I would love to get my hands on Profiler Pro to check it out also.

  74. Great software!

  75. Please pick lil ol meeee. I hella need this prog =)

  76. Freakin sweet!! Nice that they both get along now. AddOnis and Profiler are both great apps in their own right, now they just get along better.

  77. Count me in :)

  78. My God I need those… Please count me, Those apps are really usefull. Thank you.

  79. Count me in

  80. Great giveaway… Really help me a lot if I win..

  81. I’m in. I would really like to have both software. Because I can’t buy it online :(

  82. I would love to win!

  83. I’m currently testing the AddOnis app and I must say it’s excellent. I really like the call blocking feature and it also logs all of your calls to the calendar if you wish so. Very pleased

  84. I will love to have these applications as 2007+ is an era of automation and blackberry is such a great handheld device. These apps complement the blackberry purpose and will help me improve my efficiency a lot.

  85. These apps will be so nice to have. I would love it

  86. These two apps are must-have’s for any BlackBerry poweruser out there. I like how two top developers have teamed up to make two awesome apps that much better, and therefore making the BlackBerry experience that much enjoyable.

    Thanks in advance Twinkler, ToySoft and BerryReview 😉

  87. LOVE AddOnis!!! I’m still rocking BerryAddOn and would love a copy of this!!! I’m too poor to buy :-( BUT I will promote it to death!

  88. Things are getting better and better by the day… Great to see some of the developers working together to seamlessly integrate their apps for the community as a whole!

    Thanks to Twinkler, ToySoft and BerryReview! :)

  89. I’d really love to win these apps.

  90. Winning these apps would make me feel BERRY good. Thank you.

  91. I would love a copy of these apps, thanks in advance for the opportunity to win finally!

  92. Thes two will fit in very nicely.

  93. i hope i win!

  94. Wow another great contest, Thanks BerryReview

  95. I really want a copy!!!

  96. Comeon!! I din get it the last time! I have been testing it from its beta stage to now!!

  97. I hope I will 1 in 20 Winner a Addonis’ free copy

  98. Hell Yeah!!!
    I want!!!
    Name: Arun

  99. hope …

  100. Beta tested this software works really well. I would love to win this.

  101. Wow would like to win these usefull programs!!!!

  102. Great! Thanks!

  103. wow. Pick me, please! Thank you!

  104. I almost bought a profile switcher about a month ago. I looked all over, but couldn’t find one to change profiles when holstered. Will this one be able to? If so, I think I needz it.

  105. yes give me on :)

  106. very interested !

  107. My entry… Thanks!

  108. Had the trial of AddOnis (when it was BerryAddOn) and it was a useful app.

  109. great app. am a beta tester

  110. profiler sounds cool

  111. cool app. hope i get a free copy so i can test run it. sweeeeeeet!!!!!

  112. Would be nice to win! :)

  113. Off course I want it.

  114. Awesome! I have been following AddOnis and Profiler Pro for quite some time and I love love a chance to win them or at least one of them! =]

    My email is

    Thanks for the opportunity ToySoft & Twinkler Software, and BerryReview!


  115. Very nice program!

  116. maybe I will winner 😀


  118. Cool app. Would love to try this new update.

  119. have i overshot the dateline? lol

  120. Getting in under the wire for good apps.

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