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Create & Send MMS Multimedia Slideshows…

BlackBerry_mms I have to confess and say that I have NEVER sent an MMS message from my BlackBerry. I got turned off from MMS back when it first came out since AT&T charged more for MMS messages and they only worked between phones on the same carrier. Now it seems like MMS has really gotten broad acceptance but with email being free I never saw the point…

Still DavidB let me know that Al wrote up a great article on how to send some cool slideshow MMS messages from your BlackBerry with transitions, audio, video, & pictures. They look pretty cool but I doubt I will ever use them. Still if you have contacts that do not have BlackBerrys or smartphones (Anybody?) it may be a cool and expensive way to communicate with them! 🙂

Check out the great walkthrough Al wrote up on and let me know what you think. I am curious as to how many people actually send MMS messages from their BlackBerry… Let me know if you do!

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  1. I actually use MMS a hell of a lot more than I do SMS. The reason is very simple. I am on Verizon and being a CDMA network, I am limited to 160 characters. My messages may be a tad verbose and I’m not going to send a few minutes trying to figure out what I can do to eliminate/consolidate parts of the message.

    As far as pricing…I pay $96.00/month on average for my BlackBerry with 450 minutes and their unlimited data & messaging stuff.. So, like I said….it actually makes more sense for me to use MMS over SMS even for entirely text based messages. I know there are several ways around the 160 character limit. I’ve tried quite a few. I find them to be either a pain in the ass or an extra unnecessary step when I could just easily send an MMS…

    I am on your side with the e-mail preference. I send e-mail every chance I get. Its the most reliable and I can easily keep every correspondence for years.. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of personal contacts with e-mail capable phones…or if their phone is capable, they choose not to pay for the service preferring an unlimited sms/mms package..

  2. I would like to try mms, but sadly Telus blocks all blackerry from using MMS! I hope this will change in the future?

  3. I send as in fwd to ppl. I usually get from friends, but I never knew how to create or where to get mms. So this could be fun for me. I will chk out the site, thanks.

    • bring up a contact, hit your BB button and select MMS! Its that simple. You can simply make it a text only message or you can add photo(s), video, etc….

  4. I don’t use SMS and strictly only use MMS. BBM is MMS for crying out loud. Take a picture, menu, send to contact, boom… MMS. See a neat website, menu, send to contact boom… MMS. How do you avoid using MMS?

  5. Most of my friends own smartphones, mostly BlackBerrys, so I never use MMS, and those who don’t have a smartphone very rarely use the service.

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