Review: MotoRokr EQ5 Wireless Speaker

IMG_7301MotoRokr EQ5 Wireless Speaker
[Rating: 8.0]
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Summary: The MotorRokr wireless speakers are best described as a really good bluetooth speakerphone that can also play music. The EQ5 is the size of a Blackberry Curve (phone I used to test it) which makes it an ideal companion. Pairing is fairly easy, the other side could hear me just fine, and I could hear the other speaker loud and clear. You can also stream music from your Blackberry to the EQ5. With the size of the EQ5 you can’t really expect much in the bass department. The music is very reliable and clear, just missing any semblance of bass.

Setup: Pairing was relatively easy and straightforward, like many motorola products. If no paired device is available when you turn it on, it automatically goes into pairing mode. The EQ5 uses a micro USB port for power so you don’t have to worry about yet another charger in your collection.

Call Quality: I made a few test calls with the EQ5 and it sounded good, like a good speakerphone. The listener told me that they could hear me like I was on a good speakerphone. The speaker quality was great though, making the caller seem just as loud as if I were holding the Blackberry to my ear.

Music Quality: Put simply, there is absolutely no bass. If that is ok with you, then the EQ5 can really meet your mobile music needs. However, if you are on the go and are using the EQ5 as your portable speakerphone, then the added feature of bluetooth stereo music is really an added bonus.

Controls: There is an easy phone button on top of the EQ5 for answering and ending calls. On the front face there are volume higher and lower buttons towards the top of the unit that work to adjust the volume for both phone calls and music playback. Towards the bottom of the face there are music controls–back, play/pause, and forward. The controls are all flush on the unit, keeping the shape simple and sleek for carrying in a pocket.

Conclusion: If you are a mobile business person who needs to have conference calls on the road, the EQ5 might be your perfect solution. If you just want a speakerphone as your handfree solution in situations where you just can’t hold a phone and you don’t want something in your ear, the EQ5 may once again be your solution. If so, the added bonus of stereo music playback is quite a big bonus feature, giving you a stereo that fits in your pocket.

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