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Giveaway: Share Your Best AutoText Shortcuts! TEN $10 Bplay Gift Cards!

AutoText_Contest Stranders sent us a tip reminding me about the power of BlackBerry AutoText shortcuts. In case you don’t know AutoText is the cool little text shortcuts on a BlackBerry that convert certain characters into longer strings. For example I have the letters atb automatically convert into All the best, Ronen for my signature. It also lets you do nifty things like automatically convert att to AT&T to make typing easier.

You can even use it to get super lazy and convert the first letters of your name like ro to convert to Ronen which saves you a little time. I know I have one that converts nbr to my phone number and adrs to my shipping address.

So in the spirit of sharing and fun I decided to make a contest out of this. All you need to do is leave a comment on this article with your best AutoText shortcuts and you will be automatically entered to win. The prizes available are TEN $10 Bplay Gift Cards kindly provided by the amazing team over at Bplay. Multiple comment submissions are totally allowed but only one prize will go to each user. Submissions will be judged based on usefulness and the submission deadline is October 29th at 11:59 PM EST.

NOTE: In case you don’t know you can find and setup AutoText shortcuts on your BlackBerry by going to Options->AutoText.

Don’t forget to check out Bplay’s website for the best themes & games available for the BlackBerry!

Good luck!

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  1. On mine, snowm makes ☃

    You never know when you’ll need a snowman mid convo 🙂

  2. I always use this one when people ask me what is up…

    dzz = deeezzzzNUTS!!!

  3. iirc = if i remember correctly

    iinm = if i’m not mistaken

    otra = on the road again

    hnk = hugs and kisses

    The 1st two are to avoid the inevitable “wtf” when used.
    The last two are to avoid unnecessary typing.

  4. DIWYR= do it with your risk

  5. who the hell do you think you are! = whl

    my wife just threw a glass plate at me i better get off my blackberry = bwm

  6. hayd= how are you doing

    bb= blackberry

  7. I use the heck out of AutoText it is one of my favorite BB features. According to my BB Bold, I currently have 894 in my DB. I find that the most useful are common abbreviations.

    With that in mind, here are a few:
    • abt = about
    • acct = account
    • addl = additional
    • usu = usual
    • alt = alternative
    • amex = AmEx
    • amt = amount
    • approx = approximately
    • the days of the week = mon, tu, we, thu, fr, sa, su
    • the months of the year = jan, feb, apr, jn, jl, au, sept, oct, nov, dec
    • jd = jim dandy
    • f = fascinating
    • gm = good morning

    Also, I handle lots of different projects on my job and keep my schedule and deadline calendar on my BB, instead of typing out the name of each project and the assigned number for each ever time I make a new entry, I use AutoText and a 3 letter shortcut for the project. As I would never be able to remember the shortcut for each, I have devised a formula so that I only have to remember it. It is the first 3 consonants of the last name, i.e. Joe Smith 1-123 = smt. If the last name only has 2 consonants then I use the first letter of the last name. Saves me a ton of time.

  8. gtbr = go to BerryReview
    gaabr = Giveaway at BerryReview

    These two shortcuts are the best and most usable 😀

  9. I use them for the most commonly typed words:
    w = with
    f = for
    t = the
    c = see
    u = you
    Also, when I first started out, I found it a pain to hit the Alt button and find the question mark. So I programmed a q to = [BACKSPACE]+?

  10. The problem using AutoText is remembering the shortcuts.
    bb = BlackBerry (with the Specified case)

  11. dbs=

    DavidB sends:
    (attribution of this tip to DavidB is authorized)

    makes sending tips to BerryReview much simpler! 🙂

  12. I use the following

    mysig = Name + email address + phone number

    myfullsig = Name + mailing address + email address + phone number

  13. For full details, see this post:

    There are a few variables that can be used within AutoText. The two I use are %o and %O (letter O for both). %o will expand to the information in the Name field under Options -> Owner -> Name, and %O will expand to the information in the Information field under Options -> Owner -> Information.

    I set up my Owner information so that I can use it in several “SIG” AutoTexts. Most of the time I don’t use a signature, but when I want to convey certain information, I have three AutoText entries – sig, sigg, and siggg. In the following is a hard Carriage Return ( [Enter] ).

    sig = %o%O
    sigg = %o%OM: (123) 456-7890
    siggg = %o%OM: (123) 456-7890H: (987) 654-3201

    The first (sig) gives my name, work address and work phone number which are all set up in the Owner Information (which BTW also displays when the device is locked).

    The second (sigg) adds my Mobile phone number to the signature, and the third (siggg) adds my home number to it.

    Now, I simply use one of the three AutoText entries when I want a signature, and easily control how much information I convey.

  14. yall = ya’ll
    (I’m from the south)

    snt = Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
    (to selectively choose when I want to tell people I’m on my BlackBerry)

  15. one of the shortcuts i frequently use is the time and date

    lt = 1:27:14 pm (long time)
    ld = Thu, Oct 22, 2009 (long date)

    i decided to add those into my sig which comes up when i type
    nw = my name
    my email
    mypin:xxxxxxxx i use this format so it links straight to my pin.
    —> %D %t = this adds the current date and time to my sig

    most useful thing to add to the sig.
    of course i have different sigs for personal and business

  16. I have a few I use all the time:

    bbl= 
    sml= ⌣
    mon= Monday
    tue= Tuesday and so on
    chk= ☑
    cpy= ©
    rg= ®
    tm= ™
    deg= °
    eml= ✉
    hrt= ♡
    phn= ✆
    umb= ☂
    y= why
    r= are
    w= with
    wo= without
    yr= year

    And many more! Love the autotext. The only problem is that when I go back to typing on a computer, I feel a little slow.

  17. idk = I don’t know
    bbm = BlackBerry Messenger

  18. One I use almost every day is hwut – Hey, what up? What you up to?

    For those I haven’t spoken to in a while, hwutt – What it do, where the f#@k you been at? Haven’t seen you in a while

  19. bbnfl- brett favre back in the nfl
    you never know with that guy
    GTBR- go to berryreview immediatly
    Mn- my number
    CBmb- call me sometime babey
    those are the main ones i use lol and other sport stuff

  20. My favorite is b+[space] = •

    This has been a life/time saver when I make lists with my bb.

  21. YGLMB = your girlfriend likes my blackberry

  22. I like to express myself through emoticon, here’s one of ’em: 5mile to 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  23. hb = Happy birthday!
    God only knows how many times I’ve used that one this month alone.
    cor = bring booze
    n$ = Sorry dude, I’m broke
    I only use these two when my old roommate sez he’s coming over and wants to borrow money

  24. AFAIK= As far as I Know
    BTW = by The way
    OMG = Oh, My God
    CMIIW = Correct me if I’m Wrong
    FYI = for your information
    TIA = Thanks in Advance
    IMHO = In my humble opinion

  25. I use sha for shankapotomus, coz I call me girlfriend that from the etrade commercial LOL she likes it

    • Hi guys,

      I usually use my BB for work, so making lists and taking notes are frequent actions.
      Here is how I outline info:

      ► – I get this by typing ww
      • – I get this by typing ee
      » – I get this by typing rr
      > – I get this by typing ss
      ¤ – I get this by typing dd
      * – I get this by typing ff
      ◄ – I get this by typing zz
      ♦ – I get this by typing xx
      ♣ – I get this by typing cc

      It is easy to remeamber as the pattern is:
      I want 1 tab: I type ww (correspondent of 11)
      I want 2 tab: I type ee (correspondent of 22)

      I also use macros for dates, and predefined forms just to fill up. Ex: pp will be:

      I hope this helps.

      • Sorry, I had to repost as the script removed the spaces before the signs 🙂

        .► – I get this by typing ww
        . • – I get this by typing ee
        . » – I get this by typing rr
        . > – I get this by typing ss
        . ¤ – I get this by typing dd
        . * – I get this by typing ff
        ◄ – I get this by typing zz
        ♦ – I get this by typing xx
        ♣ – I get this by typing cc

        It is easy to remeamber as the pattern is:
        I want 1 tab: I type ww (correspondent of 11)
        I want 2 tab: I type ee (correspondent of 22)

        I also use macros for dates, and predefined forms just to fill up. Ex: pp will be:
        ***ACTION TO BE TAKEN:

  26. For me Seeya= The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

  27. My boss has unrealistic requests sometimes so I type out what I really want to say but it makes my response politically correct.

    Fyou = I’m glad to do that.

  28. BB= Blackberry Logo

  29. dd = Driving right now, will return your text later when safe.

  30. I use autotext as a auto responder, or auto repeater…ie my business card or a response to a daily repeated question.

  31. Although I have my own entry in this thread, I’d like to put in a vote for chuckie‘s submission. That made me laugh!

  32. This is how I use my autotext:
    I have to use English & Spanish on my phone, so I’ll be offering both.

    In Spanish (and many other languages) accents are used. Such as:
    función or vendrá. Sometimes it just takes forever to click and hold the ‘o’ or ‘a’ and roll down the trackball or pad until you find the correctly accented letter. That’s why I’ve created this one: if I put: ‘ aa’ it does ‘%bá’ and the same goes for ‘ oo’ ‘ ee’ ‘ ii’ and ‘ uu’. The same also goes for endings such as: vendría i’ve done the same method, i’ve tied ‘ ia’ to ‘%bía’. I’ve also used ‘aqh’ for “a que hora” and ‘tq’ for “te quiero”

    OK, enough of the Spanish shortcuts, let’s move on to the English ones :).
    I change:
    bday –> birthday
    bbi –>
    bbb –> BlackBerry Button (since i have to explain SOOO often how to do things to my newbies, I have to give them instructions, always using “press the BBB and then click new” or whatever hehe).
    cmd –> command
    fb –> FaceBook
    fbalbum –> that address that directly links to my Mobile Uploads on my facebook account.
    fuu –> f**k you! (Lol, yes, really)
    gm –> google maps
    il –> I’ll
    jic –> just in case
    iv or ive –> I’ve
    m –> me
    mpr –> mp3
    puttaddy –> (my mailing address)
    putgmail –> (puts gmail email address)
    putblogurl –> (puts my blog’s URL)
    putsig –> (puts my sincerely yours, … sig)

    I’ve also tied ALL people’s names to capitalize. So sam –> Sam, kent –> Kent, etc. 🙂

    Now these are biggies for me, if you look at the keyboard, we have letters and then the function button allows us to get to the characters and symbols, right? Well, I use a lot of smilies 🙂 On curve & bold, the H = : and the Y = )
    So I tied:
    hhy –> 🙂
    hht –> 🙁
    hhp –> 😛
    hkt –> :'(
    hpp –> :@ (the angry yelling face on WLM)
    hhv –> >:O (angry face on BBM)

    I hope I win 😀 I use the autotext SOOO Much that I can’t even use a NON blackberry if it doesn’t have it. I had to change for a week to WM because broke my bold and while it was getting fixed I got an SE Xperia, and I had to do A LOT of searching for an app that did the same thing (hours later I found one) and it was NEVER that tightly integrated. Autotext is a power tool that I don’t take for granted. 😉

    GL2UA (–> Good luck to you all, LOL, that’s a new autotext xD)

  33. myadd= my home address
    workadd= work address
    mu= miss you!
    ilu= I love You
    when my wife wants to know when i am coming home so i can relieve her from the kids
    omw= tell the kids that i am on my way, be home soon! ps… I love you!

  34. here we go

    wua = where you at?

    nw = no worries

    cm = call me

    co = come outside (lol… when i drive to pick some one up)

    ah = Almost here


  35. td for today, tn for tomorrow, etc.
    cmb, mmb for message me back
    g for %bing
    d for %bed
    My favorites are the ones for punctuation so I don’t need to bother with the symbol/shift keys
    q for %b? … question mark
    x for %b! … exclamation mark
    p for %b. …period
    aa for %b’%B …apostrophe…just insert symbol for others between two macros

    I also use this list for reference of most commonly used words

  36. xx – 🙂
    xc – 🙁

    I’m considering adding xcx for 😀 but we’ll see, I don’t use it that often.

  37. I have a few

    cl – see you later
    wu – what up
    hw – homework
    whs – what homework is due
    tm – tomorrow
    lfuah – lol f#*k you @ss hole
    fb – facebook
    bz – I cant answer the phone right now, give me a few and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

  38. I use this one just about everyday..


    Hah, I use that for my friends that take their time to arrive at my house.. most of them are late as always.


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