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RIM & T-Mobile Make BlackBerry Bold 9700 Official

Bold9700 RIM broke their mold today by not announcing their latest device at midnight EST like they always do. Together with T-Mobile they announced the BlackBerry Bold 9700. I am so glad it was not called the Bold2. While T-Mobile gets the title for the first BlackBerry with 3G and UMA Wi-Fi calling AT&T is conspicuously missing from the announcement. I really hope this is not another Verizon/Storm2 situation.

T-Mobile plans on selling the Bold 9700 “in time for the holiday season” whatever that means for $199.99 with a 2 year contract. You can catch more at

In RIM’s press release the specifically mention the two different flavors of the 9700. One for T-Mobile and one for the rest of the world. This is because T-Mobile runs their 3G over the non-standard 1700Mhz AWS band. That means the different configurations will have:

  • UMTS/HSDPA 2100/1900/850/800 MHz and quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM
  • UMTS/HSDPA 2100/1700/900 MHz and quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM

So who wants one of these as badly as I do?

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  1. “Holiday season” means Hanukkah, of course. 😛

  2. Though I like the new gadgets by RIM, as I own couple of them. I was comparing the 8900 which I have now and the newly introduced Bold 9700.

    What I found that besides the 3G and the trackpad in 9700 Bold, there is NO major difference between the two devices whatsoever. Even the screen resolution is same and the size too. So for person like me to whom 3G doesn’t make much difference, do I really need to get this 9700 device?

    Can someone differentiate 1 big clause which makes the 9700 stand out from 8900 Curve, besides the 2 points I already mentioned that it has 3G and Trackpad? Am I missing something? Oh please don’t tell me it has the OS 5.0 etc etc…thats even coming for 8900 Curve soon.

    Any lead? help?


  3. $199.99 is too high. $99.99 would be better. I thought RIM was lowering their prices to compete with Apple.

  4. I think one very huge difference between the two devices is that the 9700’s keyboard is much bigger. That should work wonders for a guy like me that’s 6’1 240lbs.

  5. Being that the device is 3G and will be operating through it own unique band width 200 bucks is well worth it. Plus the keyboard is sweet! I’d pay 300 no questions asked.

  6. 200 bucks for brand new blackberry device is competition for apple any day!

  7. Here is the URL to directly compare the old Bold to the new one:

    Interestingly while the 9000 has 1GB of on-board memory, and the 9700 has 256 MB. First time I’ve seen the newer phone in a line lower the amount of on-board memory.

  8. Haven’t you guys heard of micro sd cards?! Wow

  9. Just because the original bold has more on board memory the new one sucks? Really? I think you may be just a bit too critical.

    • Well yeah! it sucks…why the heck would one go from 1GB to 256MB? Oh I forgot memory is very expensive! Really? Is it so? if they can increase the speed of the processor…why the hell did they reduce the on board memory? Was it cost cutting??? That’w why I said it sucks!!! One moves with the technology ahead not going back!!!

  10. But it still shouldnt have less on board memory than the original. Is the on board memory determine the amount of space the phone can have towards apps?? Can the 9700 run apps from the memory card? If it can, then the memory card situation makes sense otherwise i’d rather stick with my Bold.

    • Absolutely correct Niraj! I agree …Is memory so expensive? I don’t think so…Was RIM cost cutting? I son’t think so…I think during final production…they forgot…about the on Board Memory was 256MB…and looks likethey only reshaped the 8900 by adding 3G and Trackpad…oh about the Bluetooth from 2.0 to 2.1 not a biggie…. The problem is BlackBerry’s can’t run the application from microSD card…so having more on board memory is a must!

  11. You certainly can put apps on your sd card.

    • Really? The apps can run already installed from the memory card without using up memory on the phone? Is this a 9700 feature or can the Bold do it as well?

    • Whats the use sanders, putting apps on the SD card? Do the apps run from SD card on BlackBerry? NO! Oh yes I am familiar with Aerize 3rd party app which helps you run apps from SD card…but all it does it stores apps on SD card,but when you run it…it has to copy the app on the on board memory!

  12. You’ll never find any one specific blackberry device with everything that you want. Its just that simple. Stick with what works for you then. Take it or leave it!

    • Having more onboard memory is asking for more?? and asking for everything?? I don’t think so!!! All we ask is to have more onboard memory!!! it isn’t rocket science to have it on a device!

  13. How much space do you really need on your blackberry guys? Don’t you all have laptops? In my opinion, a blackberry should only be used while commuting and travel purposes when a computer is not accessible.

  14. I currently have the 8900. I handle all business with my blackberry. Memory has never been an issue. I believe that I have 256mb of on board memory. So why not upgrade to 3g and have a device bigger keys? That all I’m saying.

    • I hear you guys, but I think if RIM wants to really compete with the iPhonies, I think 1GB vs 256MB would help rather than hurt. iPhones already come with like 32GB+ of space on them. I don’t think asking for 1GB is harsh at all!

  15. I want one of these bad.

    Real BAD
    [email protected]

  16. The 9700 will shock you all!! In a good way. Lol

  17. yes it does suck that it went from bold 9000 of 1gb to bold 9700 to 256mb. but the phone does not suck….. im on tmobile network. and its the 1st bold for tmobile so it isnt bad at all. you can think of it more of an upgrade of the 8900 though, since it has the same screen length and about the same size, and same 256mg on board memory. just slightly different weight. my opinion… i’ll take the 9700 over the 8900 any given day. i cant wait for it to be in my hands. just the fact that is has a better keyboard and love the trackpad and of course WHO WOULDNT WANT 3G !?? lol… so im all in.


  18. I’m in total agreement with you Genaro.

  19. Blackberry is the king of emails and communications. There is no other phone on the market that has a better keyboard than the berry. BBM is a huge selling point as well and it is the most secure device you can own of any cell phone (I wonder why the president owns one, as well as mega corporations like Boeing and even executive officers from companies like Google and Apple use blackberry)

  20. I have a bold 9000 with 3G bought 2 weeks after its release that is my full-time device, but I’ve also used my son’s iPhone 3GS for a few weeks to compare. Honestly, the browser on the bberry sucks so bad and the apps are so limited, that I don’t really see the benefit of 3G as a major differentiator. The OS and browser are so slow that I don’t see the wireless speed as the big barrier to happiness. Heck, browsing on the bold is pretty sad even when using WiFi.

    If blackberry overhauls its OS so that it actually performs closer to what you can do on an iPhone, then great. OS 5 is not going to deliver that. Its really a 4.x release from what i’ve seen trying out the beta. At the current innovation rate, BBerry will need to be at OS 8 before they are doing what the iphone is doing today. At their current pace, this should be in about 5 years.

    If Apple can get its device a bit more secure and double the battery life (my only MAJOR beef with the iPhone), then heaven help RIM.

  21. Where did you get that information from?

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