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Once Criminals Go BlackBerry They…

wild_west_bank_robbers In May we found that there was an interesting bill C-285 presented in the Canadian House of Commons allowing for BlackBerry wiretapping and snooping by police. I cannot seem to find what happened to that bill in the end but some of the concerns may be valid. Doug over at ZDnet caught a interesting report by the Vancouver Sun. In it they review a Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the use of BlackBerrys by gangs.

Imrie confirmed when police get a warrant for a criminal’s BlackBerry messages it can be difficult to intercept them. "The use of BlackBerries may allow them to circumvent lawful access … (with) the encryption involved in the transmission," said Imrie. Even when police confiscate a criminal’s actual BlackBerry, he said, cracking its password to view the messages stored on it can be a challenge.

I guess the high level of security on BlackBerrys has uses beyond regular enterprise behavior… What do you think?

Thanks DavidB for sending this one in!

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  1. Well, when I go through with my bank heist plan later today, I’ll surely keep that in mind.

    PS. I won’t be heisting any banks.

    PPS. Is heisting even a word?

  2. If the police aren’t able to otherwise put together a tough enough case for a conviction, they aren’t very good cops. Privacy should trump paranoia

  3. considering there is a contest every year for hacking BB, iPhones, Symbian’s etc… with a 10g prize and still to this day BB still have not yet been hacked. Im not too worried.

  4. Whether a cop or a crazy/jealous girlfriend its good to know your messages are safe. I don’t even feel the least bit bad for the cops. So many times they don’t even have a legal warant to wiretap.

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