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Google Maps 3.2 Released – Adds Layers to Maps

googlemaps3.2 UPDATE: mallinj corrected me and let me know that there IS login support in this version!!! I just am still trying to figure out what it lets you do! Hopefully it saves your favorites…

Google has just released Google Maps 3.2 and its a pretty nice upgrade. I was really hoping they would finally tie it into your Google account but no luck. Version 3.2 brings layers to the table which are kind of like overlays on your map.

Layers are useful because you can overlay transit maps or even Wikipedia entries over a map. I was just disappointed to find that I could not get the NYC subway map to show up over Manhattan. I am really hoping Google adds that feature. If its there and I missed it let me know!

Download 3.2 at:

Thanks to Nanu, Michael, & Jason for sending this in!

PS: That dot is me shopping at Macys Herald Square for a pair of jeans. Just got my first pair of Kenneth Cole jeans and am loving them…

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  1. It doesn’t play nicely with OS v5.0.0.323 on the Storm.

  2. Wow the Wikipedia layer is really cool! I think it is overall speedier on my 8900 (

  3. It is tied to your Google Account, contrary to blog post. Use login feature off of main menu.

  4. The login feature also allows you to overlay items created in my maps.
    This is going to be great for mapping out routes on the PC first, then loading onto my bold.

  5. I was automatically logged in and now all my favourites and tracks are synced between the Hero, Bold and web, sheer delight………

  6. Yeah I’m pretty bummed about the transit layers feature working in new york city – works for boston and san francisco though. Damn. Hope we see an update soon with nyc transit available!

  7. This version seems to move a little snappier.
    I do not have a My Google Account so I suppose I am missing some functionality.
    However, I do like the new edit feature in the previous locations selection. Also, consolidating the travel methods tabs was a good move.
    Is there really a good reason to create a My Google Account, here?

  8. This version is so good…
    1- My favorite locations didn’t get wiped when installed…sweet.
    2- When searching for anything, it doesn’t pop out that window with all your search list, it gives you the map and you can press the # to see the list.
    3- Just like the computer, too many balloons can clutter your map so, the balloons get shrunk to balls instead. Hover over them and they will expand.
    4- Just like the computer version again, the colors of the traffic (press 7) is vivid and clear, you also get to see more detailed traffic report, accidents, closed lanes/streets…etc.
    5- Much faster than the previous version.
    6- Short cut keys are almost the same, 2 is for layers now, 5 is for satellite/map view. I and 1 are for zoom in and O and 3 are for zoom out.
    7- I have not been able to use the layers yet and I do not have any maps…don’t know how that works yet but I’ll post something good when I know what that is…cheers yall.

  9. – Noticed the traffic incidents as well. That’s cool.
    – In the latitude menus, you can update your picture. I don’t think that was there before. But that feature needs a LOT of work.
    – Did the My Location beacon always flash like that? I forget. Well, it does now.
    – My Maps is HUGE.
    This is a great update!

  10. Yeah the Google Maps new version is gr8!!!!!

  11. I keep getting the “service unavailable”. It also screwed my appworld…should’ve waited…

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