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Giveaway: mblVault – Password Protect & Encrypt Files! – 50 Free Copies

mblVault Mblware let me know about their latest BlackBerry app mblVault that sounds kind of cool. It lets you encrypt files and filenames on your BlackBerry so they are unreadable by anybody else. I know you could always use the built in BlackBerry encryption but that is usually more cumbersome and I don’t want to encrypt all my files, just a few documents. All files and filenames are stored in mblVault and are password protected. I would still keep a backup since you never know when you might lose your device but I can see the app being useful. All in all it is a pretty cool app for $3.99.

Giveaway Details: Mblware has kindly offered 50 free copies of mblVault to readers who comment on this article. Just leave your name and a valid email address and if you are randomly selected you will win a free copy of mblVault! Comments must be left before Oct 26th at 11:59PM EST to win and winners should hopefully be notified shortly thereafter. Only one comment per user will be accepted!

From the description:

mblVault is a password protected, secure, encrypted location on your BlackBerry Smartphone to store your most sensitive data.
All files and filenames stored in mblVault are encrypted for maximum security. These files become accessible only after entering your password and viewing them directly with in the mblVault application.
If your phone is lost or stolen, the data will not be accessible to anybody else, even if it is plugged in to a USB cable, and browsed on a computer.
Current solutions suffer from a huge security issue in that anyone with access to the phone can navigate through the file system to access your "protected" files. mblVault does not suffer from this vulnerability since it encrypts all files and filenames that get put in the vault. This way even if someone can navigate to the file, they can’t see the name or read the contents of the file.
Before running mblVault for the first time, ensure all application permissions are set to ALLOW, then do a battery pull to fully reset your device.


  • Import from Device Memory/SD Card
  • Export to Device Memory/SD Card
  • User Defined Password Protection
  • Encrypts Filenames and Content
  • Play/View all files supported by your phone
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  1. Cool looks nice. I’m in

  2. I’d love a copy

  3. nice one, hope i get it

  4. I want it

  5. Im in!

  6. sounds awesome!

  7. I think this is one of those applications you need on your Blackberry no matter what. Thank you for giving me the chance to get a free copy.

  8. WOULD LOVE THIS app! pick me, pick me

  9. Send a copy in my direction :)

  10. Im in too!

  11. coolllllll i need 1 pls 😀

  12. Wow, this is a great app.
    Hope I get the freebie :)

  13. count me in for this thank you berryreview and Mblware

  14. I need One copy of this App!!!

    Pick me 😀 😀

  15. This is cool!

  16. Encrypt ME!

  17. I would like it

  18. Love a copy! Thanks!
    James L

  19. This is a “must have” app, please let me grab one copy of mblVault :)


  20. Sounds like a goood app. Sir Brian,

  21. Love it!! :)

  22. My name is in the digital hat….

  23. This looks like a very useful app because I don’t like to password-protect my BlackBerry (it’s always on me) but there are some files I get paranoid about and would like to encrypt!!

  24. Interesting, changing all App permissions to get this to work.. So much for security at that point.

  25. Looks nice!

  26. This looks like a useful app.

  27. Just want I was looking for.

  28. Sounds useful. Can it password protect messages? My girlfriend likes to play BrickBreaker on my berry and I know she checks my txt’s and emails.

  29. Cool. Sounds like a must have.

  30. Sounds great. Was looking for something more then just a password protection program. Hope I win. Berry Review is awesome in letting us know all the cool giveaways.

  31. Give the app…I want test it

  32. This is something I def need and want

  33. Awesome app

  34. I’ve been looking for an app like this! Sign me up!

  35. this would be great for securing certain “pictures” and “videos” of fun memories, wink wink

  36. oh please give me one of these

    i want it sooo bad

    thank you kindly

  37. I would love to have this app….to many sneaky eyes lol.

  38. It would be nice if I can get at least this one for free :)

  39. This looks like the exact program I want. Very cool

  40. hells yeah!

  41. Nothing like feeling fully secure. I would gladly take a copy.

  42. This is just what I have been wanting!

  43. Interested if this is better than KeepassBB

  44. works better than the ones i tested recently.

  45. This is sooo much better than the built in one, would really like to have it on my curve 8520. Keep up the great work guys.

  46. Sweet!

  47. Oh, I definitely need this! Those memopad’s about how much I dislike everyone and how much my girlfriend is screwing me over, and not even screwing me. Oh, and I cannot forget about the BlackBook word document!!!

  48. Thank you Mblware and BerryReview, sounds like a great app.

  49. thanks, would love a copy!

  50. Looks interesting. Might be better than others I’ve tried.

  51. Looks like a great app…I might have to check it out….

  52. Thank you br for another great giveaway.

  53. Woohoo. Looks interesting and like to try pleaz.

  54. Looks like the perfect answer for a question I’ve been asking about protecting files. Definitely worth a try.

  55. seems useful

  56. I would love to try this app out. Sounds promising.

  57. Well, since my blackberry is almost as essential as my life, this would be a great app to win.

  58. I would like to try this app, thanks, regards.

  59. Please pick me for this application.

  60. It sounds like a good alternative to encryption and it cool that you can pick and choose what files to or not to encrypt.

    Mike V. – mike068

  61. I would like this because I’m paranoid :’D

  62. cool :)

  63. Sounds great!

  64. I have some top clasified files on my javelin, I bet if I can get this awesome app I can sleeptight every night, no worried if somebody trying to enter my javelin.

  65. Finally! this is the app that should be included as default in the OS package!

  66. This is the program I have long waited for.

  67. Looks Like Something I Would Use!

  68. Looking forward to trying this out.

  69. I would love to try this out. Sounds very interesting.


  70. I’d like to try this out….

  71. Interesting.

  72. Many thanks to Mblware & BerryReview for this giveaway.
    I hope I’m one of the lucky winners :)

  73. sounds good…. cool applz
    hope can win this..

  74. This would be great to have. Looks good

  75. hell yeah

  76. this good or bad? i want to test it

  77. Extra security is always a great thing.

  78. Blackberry = protection. pick me!

  79. looks interesting

  80. Sounds great..
    Really want 2 try it..
    Pick me please.. 😀

  81. I need this cuz i have a snooper!

  82. is there any chance still ? i wish i am the lucky guy

  83. Thank for share

  84. Ooh, ooh. Pick me, Pick me!

  85. pick me please!

  86. Definitely a cool app. Count me in. I’ve been using FileLock to secure a few personal files but this seems like a no-brainer.

  87. I could really use this app no bullsh*t. I have pictures and video on my phone that I need to encrypt big time before my girlfriend happens to get nosey.

  88. I love this app. Thanks

  89. Looks good. Anything to keep my BBbrain info safer.

  90. I need this… with my phone messing up all the time and vzw guys looking at my pics… ya i hate that. It’s a pain to keep deleting and re-syncing. Thanks.

  91. more freebies!

  92. I would love a copy please…..spying and prying eyes around …..since my life is so boring…this might spice things up a bit…make people wonder :)
    thanks so much…you guys rock it!

  93. Sounds like a cool app.


  94. How does the encryption work, what algorithm? How does it hide filenames? Why should I trust this program when I don’t even know details like this?

  95. Would definately love a copy of this for my blackberry! Thank you for the giveaway chance!!


  96. would like to try this, would be better if there waas a desktop version that synced with it.

  97. Looks Like Something I Would Use!

  98. This sounds like agreat app! Would need more details though.

  99. File protection is a must have apps.
    mblVault provides great solutions.


  100. I could use this. Gimme a win! :)

  101. Good luck to everyone!

  102. This is cool. Please pick me.

  103. I’m in!!! :-)

  104. I wanna it! Count me.

  105. I could use this for my nosey girlfriend. I’m in

  106. I would love to have a copy of this………….I have tons of files that I need encrypted on my phone.

    Please choose me.


  107. Great giveaway!!

  108. Wow Please can I have!

  109. i want this! :) *crosses fingers*

  110. plz pick poor ol lil ol meeeeee

  111. That would be cool, could really use, like to check out.

  112. Freakin sweet. I could use something to lock those naughty videos away lol.

  113. I think I could use this… :)

  114. I love the export feature!!!

  115. Very useful for pictures hopefully.

  116. Ohhhhhh I need to lock some files from the wifey. Nothing that shouldn’t be seen, but just because she messes with my layout.

  117. I hope this works with photos. Send me a winner!!

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