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Best Buy mIQ FREE Wireless Contact, Calendar, & Media Sync

We told you previously that Best Buy was going to offer their free mIQ wireless sync solution on October 12th but totally forgot to tell you guys that it is live! I decided to give it a spin when I was checking my email and realized that this application is SLICK!

miq4 miq2

Within seconds of installing my phones contacts, calendar, text messages, and call log were backed up to the mIQ servers. It then proceeded to upload my pictures and videos all in the background. I already have a BES server backing up most of my information but the extra peace of mind is nice especially in a free application. I am a bit scared of using it to restore information to my BlackBerry but who knows it may just work.

The app lets you easily update contacts and even send text messages from their website. They do have a interesting Facebook integration where you can set your status but I don’t really see the point. I am just amazed at the level of integration that exists though I finally see what Best Buy’s stake in the whole deal is. They plan on up selling you a new BlackBerry, accessory, or memory card. The app even tells you how full your device and SDcard memory are.


In short if you trust Best Buy with your information you should check out mIQ at What truly shocks me about this whole service is how Best Buy can create this while RIM is still struggling to setup contact sync for BIS. Are you listening RIM? Regular customers also want OTA sync (or at the very least a backup) of their information!

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  1. I tried it yesterday myself, and have the following concerns: Is this going to be like Facebook who said any content uploaded to their serves now belongs to them forever? I’m kind of cautious about uploading my videos and photos to Best Buy. Also, when I sync all my contacts, am I not topping-up Best Buy’s db on potential customers? Seems like my friends could start getting spammed. Thirdly, i changed my preferences to upload no photos or videos, and only media over Wifi, yet over EDGE yesterday my videos kept getting uploaded, against my will. I turned my phone off to prevent it. I can’t say I 100% trust this service now.

  2. Nikolaus, I have had similar issues. I have been using this software for a few weeks now. A couple of things, manual sync does not seem to stop the software from syncing the content so it results in 2 things: constant syncing with their servers, and a phenomenally speedy drainage of battery (36 hours without it running to less than 6 hours with it running in the background). I have complained to their support about this already. waiting to see if they come back with some results.

    although i turned off the picture and video sync and the media privacy set to on and my media is not getting uploaded to their site so you may want to try that. it seems that this software has a long way to go before its really ready.

  3. I hesitate to use any such “cloud” service for the same reasons I refuse to buy DRM’d music. IF they “take their server and go”, where does my data go? And are my contacts going to happy with me if their info is involved in a data breach at some service?
    I will stick with S4BB’s DataBackup (backs up to SD card only) for now, combined with DM and BBSAK device backups to my PC.

  4. “Within seconds of installing my phones contacts, calendar, text messages, and call log were backed up to the mIQ servers.”

    not true for those of you interested. Text Messages do not sync up when you install the software and the only ones that will be “syncable” are ones that are initiated/recieved while mIQ is installed and running. The development team stated this in a forum post on cb.

  5. I tried to use the app with bold, but the thing is every time i tried to sync it, it always prompts login pop-up over and over again. Data never uploaded to server, check the website from PC just now.

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