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ABC Shark Tank to Feature JumpForward BlackBerry App Tonight

jumpforward My dear mother of all people told me to watch ABC’s Shark Tank show last week and I might just end up listening to her. 🙂 In case you don’t know Shark Tank is an ABC show where entrepreneurs with a dream pitch their ideas to five multi-millionaires who were once entrepreneurs themselves. Its a pretty cool idea…

JumpForward is a already launched website ( that provides proactive recruiting and compliance software solutions to the sports industry via the web. I also didn’t know what that meant but in essence it lets athletes, parents, coaches and administrators manage all their communications (voice, video, text) from their mobile device. This is because there are quite a few compliance violations that coaches and players can get caught up in.

As you can tell this app is meant for a specific niche but it will be announced tonight when the owner is pitching their idea for investment by the Shark Tank… Could be interesting to see how it turns out.

They will be releasing their BlackBerry application on the SEASON FINALE of ABC’s Shark Tank tonight at 8:00pm (7 Central). Let me know if you tune in since it could be pretty fun to see what they say about investing in a BlackBerry app…

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  1. I have been following ABC’s Shark Tank. I think it’s about time a mobile phone application has made it to be potentially invested in. I am looking forward to see a technology company to be on the show! I bet Kevin O’Leary and Robert are going to be interested in it. I’ve seen a preview and it looks like they are going to fight over this JumpForward company.

  2. I went and check out JumpForward. It looks like they have carved out a perfect product niche. I expect them to be well received on the show tonight

  3. I’m definitely going to be tuning into the show! The previews look fantastic! Does anyone know if there is a video of how the application works?

  4. Looks like this should be a good episode. You would think there would be more blackberry apps on the SharkTank but this (I think) is the first on so far. On the preview on ABC it looks like some of the sharks get into a fight over these guys. I want some fireworks!

  5. Give us the BlackBerry app now! I know a ton of people who could use this. Anybody know who these guys are? I checked their website out and their Facebook page – cool stuff though – we’ll see what happens on the show!

  6. So, they asked for $150,000, but got $600,000 by selling half of the company. I had no idea what they were selling, since I was flipping through the channels when I caught it, but a quick google search fixed that problem. Sounds like a boring app… I wish I had seen the sales pitch they offered, cause it must have been awesome!!

    • Wow that is pretty crazy. How are they gonna recoup a total valuation of 1.2 million out of such a company that does not charge for its services…

      • They don’t charge prospective athletes and their parents, but they charge schools and recruiters. Apparently, they already have signed up 30+ schools.

        • I agree with you Tom. That is crazy!! 600K?? Can’t wait for next season to start already.

        • As long as this “Jump Start” is not violating NCAA rules themselves!! What Institution or Recruiter from an institution can afford their fee? Not sure what it is, but this is the first organization I am aware of that does not ask the parents for an investment for their kid…….in turn for FREE marketing to the qualified colleges that a kid can play for and get into academically.


        • Tom:
          How are you familiar with this information on how they get paid? I watched this “Shark Tank” show and their application for the student-athlete is amazing!

    • It isn’t a boring application; try it out before you knock it. They have a solid business model and a great idea with competitive advantages – these investors aren’t idiots – remember that.

  7. I love this show! Watched all episodes this season. I will be interested in whether the Sharks get their assumed investment back. Let’s be real here. The biggest and best player in this field is and always will be NCSA Sports. No if’s ands or butts about it


  8. Colleges and Universities trust NCSA and NCSA opens the doors to many, many schools that otherwisw would never know who your child is. Schools of all sizes. Decide though, which sport you child wants to go for and determine that he/she is committed before signing-up.

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