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Verizon Rolling Out BIS Google Contacts Sync for OS 5.0+?

vzw-bis2 When BIS 2.8 launched in North America earlier this month I was dying to play with the Google Contacts sync option. Turns out that carriers had to enable this feature themselves and that was probably not going to happen until OS 5.0 was officially released.

Turns out I though wrong. I have been getting reports this past week that Google Contact sync has started showing up as an option for some users on Verizon and even AT&T. Bob let me know tonight that his BlackBerry Tour running OS 5.0 now has Google Contact sync that works. I have also heard from another friend that only when they logged into the Verizon BIS from their BlackBerry browser did the option show up… I even heard from a user on AT&T who says that as of today he has started seeing the Google Contact sync option in his BIS. I am also on AT&T and don’t see any such thing…

Still this begs the question. Do you have the option for Google Contacts sync on your BES? If so what carrier/OS are you using and what did you do to make it work?

Full screenshot of it available on Verizon courtesy our tipster Bob:


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  1. I can confirm that this option is enabled on the Telus BIS site.

  2. Its enabled for TMO, but it wont let me add it yet (gives an authentication error when trying to save the settings).

  3. Its on the site for VZW, but I too get an authentication error when trying to save settings. Maybe this is a good sign that OS 5.0 is finally on its way to VZW!

  4. I’m with TELUS using BB8330 OS and I have the contact sync option in BIS. Does that mean i can get rid of google sync app if I don’t care about calendar sync (since it doesn’t work half the time anyways?)

  5. It finally went live on Verizon today. I had been checking for the feature every since RIM said 2.8 was out.

  6. Little Uupdate for TELUS bb8330 and os

    the option is there but when I select it and hit save, I get an error message:

    An error occurred during email account validation.
    Please check your information and try again.

    It won’t let me save if the option is selected.

  7. update 2, when doing it from the email setting on the device itself, it works 😉

  8. Works for me. BB Storm on VZW running OS Not sure how this will work exactly, since I’m using Google Sync as well for my contacts and calendar sync needs.

  9. Same deal with the account validation, both on Apps Premier and GMail.

  10. Umm, i spotted this option already one month ago (or three weeks ago 😉 ) on Orange Poland 🙂 Not working yet.

  11. On VZW with Tour running, and the option was enabled on my BIS site!!!

  12. Cellular South up and running.

  13. Posted on the Sprint site but is not saving information

  14. I don’t see it on TMo

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  16. Works for me on VZW BB Storm with OS 5.0 upgrade. Only annoyance is the multi-line address field from Google contact syncs into the address line 1 field on my BB. So the entire address is mashed all together in one line. Haven’t figured out a way around this yet.

    • if you do find a way around this please update as quick as possible because this is absolutely annoying. you can’t map from contacts after syncing.

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