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Judge Rules Royalties for Public Performances of Ringtones is Sham

Huh?Back in June we let you know that the ASCAP was suing AT&T for royalties every time a ringtone was played. Their reasoning was that playing a ringtone in public was a “Public Performance” of the music and AT&T owed them for those performances.

Luckily the federal judge hearing the case realized this was a idiotic argument and ruled that it does not constitute a public performance because carriers do not control when a ringtone plays or expect any revenue from the performance.

So what do you think? Is this whole argument from the music industry yet another cry for help or is it actually a valid argument?

via Mashable

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  1. Well at least one judge has his head on straight……

    But i’m sure we haven’t heard the end of the idiocy pertaining to this.

  2. This was the right call. It’s no more of a public performance than having your stereo on in your car with the windows down. It is using (hopefully) legally obtained music for personal gain. Someone eavesdropping on your ringtone or stereo can’t possibly be considered a public performance.

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