Verizon CEO Thinks This Storm Will Be Better

9550_storm A good friend sent me a link to this article on the NY Times that really had some juicy tidbits enclosed. They have Verizon’s CEO Lowell C. McAdam on record saying that he has been carrying the Storm2 around for weeks and is loving it. Hopefully this release will not be botched with crap-tastic firmware on release but I have to say the Storm2 is a pretty impressive device.

The article then goes on to list some interesting stats for facts I always assumed but never knew the exact numbers. For example, there are 2,000 applications for BlackBerry compared to about 85,000 for the iPhone and 10,000 for the Android. That and the fact that 80% of BlackBerrys sold this year were to consumers and not companies.

Mike Lazaridis is on record saying that OS 5.0 is right around the corner but he admits that there is quite a bit more effort needed for BlackBerry development compared to other platforms. Lazaridis then went on to say that RIM is working on new developer tools but that apps will still have to comply with cumbersome security procedures to appease business customers.

Check out the full details at this link. Definitely a good read.

(image courtesy of BlackBerryCool)

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  1. Verizon and his CEO is a joke. For months I’ve been getting cutoff their phone menu whenever I go the blackberry support line. How can a $100,000,000+ company not even have a phone menu for months that works. Losers. Sucky service. They only thing Verizon has is good reception, but they are a pathetic company from a consumer perspective.

    The big V owes me 3 months of credits for a subscription I had with them and instead I’m turned over to collections…..

    The big V is dysfunctional with one department not knowing what’s going on in the other departments you have agreements with.

    Hopefully in the last month they’ve fixed their blackberry support line….I’ve given up on using it.


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