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Google Voice BlackBerry App v0.1.5.1 Released – No Change Log

Google-voice-0-1-5-1 It was about a month ago when Google updated their voice app to 0.1.5. Now Nikolaus let us know that they have released version That sounds like a pretty minor update but you never know with Google. So taking into consideration how many people use Google Voice I thought we should mention it.

Pick it up at:

Let us know in the comments if you notice anything new!

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  1. Looks like there’s compatibility for OS 5.0. It just installed OTA no problem.

    Also a “preload voicemails” option. Cool.

    • Preload voicemail option was there on the previous version (0.1.5) too. Strangly, one voicemail on my phone had to be reloaded to listen to it again.
      I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what updates, if any, were made to the new version.

  2. Download and installation was supersonic! I love lightweight software.

    I’ve written a while back about the 7 problems with google voice app. It appears nothing new was fixed in the new version:

    1) Unlike the gmail app, where when you’re not connected to the network you can send a message that will wait in your outbox until you reconnect, google voice does not allow you to send a text message if you’re not currently connected to the network.

    2) Auto-text function does not work when composing SMS.

    3) No character count when composing SMS.

    4) No alert when text messages are received (no ring or vibrate).

    5) Voicemails need to be downloaded again every time you want to listen. It should download to my memory card the way Youmail does it. Also, it should download automatically right when the message is received, instead of manually pressing and waiting for download to come through.

    6) Easy access to address book on BlackBerry where you begin typing a name and it pulls up the address book quickly to call. Dialer should work like the BlackBerry dialer.

    7) SMS conversation does not show who sent which message. All messages (sent and received) are displayed with the other party’s name.

    • I’ve had much of the same complaints. I should point out, though, that as I pointed out once, the reason there might not be a character count is because they will break up the SMS for you if it is too long which is actually a big deal for CDMA customers who, for some reason, are unable to send >160 char SMSes.

      • It’s not the reason. GV DOES limit the # of characters by stopping you in mid sentence saying “field full”.
        I say if you’re gonna limit characters, please show a count.

        My sister sends me long sms’s from her iPhone, and it gets broken up and delivered to me in multiple messages which are not in order. It is pretty annoying.

    • Regarding #5: have you used the option that will pre-cache the voicemail audio? It seems to directly address your concern.

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