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T-Mobile Pushing Free Devices For BlackBerry Developers

T-Mobile-dev-discount I am not exactly sure what T-Mobile’s angle is on this but I was sent a link to this page on the BlackBerry website that was quite interesting. T-Mobile is offering the following phones free to developers:

  • BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • BlackBerry Curve 8520
  • BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
  • BlackBerry Curve 8320
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8120

The deals are significantly better than what is offered to regular shoppers on T-Mobile’s website but other websites have similar deals. The deal also includes some of the SMALLEST fine print I have ever attempted to read in an offer. From what I can tell you can either sign up for a monthly or 2 year contract with the same price but the text is so illegible I can barely read it. Check it out for yourself below or at this link and let me know if it is a good deal. Maybe your eyes are better than mine…


Either way you can only get the deal by calling 1-866-464-8662 and selecting option 3 and mentioning promotional code 7490TMOFAV or the RIM BlackBerry Offer. You can find more details at this link on the BlackBerry website or this link on T-Mobile’s website. I am not sure what qualifies you as a developer since you could always claim to be one…

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  1. It stated that it is Free after a $50 mail in rebate…

  2. I’m showing this to the BBB. I’d like to see what they think about this one.

  3. It says “Our service blows..go with Verizon”

    • Verizorn? No thanks! No locked or crippled functions for me!! I’ll stick with T-Mo. Very very happy with them.

    • Obviously you are with Verizon. I’ve been with T-mobile going on 8 years and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

    • Go with crappy phones, locked features, overpriced plans, horrible customer service? Sure, let me get right on that. Let me go to a carrier where I get half the minutes for the same price, pay more to access the same internet, and get treated like a 3rd class citizen when I have to call CS for their “wonderful” services.

  4. I called and did my best to get an 8900 as an upgrade on one of my existing lines. Talked to three different people. This offer is only for new lines, only. I don’t want to create a new line (I already have 3) so no go for me. Still the offer of a free 8900 is really really sweet. Still I’m waiting for the 9700 next month!!

  5. i just call they make u add a line if you already have service with them. plus are going to charge you a 50 a month fee for the unlimited package. the month to month requires you to sign a year contract with a early term. fine. so in other word you have to be a new costumer or add a line to your account for this Prom to work. Once again thanks T-Mobile for false Advertising, like you dont have enough problems right now”sidekick” ;now your going to mess with black berry owner that make your phone look good.

  6. I’m not taking sides b/c I have faith Tmo will eventually clean up all their messes but here where I live in Orlando,FL Tmo signal Sucks!!!!!!! I thank God everyday for a house phone. Good thing my phone is just an additional to sum1 elses line, bcuz I would never waste my money on such bad signal 80% the phone is in use. I’d choose At&T. Its not the best but its way better than Tmobile.

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