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Update from MyCaption:

I was notified that the prices have changed. Pay-As-You-Go is now 10 minutes for $5.00 up to 80 minutes for $40.00 and Subscription is now 10 minutes for $4.00 up to 200 minutes for $56.00.

In California, there is a law that went into effect in July of 2009. Drivers are no longer allowed to text while driving or suffer a severe traffic violation. Now, we’re talking in the hundreds of dollars. So, to address this issue, MyCaption has decided to integrate their voice recognition software with SMS text messaging.

It’s as easy as pie to work. Simply attach MyCaption to a side convenience key, click on Compose SMS, then speak your message. Then click Done. MyCaption will place your words into a text message for you. Of course, just like the voice recognition for emails, you will be able to review your message before sending or just have it send on its own without review.

After extensive review of MyCaption, I have come to the conclusion that this is a very nice addition to their already nice voice recognition software. The transcriptions are quick and extremely accurate. More accurate than any other software out there already. The SMS transcription is built into the pre-existing transcription plans.

You can get MyCaption as a monthly subscription which includes:

Unlimited Emails, Appointments, Memos, Tasks and Contact Notes
Text Messaging (SMS) Included
No Contract, Cancel Anytime
Plans start at 15 second recording time for $5.95 up to 3 minutes for $34.95.

Or you can do Pay As You Go:

Pay Once, Use Whenever
Flexible Recording Time, Up to 3 Minutes
Billed in 15 Second Increments
Also works for Emails, Appointments, Memos, Tasks and Contact Notes
Prices start as 10 minutes for $5.00 up to 80 minutes for $40.00

My findings:


  • Extremely accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Can review messages before sending


  • Reviewing messages for accuracy means taking your eyes off the road or whatever needed your attention.
  • Pricing for subscriptions are pricey but the Pay As You Go prices seem fair.

Check out MyCaption, where you can try for free and purchase your subscription or do a Pay As You Go at Now you still don’t have an excuse not to respond to your Aunt Magnus’ texted Sunday BBQ invites.

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  1. This is probably a nice app but trying to record a message while driving is not a good idea.

    If you’re going to drive then drive and pay attention!

    If you want to talk, pull over.

  2. Jon, we completely agree. Driving safety should never be compromised. But there are many instances where being able to accurately dictate an sms or an email saves a ton of time and money. At the airport, in the parking lot, at a restaurant, while taking a walk…whenever a large keyboard is not handy, and you still want to send a message that is longer than a mere “k, thx”, speech-to-text programs come handy, especially if they do an accurate job, consistently.

  3. Found a great desktop PC free voice recognition software that works remarkably well and is fun to use on both my XP and Vista machines. It’s named tazti Speech recognition by Voice Tech Group. It’s a free download from

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