Danger Sidekick Epic Failure Gives Me a New Perspective…

Huh? “T-Mobile we have a problem…” I am not sure whether to laugh or cry while reading about the epic failure that Danger has had with the T-Mobile Sidekick these past few weeks. About two weeks ago users were experiencing widespread outages that only now subsided. Danger is now owned by Microsoft and you would think they would be able to throw some muscle into this problem.

Now things have spun even more out of control. Danger/Microsoft are reporting that personal data stored on Danger Sidekicks has almost certainly been lost as a result of server failure at Microsoft/Danger. From what I understand all Sidekick information is stored on Danger’s cloud and is lost when the devices power down or reset. Now T-Mobile is urging users to NOT remove their battery, reset their device, or allow it to lose po0wer during this outage!

This is just too painful to read and reminded me to backup my BlackBerry once again to my desktop and make sure my BES sync was still working. We whine and complain when RIM has a data outage for a few hours but imagine if they managed to lose ALL your data? Whole new perspective of how bad things can get.

Something tells me this will lead to a whole slew of new BlackBerry users…

You can read more at Engadget, T-Mobile Forums, or Techcrunch

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  1. My fiance has a Sidekick, and I took her to look at Blackberries this weekend, because she’s decided to jump ship on Danger/Microsoft after this. The problem is, we’re 8 months away from our upgrade, and Tmo refuses to give us the discounted upgrade price. We’re even considering leaving Tmo now.

  2. I just want to say one thing, you can’t put the blame on tmo for this. Microsoft is the one running the servers that stores the information, therefore it is their fault sidekicks are having so many issues with data loss.

  3. I do regular backups of my BlackBerry and before that I did of my Palm, and I also do them for my home computer. It’s common sense to have your important data in two places at least.

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