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Send A Tip And You Could Win $50!!! September Winner Announced

tipjar2Its that time of the month again! Septembers tips were some of the best we have seen so far. Once again thanks to all of you for helping BerryReview stay on top! Our monthly tips contest is our chance to reward readers like you for sending in tips which help BerryReview grow. It also exposes applications and other interesting products that would have flown under the radar.

Congratulations Bryan N for winning the September prize for letting us know about Facebook & App World updating to support OS 5.0! Expect an email from us soon.

We will be continuing our successful tips promotion. You all know the drill. All you need to do is send us a relevant tip and you’re entered to win $50. Every month we will randomly select one reader who has sent a tip. That person can choose to receive $50 through PayPal OR a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

We already receive quite a few tips a day from you (our amazing readers), so we decided to reward something many of you already do! If you submit multiple tips in one month you have that many more chances to win. All tips remain confidential if you wish. As a reminder… Tips can include but are not limited to:

  • Your own review of BlackBerry software, accessories, or hardware that you submit for review & publication
  • A hot new BlackBerry release or rumor
  • New software or a software update (For example a new version of GTalk)
  • A new theme release that we have not mentioned
  • New or updated BlackBerry accessories
  • Relevant news you found on another website
  • Relevant leaked/insider information :)
  • An interesting mobile website
  • A tip on how we can improve BerryReview
  • Anything BlackBerry related that you think we would find interesting
  • In short: if we post an article about it you know you have the right idea


  • Tips must be sent to either [email protected] or by using our Contact Us Form. That way we can accurately record your tip to be included in the drawing.
  • Every tip you send in is counted as another chance to win.
  • Tips that have no relevance or are just plain ridiculous (based on our judgment) will not be included in the drawing.
  • You must include a valid email address along with the tip or else we won’t be able to contact you if you win.
  • If you are selected as the winner we will do our best to get you your prize as long as it is allowed by law. For example, if you live in Nigeria you are probably out of luck.
  • We reserve the right to modify, end, or cancel this promotion at any time at our sole discretion.
  • The winner can choose that the $50 USD prize be delivered through either PayPal OR an Amazon gift certificate. (Keep in mind that PayPal will probably deduct some fees.)
  • Sadly Public Relations representatives and vendors are not eligible for this promotion.

Good luck!!!

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  1. My tip, which has been extremely heplful for for me are the shortcut keys.
    In order to use them you have to disable the “Dial from Home Screen” feature. See below for instructions.

    How to disable Dial from home Screen: (I’m ont the 5.””””.238 so the results may vary)
    From any screen press your Green Phone Button.
    Then Press you Blackberry Logo Button. (AKA Left Click is what I like to call it)
    Scroll down a few and select *Options.
    Select *General Options.
    And change the selection for * Dial From Home Screen to NO.
    Now back out and Save your changes.

    After disabling you are ready to practice your shortcut windows so you can Be a Blackberry Ninja.

    Now the shortcut keys are as follows: (I’ll start from the top row/left “Q” and work my way right til i get to the bottom, typewriter style; For those that actually remember what a typewriter is)

    These are short presses unless otherewise stated to hold the button down.

    Q (Holding Down) = Switch profle to Vibrate / Hold down again and it will switch you back to your recent Profile Setting.

    W = Media Net Browser
    W (Holgin Down = Voicemail

    U = Calculator

    O = Options

    P = Phone Screen / Green Phone button same funtion

    A = Contacts
    A (Holding Down) = Keypad Lock

    S = Search

    D = MemoPad

    K = Keypad Lock

    L = Calendar

    C = Contacts

    V = Saved Messages

    B = Blackberry Browser

    N = Blackberry Messenger

    M = Messages / eMail

    Left Alt + Left Caps (While hood down) press H = Shortcut to your info such as, OS version/Pin/Platform/IMEI #/Etc.

    L,G,L,G (In sequence and While holding the Left Alt) = Shows Event Log


    On a personal note: I also downloaded a software called isms which allows for your (i) button to be your shortcut to creating an SMS/Text message.

    A buddy of mine challenged me to a “Quick Draw” texing contest with my BB Bold vs his iPhone 3gs and I smoked em… Thats with and without the “i” shortcut. 2-0 I win undefeated. I told him next time I’ll do it one have tied behind my back.

    Anyway I hope this tip is helpful, if anything, I hope you anjoyed my mini-story vs. the iPhone. Try it, you can’t lose.

    If I included any wrong info I apologize, or any feedback you can hit me up, my pin: 20ef6ccf

    ps, excuse any typos, i used my PC for this…. and i dont type well unless it’s on my blackberry… hahaha

  2. STORM 9530 using .230
    Sometimes, on the home screen, the icons don’t show or only part of the screen is there and the other is white. Also, when using QL and pressing the convenience key to bring up QL in landscape mode, it freezes the screen and not a whole lot can be done.

    Fix: My right convenience key is set to camera. All I do is try to open camera and once it opens and it covers the whole screen, then I exit and everything is back to normal. Sometimes it may say that I need to exit the current program, but just putting the device sideways and trying again will fix this problem.
    Many times, when the screen looks like it’s frozen, a different app needs to be open (whatever it may be) and it’ll solve this issue.

  3. Want a tip? Look both ways before crossing 🙂

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